Three Guys And A Girl, chapter 1

"Fucking snow! I'm gonna fucking move to Ja-fucking-maica if it doesn't stop snowing! We're in Berkeley for fuck's sake! Since when does it snow in Berkeley?!" Remie cursed under her cold breath. She kicked the snow with her foot then carried on walking down the street with her shoulders up high and her hands tucked neatly into her warm pockets. Arriving at the shop she grabbed a basket then took off her hat and gloves and placed them in her pocket. She wondered around a bit looking for the things she needed then made her way to the checkout. There were two free checkouts, one which had a middle-aged, average looking woman on it, and the other which had a younger looking guy with green hair on it. He looked pretty punk and certainly didn't look like he could count change, let alone use the till. She was about to walk to the woman when a grey-haired man pushed in front of her and got there first.

"Tit-bag!" she whispered to herself, then walked over to the guy with the green hair and placed all her things on the checkout.
"Hi," he said politely.
"Yeh, hi, can I also have a packet of 20 Marlborough Red?"
There was a moment of silence with only the occasional 'bleeping' of the machine and people coughing.
"I like your T-shirt," he said to Remie. She looked down at her ripped 'Sex Pistols' t-shirt.
"Thanks," she smiled.
"You into punk then?"
"Yeh pretty much."
"You in a band?"
"Yeh but only temporarily."
"How come?"
"I get stage fright pretty easily, so I'm not really to keen on the idea of getting up on stage and having a bright fuck-off spotlight on me," she smiled.
He laughed. "Allright then. What do you play?"
His eyes lit up. "So is your band still looking for a drummer then?"
"Yep! Oh which reminds me... " Remie put down the bags she was packing then quickly ran over to the notice board and stuck a piece of paper onto it. She looked at it then walked back over to the checkout.
"Sorry bout that."
"That's allrigh,." he smiled.
Remie packed the last thing into her plastic bag then handed the money to the guy.
"There you go." She smiled at him. Handing the money to him she managed to catch a glimpse off his nametag.
"Thanks. See ya!"
"Bye Frank!" she smiled.
Frank looked confused for a bit but then realised she must have read it off of his nametag, and smiled back.
As soon as she stepped outside he quickly leapt out of his chair and pulled down the notice Remie had put up earlier and folded it into a neat square and placed it into his pocket.
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