Gutter Fucks, chapter 1

"Excuse me!" I say as I push past the group of mohawked and liberty spiked guys to get into the building. This is my favorite place on earth 924 Gilman Street, the punk Mecca of the East Bay. This place is like heaven on earth for us punker kids.

I get inside and look around, pretty big crowd already. The band on stage is one of those bands that you can't understand a word the lead singer is singing, well screaming but I like anything that's good for moshing. The lead singer has thick blue liberty spikes down the center of his head, the rest of the band is in black and pretty much not very eye catching. Not much of a mystery what I do next, I dive right into the center of the mosh pit. All my frustration that's been building up is being let out with a crowd of people doing the same thing.

"Remember! We're Credential Falling!" the lead singer yells right before they file off stage. Three guys climb up on stage and start plugging themselves in.

The lead singer has a mass amount of dark hair which is currently being repressed by a backwards green baseball cap. The bassist is well shirtless and has thin chin length hair that's a light brown, really scrawny guy. Then finally the drummer, he looks like he's about to explode with excitement, he's bouncing around on his bench and all I can see is bobbing head of green hair.

"Hello!" the lead singer exclaims into the microphone, "We're Green Day and this song is called Going to Pasalacqua!" They start playing the song and the moshing starts up again. It would've been cool if one of my friends would come with me but their not made for the likes of a vicious mosh pit.

Green Day plays a few more songs, and the whole time I strain myself to watch the drummer. He has a maliciously sexy smile.
"Thanks you guys have been great!" the lead singer says happily. He and the bassist walk off stage. But the wild fire drummer leaps off stage and starts crowd surfing.

As he passes over me, I grab his balls, I see him turn his head too look at me and he smirks. The next band comes up and the moshing starts again, this big guy shoves in front of me and blocks my view. As I try to get passed him I get elbowed in the stomach. I would've fallen back if it weren't for the people behind me who pushed me back upright.

Holding onto my gut I make my way to the edge of the club.
"Its not my fault you have a tiny dick!" the drummer from Green Day yells at someone, "Hey you're the girl who squeezed my balls!"
I smile weakly as I pass him to get to the benches along the walls.

I find an empty seat and sit down.
"Hey!" he exclaims as he comes toward me. "Squeeze my balls then ignore me."
"Uhuh," I groan.
"Hey, what's wrong?"
"I got elbowed in the gut," I gasp.
"Oh." He says pushing the next guy on the bench away so he can sit. "You going to be okay?" I shrug. After a minute or two of pain he looks over at me. "Maybe you have a broken rib."
"Show me."

I lift my shirt up a bit and I see a huge purple bruise on my abs. He touches the bruise carefully then moves his hand up towards my boobs. I slap his hand away.
"You grabbed me!" he protests, I roll my eyes. "Do want to go to the hospital?" I nod. He scampers off leaving me alone.

Within minutes he reappears with a smile on his face. "C'mon, Green Day is going to take you to the hospital. He helps me up and out of the club just as a white van pulls up. He opens the side door and climbs in, I climb in after him and he shuts the door.
"I'm Tre Cool by the way," the drummer says cheerfully.
"Lisea Lyons," I groan.
"Hi, I'm Mike!" the bassist, who's in the passenger's seat says cheerfully.
"I'm Billie Joe," the lead singer and driver says.
"Hi," I moan.

It's a short yet painful ride to the hospital, I've come to the conclusion that Billie Joe likes driving over speed bumps because it was far from a smooth ride. When we arrive at the hospital, Billie drops Tre and I off at the emergency room door.

Tre and I walk in and head over to the main desk where a few nurses are gathered.
"She has a broken rib!" Tre says somewhat proud. I feel sort of dizzy so I don't hear what the nurse is saying but Tre nods and leads me to the plastic blue chairs on the far end of the waiting room.

"Lisea Lyons!" someone calls out. I look up to see a doctor standing in the middle of the waiting room.
"That's me," I groan as I attempt to get up without hurting myself. He leads me into an examination room. I lie on the table and lift up my shirt to reveal the bruise.

"So what happened?" he asks as he touches it gently.
"Mosh pit," I sigh, "I got elbowed." He nods and heads over to one of the cupboards.
"Are you sure it wasn't your boyfriend?" he says cocking an eyebrow as he puts a splint against my side.
"Boyfriend?" Oh god he thought I was being abused. "I haven't had on in three months, no less an abusive one!"
"Alright, well if you change your mind the hospital offers a free service-"
"I'm honest!" I say annoyed as he wraps my torso in gauze. "Green Day was playing! Gilman street and before them it was a band with a lead singer with a blue mohawk."
"Okay," he says writing on a pad of paper. "I'll prescribe you some pain killers."
"Alright," I say sitting up.
"Here's a sample for now." He hands me a pill packet and a prescription.
"Thanks," I grumble as I head out of the room. I pop one of the pills in my mouth.

I knew this hospital visit was going to take up a good part of my pay check. I head to the desk to pay.
"Hi, I need to pay my hospital bill," I say clearly.
"Name," the bitter nurse grumbles.
"Lisea Lyons."
"Its already been paid."
"What? By who?"
"That guy." She points out Tre and Billie Joe who are playing with the wheelchairs. "the one with the green hair."

I walk up to them.
"Hey, thanks for paying."
"No problem," Tre grunts as he kicks Billie's chair. "Let's race."
"Yeah! Ready, set," Billie starts.
"No! I'm stuck!" Tre exclaims.
"That's cause the breaks are on." Someone laughs from behind me. I turn around and see its that Mike guy, his jacket is stuffed with something. "Can we go?"

The four of us hurry out of the hospital and head down the street.
"Is the a roll of toilette paper in your jacket or are you just happy to see me?" Tre jokes. Mike undoes his jacket and pulls out an industrial sized roll of toilette paper. He smirks wildly.

"So do your ribs still hurt?" Tre asks me as we near the van. I nod. "Why don't you come over to our place?"
"I don't know."
"C'mon, we know how to numb the pain."
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