Gutter Fucks, chapter 5

My shift is nearly over and the other hostess is already here so I head in back to find Gina. I go into the staff room and find that it's empty, no use in going back and forth so I head over to my locker and grab my bag. I hate working with Gina, she used to be a hostess same as me then she got promoted and she turned into a grade 'A' bitch. I figure she must be bossing people around in the kitchen so I head over there.

I lift the counter at the bar to get through when a bottle of economy sized Raspberry cooler. It's practically full and I'm underpaid. I unscrew the lid and spill some on my pants and little on the floor. I screw the lid shut tightly and shove it in my bag before continuing on my way.

"Gina!" I call out through the kitchen.
"What?" she demands, obviously annoyed and taking her anger out on me.
"I was just about to go." She glances at her watch.
"And I knocked over a bottle of booze and-"
"Of what?"
"I think it was raspberry cooler. Got it all over my pants and everything." I bitch.
"Fuck," She mutters, "Alright then, accidents happen." With that I hurry out of the kitchens, past the bar, past a couple of unoccupied tables, down the hallway and into the woman's washroom. I get changed into my normal clothes before heading out.

I practically run down the two short streets to get to the apartment, its already dark out which kind of freaks me out. I accidentally bump into some dangerous looking character but I keep running, damn how am I running so fast? I get to the boarded up door and ring the buzzer for the basement apartment.

Suddenly the door swings open and Tre is standing there excitedly.
"Lisea!" he squeals as he hugs me tightly.
"Happy birthday Tre," I say kissing his lips.
"It is now."
"Brought you something," I say as he leads me inside, we step down the stairs as I unzip my bag.
"And what would that be?" he asks cocking an eyebrow. The door to their apartment is wide open, revealing Mike, Anastasia and Billie sitting back on the sofa. I pull out the bottle.

"Sweet!" Billie yelps catching glimpse of it. He gets up and disappears into the kitchen.
"Ahh no, now they know," Tre pouts, "We could've had our own private party."
"They'll be time for that later." I whisper as we go through the doorway. Billie returns from the kitchen with five glasses.

"Let the party begin." Mike yelps as we all surround the coffee table where the drinks are being poured. Tre pours the sweet liquid into the glasses and we all toast. This night seems promising already.

I back up so I can sit against the wall; I push aside a text book. A text book, now that's shocking. I flip it open and see the name "Tre Cool" scribbled inside in different fonts.
"That would be mine." Tre laughs as he comes up next to me.
"You actually do your homework?"
"Yeah, sometimes." He laughs, "But not now, now we party."

Several drinks later and Mike and Anastasia have 'gone to bed.' I grab the bottle of liquor off the coffee table and crawl over to Tre who's sprawled out on the floor. I straddle his hips, he smiles and opens his mouth. I take a swig straight out of the bottle then pour some in his open mouth. He swallows.

"More?" I ask as I put the bottle to my lips again.
"Okay," He says laughing, he opens his mouth again and I pour some more in. "No more."
"Okay," I say putting the bottle on the floor next to me. Tre puts his hands on my hips adoringly.
"What happened to our private party?" he asks tilting his head a bit. I lean forward and put my lips to his ear.
"Any time you're ready," I whisper.
"I want it now!" he says excitedly. I slide off of him and stand up. He sits on his knees.

"Where are you going?" he demands as I head to the door, pulling on my jacket on the way.
"Get a fucking clue; you're going back to her place," Billie says abruptly.
"Oh?" Tre says as he stumbles to his feet.
"Now leave the bottle with Billie and leave already," He says going over to the bottle of liquor on the floor. I can tell he's upset, every so often we could hear Mike and Anastasia going at it, Tre and I can't keep our hands to ourselves and from what I can gather Billie's girlfriend is on the other side of the country.

"Tre are you coming?" I say from the doorway. Tre runs up to me and grabs me by the waist. After he grabs his jacket we head up the steps and burst through the boarded up doors into the cool winter air. I start up the street, holding onto Tre's hand.
"The van's back that way," He says laughing.
"We're drunk," I say stopping at the corner where the bus stops. I glance at my watch, the bus should be coming any second now.
"But my nuts are about to freeze off," Tre whines. I put my hand on his crotch jokingly then remove. "They're cold again." I roll my eyes as the bus comes up the street.

We board the bus and take the bench way at the back. Tre starts kissing my neck as soon as the bus starts to move. I on the other hand am giggling like crazy as his hand grazes my thigh repeatedly. I catch a glimpse of the 7/11 just down the street from my apartment, I press the button to signal the driver to stop.

I take Tre's hand from my thigh and lead him off the bus.
"Come back here you." Tre says trying to get at my neck again.
"Oh just can't keep your hands off me can you?" I giggle as I continue to hold his hand and bring him to the main door of the building.

"Do you have any roommates?" Tre asks as he grabs my butt. I let him keep his hands there as we go up the stairs.
"Yeah, but the one I share a room with went back home for the weekend." I say as I stop at the correct door. I can see the mass amounts of lust in Tre's eyes. I unlock the door to find my roommate, Patricia making out with the same guy as last time, in the same spot, the sofa.

"Oh wow, this is a friendly apartment," Tre says laughing.
"Hey," Patricia says removing her face from her boyfriend's. "You're back."
"Yup." I chuckle, "Don't worry you'll get your privacy." I take Tre's hand and lead him to my room.

Tre shuts the door and practically tackles me onto the bed. Tre and I have sex for the first time and so help me it was fucking great.
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