Unexpected Relationship, chapter 3

Billie and I got in his car and sped through Oakland looking for mom. I feel so bad and had so many mixed emotions going on inside that I was quiet during the whole ride. I was really scared for my mom, hoping and praying that she would be alright. Billie also had mixed emotions going on inside of him, and his face was full of hope, concern, fright, and being awfully worried.

Billie finally said, "I'm sorry about everything Sara, I really am. Everything is my fault and I feel like I shouldn't have enetered your lives."

I put my hand on Billie's shoulder and said sympathetically, "Billie don't say that, you're a great guy, and everybody does the worst mistakes. You're not perfect, my mom isn't perfect, I'm absolutely not perfect, nobody is."

I felt sorry for Billie, because he worried so much and he IS worth it, because if it was some other guy, he would leave everything as it is and wouldn't be doing anything about it; but Billie, he's one in a million. I just kept trying to make him feel at ease, and to breath, which he needed the most, because he was close to having a panic attack. I know because I get them all the time when something goes wrong and there's nothing left to do.

Billie made a stop at a small parking lot and said, "Okay, before we start going around the state of California, we have to figure out in what places does Emily go to all the times she's upset."

I was thinking and said, "She mostly goes to the local lake, which is deep inside our neighborhood woods."

He nodded, turned around, and sped off to our neighborhood. It seemed that we arrived there in 15 minutes, because of how fast he was going. He slowed down every now and then so I wouldn't be scared if I had to ride with him again. As we got there, I gave Billie the directions to the lake, and he got there pretty soon.

He asked me, "Do you see Em?"

I tried looking around for her long black hair and pretty red sweater, but no sign. I replied, "I don't see her, where could she be?"

He tried thinking pretty hard and said, "Okay, she must be at the beach or something."

I nodded and said, "Let's get going," he nodded and sped off to our next destination.

We arrived at the beach, parked, and started walking. I kept rtying to call her cell, but she wouldn't pick up. It's absolutely like she didn't want to be found, but she needs to show up and discuss this like an adult, not act like a long lost dog. I was getting pissed by the second and Billie kept reassuring me that she would pick up anytime soon. i kept nodding and dialing, then something awsome came up to me. I dialed again, blocking my number, and she answered!

I heard a soft, "Hello?" on the other end and I answered, "Hello? It's Amber!" Amber was a close firend of her's. She replied with fake happiness, "Hey Amber! What do you need?" I replied, "Well, I need you to come over my house for a little while, if you like?" she replied, "Ok, I'll be there." Then I hung up and called Amber to tell here everything that's going on. She agreed and I told Billie where we were going. He sped off to Amber's house.

Once we arrived, mom's car was by the sidewalk. Billie parcked across the street and we got off. He told me, "That was great Sara, you're a genius." I just smiled and said, "Thanks, just came up to me."

While we were walking, Billie held my hand tightly and i felt shivers run up and donwn my spine. I held it back the same way, feeling happier than ever. We finally reached the door and I knocked lightly. Amber answered the door and told us to come inside. Mom was in the living room and we walked directly to her. Amber let us have our time alone, and that's where the madness started.

I told mom, "We have been looking for you everywhere, because both of us love you and care about you. I was worried sick, hoping and praying to God that you would be alright." By then, tears came out my eyes, I felt so guilty and hurt at the same time.

Billie held me close to comfort me, and he said, "I'm really sorry for hurting you so bad Em. You and I know now that I'm not the perfect guy for you, I still care about you alot. Just because I found love in your daughter, doesn't mean that I don't care about you anymore. I just want you to please go back home if you desire to, and spend time with Sara. She really needs it as much as you do."

Mom nodded and said, "Billie you're right in every single way, but I still can't forgive and forget that fast. I'm still so hurt that you don't have a single idea, but I've got to do this. I don't want you coming back to our house anymore, I don't want to see you, Billie. I also don't want to see you near my daughter, even if she's an adult or not, it still doesn't cut it."

Billie's point of view:

I felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest and stepped on. After I cared about her so much, this is what I get back. I may have decerved it, but damn! I just wanted to walk out of there and leave but didn't, because Sara needed me and I wasn't gonna leave her alone. I still sat beside Sara, holding her as heavy tears escaped her hazel eyes. I always knew she loved me, but this was the main moment it went around and hit me. I figured that I had to respect Em's demands, but I still want Sara and I don't want to leave her like that. I want her live in my place, since she's an adult now, can make her own decisions, and is in college for Pete's sake! I'm not in college right now, but gave me an inspiration, so maybe or not I may go.

My point of view:

I felt so full of rage and sadness against her. From there, I figured out that I wanted to leave out of the house and live with Billie. I felt like I was locked in a cage anyway and it's about time I looked for a new place to livein on my own. I stood up, grabbed Billie's hand and left. I left her there by herself, but I didn't care, she always had me in third place and that's not gonna happen again.
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