My Rockin' Life, chapter 6

Well, I was curled up on my computer chair reading something on this German site thingy, and then someone knocked on my door.

"Enter!" I screamed at whoever. It was Bam.
"Whatcha doin' Sammmmmmmy?" he said.
"Uh...nuth...nothing?" I said.
"Yeah, the show starts tomorrow," he said.
"What show?" I said.
"Viva La Bam! Duh! They will put their cameras up in our face and shit," he said.
"Oh gee, its nice to have a camera almost going up your ass. But hey, I'm used to it!" I sarcasticly said.
"And Jenn is gonna be there too," he said.
"Oh great...Jenn..." I murmerd, he didn't hear me.
"Well bye slut!" he said.
"How many fucking times do I have to tell you that I'm a bitch!" I said.

Ok, Jennifer Rivell. I cant stand her. She is Bam's girlfriend. She is 6 years older than Bam. They first met at a skate park when Bam was 9, and Jenn was 15. She was hitting on him or some shit. Then they started dating when he was like 17, and she was 23. Kinda illegal. Then, on July 5, 2003 which was her 30th birthday her and Bam were engaged. So right now, she is 30 and Bam is 24. Jenn was already married, but divorced, and she has a kid. She also appeared on stage with H.I.M, because she's an attention seeking whore like that.

No one really likes her. No one. Only Bam does.

Anywho, this year in 2003, is real busy for us all. We are gonna be in Grind, Haggard, a little bit of Jackass, and Viva La Bam.

So, Sidney is in Canada or some shit, for a hockey game. So I have to wait until the game is over to talk to him on the phone. So I just got all fixed up and stuff, and well, just went to sleep. I had a feeling I was getting sick again.

Tre's P.O.V

I was watching 'Jackass the movie' and was watching the interviews. There was Chris and Sam on an interview.

"We walk into a bar and just because we are on t.v, everyones all player hating," Chris said.

And Sam was nodding her head saying "Yep."

I can't stand this! I am gonna fly to PA and get Sam...

Back to Sam's P.O.V

I woke from my sleep, and watched the hockey game. And saw my team winning...
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