Love Is A Battlefield, chapter 1

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"Kaylee, I really don't feel like going to the Gilman today," I said putting my make up on.

"Sure you do," she said.

"Sure I don't," I replied back.

"Kia, stop being difficult, alright? Let's go, are you ready? The concert's gonna start soon."


We ran outside and got into the car. Kaylee started it up and started to drive to our favorite place, the Gilman. She drove for a while until we finally got to our destination. We walked up to the door.

"Kia, stop worring about him, ok? He's a loser. Not worth anything."

"I tried to convince myself the same, but I can't."

"Just go in here and have a good time, alright?"

"What...ever," I said.

Kaylee took a deep breath and opened the doors. We were already late. I looked to see what band was on stage today. I couldn't see until I decided to back up. I looked up once more to see a skinny, but muscular guy with brown hair and a bass in his strong arms...Mike Dirnt. I grabbed Kaylee's hand and tried to get closer. I pushed past everyone with Kaylee behind me. I eventually got up to the front and looked at Mike with googly-like eyes. He was so cute. He was good at the bass too. I loved how well he played and how his fingers went up and down the strings. I wish I could play bass. Sure, I'm...let's call it 'musically gifted' but that's the instrument I've always wanted to play. I can only play the piano and the guitar. I looked back up at Mike's face. His deep blue eyes finally caught mine. I almost shrieked with excitement. He smiled at me. They finished the song "Sweet Children" and got off of the stage. Not too long after, they came back and they had all taken off their shirts. I looked at Kaylee and screamed. She just rolled her eyes. She knows how big of a crush I have on Mike. She has a small thing for Billie and Tré, but she doesn't have as big of a thing as I do. Mike looked at me when I turned back around. He crouched down to my level.

"What's your favorite song? We need something else to play."

I stared at his eyes.

"Uh...One For The Razorbacks," I said still staring.

"Cool. That's one of my favorites too," he said.

I giggled.

He smiled at me.

He turned around and started talking to Billie. I hit my head repeatedly for giggling like an idiot. They stopped talking and went back to the song. Mike even let me sing a few lines of the song. After that, he kept looking at me as the show went on.

After the show, Kaylee and I were about to head home. Kaylee and I opened our car doors and I got in and looked down as I was putting something in my bag I was carrying. As I looked back up, I screamed. Mike Dirnt was staring at me from the outside of the car window...
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