You're so hopeless, you don't even know it, chapter 1

"Caleb, get your skinny ass back here; you don't want my belt meeting your back!"
I kept running until I couldn't hear anymore drastic words coming from the psycho. I kept on running until I found this lonely bench in front of a streetlight. I sat down on it and drowned my head in my hands.
I began to sob, mentally kicking myself about why I couldn't tell anyone about my problems, dealing with that psycho of a stepdad and the blindness of a mom who doesn't care what anyone thinks, just herself. I didn't know what to do with myself, but one thing, cutting, which wasn't anything new for me. I'm just an emo, nothing else, and that's all I'll ever be to everybody else. People at school call me a homo, a bloody emo, it, you get the point, just because I have a huge jet black piece of hair covering half of my face and most people know I cut.
I continued sobbing and took out a small blade form my front pocket; I placed it to my left wrist, and sliced my pale skin, making it bleed more than usual. I started to clean it up, but stopped and started to add more scars to my collection.
I didn't care about the pain, all I cared about was trying not to miss the vein and escape from this horrible place I call Earth.
The reason I'm an emo is because all my life has been a living hell, and I've been filled with pain every single day of my life, that there was no image of a smile on my face. Also, I had a huge piece of hair covering my emotions, and that hid me from the rest of the world.
I am the true emo, because I don't pretend, I just am what I feel, and all I feel is my black soul melting inside of me and being locked inside of me, not being able to rise. I also feel myself trying to break free, and God trying to help me, but keeps failing; there's no holding me back from all of the mistakes I have done.
I feel like I have nobody being sent down to me, to help me and to guide me. To tell me things will be ok, even though deep down inside, they won't. I need someone to help me be normal, to help me show my face to the world, to help me be Caleb, not an emo, bloody kid. I looked up to the stars filling up the sky and was hating them for being lucky to be up there, shining over the people that find no purpose to life.

I stared back down at the ground, I felt so alone, but yet relieved I was alone, because nobody was there to judge me. I continued drowning in my thoughts, and I heard someone walking down the long corridor, bordering the small street. I didn't bother to look up, because I didn't want to make eye contact with this mystery person. I heard them getting closer and closer; I couldn't tell if it was one or two people, but I didn't care. Just as they got closer, to the point that they were in front of me, I could feel them staring at me, like if I was some amazing statue. I stayed still, getting stiffer by the minute; my blood ran cold, and I felt myself turning pale. This was just the thing I didn't want, but yet it happens.
I looked up, checking if they were still there, but they were gone. I let out a sigh of relief and stood up, stretching from sitting there too long, and continued my way down the street. I saw unusual people walking as well; at this time, there shouldn't be a soul walking down the street, but I guess people like to take walks.
As I walked, I kept staring at my feet as I walked, my hair still covering the majority of my face. I felt myself bumping into someone, but instead of hearing a, "Watch where you're going, bloody emo!" I heard, "Oh, sorry."
I looked up and saw the most beautiful ice blue eyes I've ever seen. Were they real? Just as I looked, the piercing, ice blue eyes were staring back at me; the person that the eyes belonged to said, "Um, hey there, are you okay?" I nodded a yes, and she said, "Are you sure? You look destroyed."
I said my first words to her, "I'm fine; you don't have to worry about me."
She nodded and said, "Just concerned, that's all. What's your name?"
I replied with a low tone, "Caleb. Yours?"
She replied sweetly, "Betty; nice to meet you, Caleb." She reached out her hand for me to shake, and surprisingly, I shook it back.
She said, "Well, now that we know each other, could you tell me what's wrong?"
I replied, "Well, it's a long story, short."
She replied, "I got time. Wanna sit down?"
I replied with a shrug, "Whatever suits your soul."
She smiled at my language and took a seat on the pavement of the sidewalk. I sat along next to her and said, "Well, I ran away from my house just as my stepdad arrived, beacuse he beats me. He was chasing me with his belt down the street as I ran, and my mom didn't even care, because she's blinded by love."
She replied, "Wow, you've been through a lot. How can your mom not care?"
I replied matter-of-factly, "Because, as I said before, she is blinded by love, and she doesn't care about anyone's pain, just about her."
She sighed, not knowing what to say because of her astonishment towards my life events. She patted my back and said, "Caleb, you're in danger, and I'm going to help you. I am going to make sure you will never be hurt again."
I raised up my face towards her and nodded. I felt like this girl was an angel sent from God; I guess he heard my prayers. I replied, "Betty, you're a beautiful angel sent from God, you know that?"
She smiled and said, "Well, that's what my mom says all the time."
I smiled for the first time in my life and said, "She's right, then. You know you made me smile for the first time in my life?"
She said with light in her eyes, "Really? I'm glad I made you happy, then."
I replied, smiling once again, "You did; I know I just met you and everything, but would you have the honor of being my guardian angel?"
She replied with a smile, "I'll be glad to be your guardian angel, anytime."
I smiled and actually kissed her. I kissed her for God's sake! She didn't act hurt; at first she was surprised, but then she followed as I took the lead.

We kissed for 20 minutes, and then we pulled away.
She stroked the jet black piece of hair covering my face, pushing it back, and said, "That looks much better; you have a really great face structure, you know that?"
I replied, "That's the only thing I don't know, but the rest I do."
She replied, "Well, now you know, and yes I'll be your girlfriend."
I raised my eyebrows with surprise and said, "You will? Are you sure?"
She replied, "I'm possitive; I really like you Caleb, I really do."
I replied, "Me too, I really like you too, Betty. There's no one I would rather be with than you; you're now my purpose for life."
She smiled and said, "Really? I became your purpose for life?"
He replied, "Yeah, of course you are. You are the only person that saw the real me across all my looks, and I really love you for that."
She replied, "That has got to be one of the sweetest things anyone has ever said to me; thanks, Caleb. I really love you for being who you are, and I'm going to help you break free."
I nodded and said, "I know you are, and I want to be with you for as long as I live." She replied, "Caleb, I want to be with you too, and I want you to move in with me. Since your life is hell in your house, and it's the least I can do for my boyfriend." Boyfriend...I like the sound of that so I nodded and led her to my house, so I can pack my belongings and head out to live with her.
My life is starting to turn around pretty soon, so that means bye-bye to my long piece of hair, to the nasty cuts covering my arms, and to the awful life I used to know.
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