Something Unpredictable, But In The End Was Right., chapter 26

3 months had passed and Ally was at home just pondering around the house waiting for Eva to get home from school, Estella had taken the week off school to go and visit her mother.

Mike walked through the door and looked over at Ally who looked worried. "hey baby what's wrong?" he asked his wife.

She looked up at the clock and then at Mike. "Eva is late, later then she usual is, lately she hasn't been coming home on time, haven't you noticed?" she asked her husband.

Mike shook his head. "I just figured she would be with her friends," he said.

Ally frowned. "Not like Eva, Mike you know her and when ever I ask her were she has been she always try's to change the subject," he said.

Mike nodded his head, it wasn't like Eva at all to be like this. "Well, I'll ask her when she gets home," he said.

And with that they heard the front door open and close and a familiar voice scream out. "Mum, dad I'm home, sorry I'm so late," she said.

Mike looked at Ally and rolled his eyes. "I'll go," he said to her and he walked out of the kitchen and up to Eva's room and knocked on the door.

"Come in," said the little voice from behind the door.

Mike walked in and sat down on Eva's bed. "Hey kid," he said.

Eva smiled. "Hey dad, did you want something?" she asked him.

Mike chuckled. "Yeah actually I wanted to ask you something," he told her.

"Shoot," she said as she sat down at the computer desk facing Mike.

Mike ran his hand through his hair. "You know you have been getting home lately for a long time and I was just wondering what you were doing or where you were going," he asked her.

Eva sighed. "If I tell you promise you won't tell mum?" she asked her step father.

Mike furrowed his brow at her. "Is it that bad?" he asked her.

She shook her head. "No, there is this man I talk to at the park on my way home, he is a old man really nice we just talk about stuff," she told him.

Mike gave her a puzzled look. "What does he ask?" he questioned his step daughter.

Eva smiled. "He is nice, we talk about my life and his life and he told me how he lost his daughter and he can't find her and that he has a granddaughter that he has never met and stuff," she said.

Mike looked into Eva's eyes they were just like Ally's and he questioned in his mind weather she would lie to him, but her story was plausible and the only thing that Mike could do was go down and watch the way in which she interacted with this man and who he was. "Ok, I won't tell your mum," he said.

Eva got off her bed and embraced her step father in a hug. "Thanks dad," she whispered in his ear, it made the string in Mike's heart tug all he wanted to do was protect his girls from anyone who wanted to harm them.

Mike made his way back down into the lounge room to only find Ally sitting in the kitchen with a tub of ice cream in her hands and a spoon in the other, Mike chuckled at her and went to the draw to grab him self a spoon to join his wife. "You remember when you were pregnant with Ryan and all you did was eat ice cream?" he asked her as he sat down at the counter.

Ally chuckled as she licked the remaining ice cream off her spoon. "Yeah that was all I wanted all the time," she said as she dipped her spoon back in.

Mike kissed her on cheek. "That's not all you wanted all the time if I remember right," he said smugly, Ally hit his shoulder lightly "It was all the hormones and stuff," she simply stated.

Mike nodded his head with sarcasm on his face. "Yeah call it what you wanted, you just wanted sex all the time," he said quietly looking for a sign of Eva.

Ally chuckled and put a mouthful of ice cream in her mouth. "So did you find out what my daughter is up to?" she asked in a muffled voice.

Mike let what Eva had told him run through his mind and decided to keep his promise to his stepdaughter. "Yeah she said that she just hangs with her friends at the park and she loses track of the time, nothing to worry about," he simply said.

Ally swallowed down her ice cream and placed the lid back on top of the container, Mike pulled a disappointing face and Ally laughed, "I don't want a fat husband," he said.

Mike chuckled and flexed his muscles. "I'm not fat, am I?" he asked.

Ally ran her hands over his toned stomach. "Not yet," she said as she moved towards the fridge and put the ice cream back in the freezer.

Mike got up and put the spoons in the sink he walked behind Ally and placed his hands on her belly "Has it kicked yet?" he asked her as he rubbed his hands over her belly.

She placed her hands on top of his. "Not yet, but it shouldn't be too much longer till it does," she replied.

Ally and Mike returned to the lounge room to settle down and watched TV, Ally picked up her pen and drawing pad and started to draw as Mike watched the TV, Mike looked down at Ally as she drew some new designs for her summer collection.

"You're good at that," he said as he watched the pencil in her hands flow over the paper drawing a flowing dress, Ally sighed and continued to draw. "I'm nervous about this collection," she stated.

Mike chuckled. "Why they are always good and you always get great reviews," he said.

She gave Mike a nudge in his sides. "Don't say that," she scolded.

Mike cocked an eye. "Why is that?" he asked.

Ally laughed and placed her pencil and pad down on the coffee table. "Oh if I remember right there is a cretin bass player who hates to hear that when his lovely and beautiful wife says that to him, if I recall correctly," she said.

Mike rolled his eyes and pulled Ally in towards his body. "Yeah I know, but the fact is you always do well you are good at what you do," he said with a smile.

Ally ran her hands up his arms and kissed his cheek. "So are you Micheal Ryan Pritchard, but you never want to hear it," she said.

Mike chuckled. "Ok fine I won't compliment you any more," he said as he made him self comfortable on the couch.

Ally laid down on his chest and didn't bother to dignify him with a comment, Ally fell asleep and awoke a few hours later to the sound of Eva crying from the kitchen, she jumped up off the couch and ran into the kitchen to find Eva crying into Mike's arms. "Eva what's happened?" she asked her daughter.

Mike sighed and looked up at Ally. "Derek called here to talk to Eva," he said as he continued to hug his stepdaughter.

Ally looked at her daughter and felt her heart break slowly as she watched her daughter cry, "What did he do to make you cry?" she asked.

Eva looked up at her mother and felt bad about the words that were about to come from her mouth. "He didn't do anything wrong, it's just that I miss him and I want to see him," she said quietly hoping not to infuriate her mother.

Ally felt every muscle in her body tense up and her blood began to boil. "It's out of the question Eva, you are not going to see your father," she said in a stern voice.

Eva looked up at Mike who nodded his head in agreement with Ally, Eva pulled a confused face at her stepfather. "But I want to see him, he is my dad," she said.

Ally placed her hand on Eva's shoulder "No Eva, why do you want to see him for?" she asked Eva.

Eva pulled her shoulder away from Ally and looked her mother in the eye. "Because he is my dad and I want to see him, why can't I?" she asked.

Mike looked up at Ally and as much as it killed him to admit it Eva had a right to see her father although he was a pig of a man and hurt Ally, he couldn't stand to see Eva so upset. "Ally maybe you and I should talk about this before we rule it out completely," he said.

Ally looked at Mike and her face had a very disapproving look on it. "Micheal there is nothing that is going to make me change my mind, she isn't seeing him," she snapped.

Eva jumped out of Mike's arms and glared at her mother. "I hate you!" she yelled as she the turned and ran to her room.

Ally looked at Mike and shook her head and walked up to there room.

Mike sighed and went after her, he opened the door to find Ally sitting on the bed. "Al can we talk about this?" he asked her, Ally didn't say anything she just sat there rubbing her belly with her band. "Al come on, don't be like this," he said as he sat down next to her.

Ally moved a little further up the bed, Mike mumbled, "You are so stubborn," under his breath.

"Don't mumble at me Michael I can her you, and yes I am stubborn but you just don't get it," she said.

Mike placed his arm around her. "I don't want her to have any part in his life Al, it kills me to have to agree with her but-" Mike was cut off by Ally. "But there are not buts Micheal, what makes you think he won't hurt Eva like her hurt me?" she asked him.

Mike thought about it for a second and came to a solution. "What if we both go and take them somewhere were we both can over look them?" he asked her.

Ally sat in silence for a few minutes going over the thought in her mind, finally she turned to Mike and took is hand in hers. "If anything goes wrong Mike, I don't know what I would do," she said in a whisper.

Mike pulled Ally in close to him. "I know that Al, but as long as you got me you and Eva are safe and I wouldn't let him hurt her," he said in her ear.

Ally gave a weak smile and stood up from the bed. "It's your ass if anything does," she said.

Mike chuckled "My ass is yours anyway," he said.

Ally rolled her eyes and walked out of the room to go and talk to Eva, she knocked on the door and with no answer, she opened the door to see her daughter lying on the bed with an ipod in her ears, Eva looked at her mother and turned over. Ally walked over and sat down on the bed she pulled the ipod from Eva's ear's and placed her hand on her daughter side. "Ok, you win," she said in a quite voice.

Eva rolled over and looked at her mother. "I'm sorry mom," she said as she sat up and gave her mother a hug.

Ally smiled. "But you can only see him when Mike and I are there, that is my only rule," she said in a stern voice.

Eva nodded her head. "Thank you mum," she said.

Ally placed a kiss on her cheek. "Now time for bed, it's been a long day," she said laying Eva down into her bed, "I love you," she said as she placed another kiss on her cheek.

Eva smiled and rolled over, Ally walked over and turned the light off, leaving her daughter to sleep peacefully.
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