So Now What???, chapter 1

*I will tell you all now that this is a sequel, read the other part so as you aren't confused*

*6 month's later*
We were finally finished with the European/Australian part of tour and we were taking Christmas off. We had the next 6 months off. Finally we walked off the tour bus and into the place we knew best.
"REBYL! BILLIE!" My mom yelled. She ran and gave us a hug.
"Wow, it's weird to be home."
"We missed you!" Joey said I picked him up. He got heavier.
"Joey, you got fat."
"No I did not!"
"Yes you did." Right after I said that I got a huge hug from both of my brothers. I looked at little Jakob and he had a slightly large gash on his forehead.
"Whoa, Jakob, what happened to your head?"
"I fell over yesterday. It really hurted, bad."
"Oh, ouch." We walked inside with our bags and souvenirs from everywhere we went. I sat on the couch, just about to fall asleep. It was 9:30 PM in California. I walked upstairs into my room. Jakob and Joey came in too and we talked about random things, like Joey learning to ride a "big boy bike" and Jakob getting his first tricycle. I told them the "kid friendly" stories from tour. We were up laughing until around 12:00.
"I never said Jakob and Joey could spend the night in your room Rebyl Jayde Armstrong."
"Hey dad, can Joey and Jakob spend the night?"
"Yeah, I'll go get the sleeping bags."
"YAY SLEEPOVER!" Joey yelled. At one o'clock we were all sound asleep in our sleeping bags.
*Next morning*

I walked downstairs and my mom was the only one up. Jakob and Joey were still asleep and so was my dad.
"What are you doing up already? I wasn't expecting you up for a while." She asked.
"I'm really not sure, I guess I just couldn't sleep anymore." I said with a shrug.
"You changed a lot over tours," she stated.
"Yeah, you got maybe, 2 inches taller, you fattened up, which is a good thing because you were a toothpick before you left, and you are much tanner."
"Wow, amazing how moms notice these things, I would have never known." I told her, and it was true, now that I look, I am taller and tanner, and the McDonalds must have made me fat.
"Well, I haven't seen you for 6 months, it's easy to notice."

*Same time, in Ohio, Kristen's POV*
I heard the phone ringing in the living room and I looked at the called ID.
"Nibs" I muttered.
"Hey Kriss... " she said in a tone that meant 'I need a favor'
"What do you want Nibs?"
"I have to go to California to see my uncle, will you come with me?"
"How long are you staying?"
"The rest of my life, my parents just died in a car crash last night and he is next in line to take care of me, but you'll stay for 2 weeks... "
"Yeah I'll come. HEY MOM! CAN I GO TO CALIFORNIA WITH NIBS?" Allie didn't really like her parents so she wont get too choked up about them dying.
"Yeah, I'm going."
"THANK YOU!" I've never even met my uncle so don't ask me anything about him. I don't even know his name."
"Ok whatever. When are we leaving?" I asked.
"3 hours."
"3 HOURS! Oh thanks for short notice."
"You're welcome, now bye!" She is retarded well I must get packing. I pretty much packed my whole wardrobe, my eyeliner, and everything else in the world. 4 hours later I was on a plane to Las Angeles, California. Once we got off the plane, there was a taxi waiting outside. Nibs stepped into the limo that waited outside and screamed bloody murder.
"Oh, my, god, I think I got the wrong limo." She said. I stuck my head in the limo and saw something I was totally unprepared for.
"THE EDGE AND BONO! HOLY SHIT! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" I yelled. There they were, two members of U2, sitting right in front of me.
"Yes, that's us, are you Allie and Kristen?" Bono asked in a polite Irish accent
"Yeah." I said, calming down slightly.
"Then you have the right limo. Hi Allie, I'm your uncle Bono." Oh My God!
"I'm related to BONO! The BONO!" Allie started yelling.
"I didn't know you lived in California." I said in a questioning voice.
"Just moved here because it would be more convenient."
"In a couple years we're recording an album with Green Day, you have heard of Green Day right?"
"They're only our favorite band!"
"I see." By now the limo had been moving for a while. "Well, since you love them, I'm sorry but we have a week of tour starting tomorrow, how would you like to stay with Mike Dirnt?"
"That would be awesome." Allie must have been happy because she hasn't made a noise since the limo started moving. "Now, why would it be more convenient?"
"We are recording and album with them in a year or two; More than likely two, because they aren't done touring yet."
"Really? Whoa, my 2 favorite bands are recording an album together, sweet, what's it going to be called?"
"We aren't sure yet, we don't even have any songs to put on it yet except we know we're putting Beautiful Day on there, but nothing else."
"Well, here is my house, hope you like it." The Edge got out and Bono followed, along with me. I looked back and saw Allie staring emotionless out the window.
"Hello, Nibs, come on! Get out of the limo." She shook her head and blinked a few times before getting out of the car. I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket and I answered it.
"KRISTEN! YOU'RE STAYING AT MIKE'S FOR A WEEK! AHHHHHH!" I heard Rebyl on the other line.
"Yeah, are you going to be home at all?"
"Yeah the whole time. We just got off tour like 47 hours ago." She is really hyper for just getting off tour.
"How much coffee did you have today?"
"None, my mom and dad won't let me have any because I'm too hyper and I'm being sent to Trè's so I have some one to be hyper with.
"I see," I said, completely understanding her parents.
"Oh Trè's here to pick me up, I'll call you back later!"
"BYE!" I have NEVER heard Rebyl that happy or hyper. She never got like that. Well of course now Rodger's caught and her life is better. I just wish I could find Ava for her. Oh but you're thinking "didn't she give Ava to Nibs?" Yeah she did, but before Nib's parents died, they had to give Ava up for adoption and now she could be anywhere. I can't wait to see her.
I hung up the phone and followed The Edge and Bono into a giant house, Nibs behind me. We walked in and Bono gave us a tour of the house. After the tour it was 3:00 and we were in a white Chevrolet SUV of Bono's and The Edge went home. He drove us about 3 hours until we finally saw a sign that said "Oakland Corporation Limits," and right then it hit me that we were heading towards the Green Day homes. We went through a poorer part of town and slowly got richer and richer until we came to homes about the size of Bono's. We pulled in front of a house with gray sidings and saw the name "Pritchard" on the side of the mailbox. So we were at Mike's house. Right as we were stepping out of the car the front door slammed open and Trè Cool ran out with a pink haired Rebyl right behind him.
"You son of a bitch, this hair dye I permanent!" Rebyl yelled.
"So! I think it's hot!"
"I'm going to kill you!"
"Should I run?"
"Yeah... " Trè started running as fast as he could until he ran right into Bono and they both fell over.
"Nice to see you too Trè."
"Whoops, sorry."
"Hey Bono!" Rebyl yelled.
"KRISTEN ELIZABETH I MISSED YOU! YOU TOO NIBS NOW GET OVER HERE!" We both ran over and took part in a group hug.
"So where is my daughter?" Rebyl asked with wide questioning eyes.
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