Beautiful Coincidence, chapter 2

Derek brushed a long strand of his dyed black hair behind his ear, blinking. He drew his legs up to his body, and rested his chin on his knees as he spoke.

"Come on, dude. You know you don't really mean that," he said, glancing across the room at his friend.

"I've fucking had it! She keeps treating me like shit," Andy answered, rolling up his sleeves.

"Her? Treating YOU like shit? Are you kidding me? You're the one who fucking beats her ass and leaves her out on the streets!" Derek replied, anger seething with every word.

"Don't try and pin this on me. It's not my fault," Andy shot back, now standing up.

"Fuck you, man. Erica is my friend, and I'm not going to let you hurt her anymore!" Derek screamed, walking out of the room and slamming the door behind him.


I leaned back on to the couch, and slowly sipped my beer. I laughed to myself, as I watched Tre and Billie argue about who attracted more women, or something stupid like that

"Get over yourself, man. Everybody knows that the lead guitarist is the sexiest," Billie fought playfully, smiling smugly.

"You know what they say, 'Save a drum, bang the drummer,'" Tre fought back, trying hard not to laugh.

I sat next to Mike, and glanced over in his direction. He looked back at me, and smiled when our blue eyes met. I couldn't help but smile back- there was something about him...

I was too distracted to notice the curious glances that Billie sent my way throughout the night. After a while, I realized that he was looking at my bruised arms. I wasn't sure what to do. I almost regretted telling Tre about Andy. It really hurt to talk about it, so I decided not to tell him.

At one point, Billlie's eyes met mine. I watched, as his glance traveled from my arms back to my eyes. I quickly looked away and shrugged my shoulders. Man, was I a bad liar.

Billie shifted uneasily. He definately looked bothered by something. A few moments later, Tre and Mike got up to get more drinks, leaving Billie and I alone.

"Erica...what happened?" he asked, making his way towards the couch where I was sitting.

"What do you mean?" I asked, trying to play dumb.

"You know what I mean... what is that from," he asked me again, this time pointing at my arms.

"It's nothing, ok?" I replied, almost too quickly. It wasn't until after I told Tre about Andy that I realized what a rash decision it was. No one else knew, and it was nice to have someone to hear me out. No matter how nice it was, all my could do was flash back to the past...


I felt my body fly through the air, then smack against the wall for the third time. I howled in pain.

"Shut the fuck up, the neighbors will hear. If anyone ever finds out, I'll slit your throat, got it?" Andy ordered violently. With that, he picked up his leather belt, and went right back to work, the leather stinging my soft skin.


My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a heavy knock from the foyer. Billie got up, and swung open the door. I blinked, stunned by the image that shadowed in the doorway.

"DEREK!" I shouted, jumping into his arms. I loved Derek, he was my best friend. He had been there throughout every incident that ever happened between me and Andy.

Out of sheer reaction, he kissed me, hard on the mouth. I was a little taken back, but for some reason, it felt so right. But why was he kissing me? Andy was his best friend. If he ever found out...
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