Three Guys And A Girl, chapter 5

They finally set off; Mike, Remie and Billie on a bike and Tre in a trolley tied on in-between Mike and Remie's bikes.

"Woohooo!" he shouted at the top of his lungs as they all zoomed down the hill towards Gilman Street.

Mike, Billie and Remie laughed at Tre then continued down the street. When they arrived to their dressing room they found nothing but a worn down sofa, an old carpet that smelt like puke, piss, smoke, alcohol and cannabis all at the same time, and a bowl of burnt popcorn sat in the middle of a sofa table.

Remie grabbed the bowl of popcorn then started to make her way out onto the stage so she could jump off of it into the crowd.

"Good luck guys!" she said then disappeared behind the curtain.
Tre watched her intently as she scurried out.
"You like her hey?" asked Billie who made Tre jump.
"Fuck! No, not at all. I mean I like her and all just not know," He said nervously.
"Aha." Billie smiled.
"What?" he demanded.
"It's nothing...just not like I haven't noticed you constantly looking at her with that dreamy look on your face. But I mean, I'm sure you look at me that way." He grinned wide as Tre play punched his arm.

"Bastard," He cursed under his breath. "Okay...I admit. I do like her. But not as much as you think I do. I just wouldn't mind getting with her!" he admitted.
"Well tonight's your chance, man!" Billie said looking rather excited.
"You think?" Tre looked surprised.
"Yeh, man. She'll get all excited and hyped up by the gig so she'll definitely get with you."
Tre looked at Billie in a sort of chuffed but also surprised look.
"Don't get me wrong, she's not a whore or anything. She'll only get with her buds and keep it a sort of no strings attached relationship. Almost like a pillow..." Billie smiled then took a sip of his beer.

Tre laughed loudly, then smiled back and turned around to see Mike coming towards them.
"Allright guys we're on now!"

Billie and Tre both put their beers down then picked up their equipment, gave each other some prep talk then walked onto the lit-up stage finding Remie down the front staring right up at them.
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