Unexpected Relationship, chapter 1

It was a Saturday morning and I was feeling so energetic for no reason at all, probably because I slept until one. My mom got mad at me for that, but I was tired!
I was downstairs in my robe, watching T. V. In the living room. My mom was getting ready for a date. Ever since she broke up with dad, she hasn't stopped looking for Mr. Right. She's pretty young, in her mid thirties, and the guy she was dating was pretty interesting. She told me she met him at a coffee shop, and that he was quite a gentleman when he decided to buy her a coffee. She also said his name was Billie and he was in a recognized rock band. I was amazed, I wanted to meet this guy.
Then, I heard the door bell ring and mom rushed to open the door. It was the one and only Billie, and I couldn't stop staring at his awsome green eyes as he came inside. He looked my way and I felt my heart stop, I hope he didn't catch me staring at him like an idiot. He said, "Well looky here, who's this nice young chick?"
Mom replied, "Well, that nice young chick is my daughter, so lay off." I giggled and he smiled at me, he smiled at me! I felt myself growing red, and tried to hide it with my over sized robe.

Then, mom told me, "Me and Bill would be going now, sweety, so take good care of yourself when I'm away."
I replied with a sigh. "Ok mom, I'm not 5."
Billie laughed at this and said, "Well you heard the lady, she's not 5, and what's your title anyway?"
I said shyly, "Sara." He smiled once again, and said, "Nice to finally meet you, Sara. I'll be going now, let's go precious." He dragged mom out the door, just as she giggled hysterically, saying good bye to me.
I was feeling kind of jealous for some reason. Was I attracted to Billie? Of course I was, but there's nothing I could do, right? All of a sudden, I desperately wanted to be mom, because she had one hell of an awsome boyfriend, and I was stuck here, as the ugly duckling. I wanted to look hot like my mom and my older sister that goes to Harvard, but I was just the lonely punk rocker. I wore too much black and red, which were my favorite colors, and heavy loads of eyeliner circling my eyes 24/7. I was short, about 5'1, and my hair reached the top of my shoulders.
I headed to the small kitchen and grabbed a bag of crackers. I headed back to the living room and sat down at the couch. I was so bored, and I desperately wanted to see Billie's face and awsome smile again. Then, in my mind, that was all I could think about, him and only him.

I was going out of my mind right now. I have to stop. I can't do this to my mom. When she's finally found the guy of her dreams, I can't just take him away just like that, and he looks younger than her. Maybe like in his early 20's, probably just turned 20, and I'm fresh out of high school, now a freshman at Pinpoint University. Ok I have to stop, but I can't! I'm going nuts! We're probably 2 years apart and mom couldn't have noticed that, but was unbelievably young, she could have told.
Then, I heard the door being unlocked, as I let out a deep sigh. It's about time she got home, but I was at ease, I wasn't going to freak out on her. She went in with a huge grin on her face, I was really glad to see her happy, ever since the break up.
I asked her quickly, "How was it?"
She replied, "Oh, it was great, he's a great guy, and he just confessed his age." I acted like I was less surprised, but in reality, I was and said, "Really?! How old is he?"
She replied sadly, "20, almost your age, I feel like a raper." I was giggling really hard inside, but managed to show a sense of sympathy. I felt bad for her, but I was really happy that I was right, and he seemed to treat mom like a princess.
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