London Calling, chapter 1

My legs hung over my window sill in the cool crisp night. The dark black street was longing for me to jump down and run away, I wouldn't though. The shouts grew more loud from my parents bedroom. I sighed, this had been going on forever. Suddenly my mom burst through my door, holdind a black duffel bag. "Here." she said tossing the bag at me. I knew what she meant, she'd told me it was going to happen anytime this week. I got off the window sill and began shoving clothes into the bag. I grabbed my vairous CDs and shoved them in most of them Green Day and my two of the Sex Pistols.

When I was done packing I laid down on my bed. 'Where is she planning to go?' I thought to myself. Soon enough my mother walked back in. "Hun," she said in a soft voice,"Come on to the living room. I'll explain everything in there."
I nodded and grabbed my bag and headed out towards the living room.
I walked in and saw my older brother, Alan and my twin sister Mya. I sat down next to Alan.

My, my how rude of me? Let me introduce myself. My name is Allison Walker. I'm 15 years old and right now I live in shitty-ville Florida. I have red hair with black at the ends and a nose ring and waayyy too many ear percings. Anyway back to my family drama.

"Your father and I are spliting up," my mom declared.
'Nah really?' I said under my breath. Alan gave me a meaningful glance. I knew that meant to shut the hell up.
"Allison and Mya, you're going with me. Alan you have a choice," Mom finished. I noticed my dad hadn't said a word, he probably felt guilty.
"Mom I'll stay here and finish high school." Alan said confidently. I looked over at him and opened my mouth to protest but he stopped me, "I promise once I'm done I'll vist you." I knew why Alan had a choice, he was a senior and seeing as Mya and I only freshmen my mom gave him the choice.

I could feel the tears swell. I really loved Alan and I REALLY hated Mya. She was nothing like me. She hated everything I loved. "Come on girls we have a flight to get to," mom said.
"And where are we going?" Mya chimed in.
"Well I have a very close friend up in England so..."
"We're going to live in England?!!" I said excitedly. I loved England and always wanted to live there.
My mom smiled and nodded. I jumped up and hugged her. When I pulled away she said, "Come on girls let's go." I ran over to my dad and hugged him and told him I'd see him soon. I walked over to Alan and he assured me he'd come out to live with me. We walked out the door and into a taxi cab, I think my mom called for it. My parents had just split up and I was going to live half way across the world away from my brother, father and friends but I couldn't help but smile. England here I come!
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