I'm Only Trying To Help, chapter 1

I was walking down the street in Jersey. I was pissed off at my parents, and I just needed some time to breath and calm down.

I guess I should tell you who I am. My name is Andrea, I'm 17 years old, I have jet-black hair that always ends up covering half my face, and green eyes. I'm not tall but not short and im of an average weight. I have only one friend, his name is Daniel, he is the only one who defends me from the jerks at school and those preppy bitches that call me an emo, gothic, stoner. I'm sure I am forgetting other things but I'll get back to the story.

My parents were arguing again and had been cussing at me and threatening me so I felt that I had to get out of the house. It never fails, whenever I am home I end up getting hurt, either physically or emotionally.

I put my hands in the pockets of my thin jacket to find a cigarette and my lighter, once I found what i was looking for I lit the cigarette and took a long drag. I watched the cloud of smoke swirl above me and then get carried away by the wind.

I kept walking aimlessly down the street until I found myself at Daniels house. His parent didnt really aprove of me, mainly because of my attitude and how I dressed. I didnt really care, I mean Daniel dressed and acted like I did, but I didnt want to get him in trouble, so I walked to the side of the house and climbed up a tree.

The tree was in the perfect place, once at the top I could easily jump onto the balcony of Daniels room. Yeah, he has a balcony, his parents are rich as hell but they are just like my parents. They dont give a fuck about their kid.

Once on the balcony, I knocked on the doors leading to his room. I saw his shadow nearing the door, so I stepped back to lean against the railing.

"Hey, Danny," I said as he opened the door.

"Hey Andrea," he said before walking outside to join me.

Before I could say anything else he took the cigarette from me and put it out. I forgot that he is trying to make me quit.

"Dammit Danny I just lit that one," I whined.

"Yeah, yeah, how many times do I have to tell you that it isnt good for you," he said.

"Well a lot I guess 'cause it still hasn't stopped me. So whats up with you today?" I said.

"Nothing much, my parents left on another 'business trip' so I am enjoying my freedom," he said.

"They left again huh, well things arent going that well at home for me either," I said.

"They didnt hurt you again did they?" he asked worriedly.

"Nah, I got out really quick today," I said.

"Well its cold out here, come on lets go inside," he said.

We walked into his room and he closed the balcony doors. I sat down on his bed and he sat down next to me.

"So, what do you want to do?" he said.

"Oh, I dont know its your house," I said.

"Well do you feel like numbing the pain today," he said.

I looked at him, grinned, and said, "Yeah, I feel like doing that everyday."

We got off the bed and walked downstairs into the gigantic family room. We made our way to the bar in the corner of the room and took two bottles of vodka from one of the cabinets. I then grabbed some two shot glasses and we headed back up stairs. Once in his room we put down the alcohol and glasses on a desk.

While danny busied himself with pouring out the vodka I went across the room and looked under his bed for a box. That box contained a store of drugs that Danny and I used every so often. Once I found it I brought it out and put it on the bed. I carefully opened it and pulled out a small bag of weed and some rolling papers.

Danny handed me a shot glass and I downed the clear liquid, savoring the taste. Daniel did the same and he drank more as he watched me roll a joint.

All of a sudden he burst out singing, "Roll, roll, roll, the joint, twist it at the end light it up and take a puff and pass it to your friend."

We both started laughing and I drank another shot of vodka. Instead of having to keep pouring out shots, I gave Danny a bottle and I kept one. Then I lit the joint and took a long drag letting the smoke fill my lungs. I know what your thinking, if Danny doesn't let me smoke then why does he do drugs. Well Im addicted to cigarettes, but drugs are something we use only occasionally.

Anyways, I passed the joint to Daniel and he took a couple drags. I drank huge gulps of vodka, then he passed back the joint.

By the time the joint was gone, Danny was drunk and high off his ass and so was I. We each had less than 1/5 of the vodka left over. Danny and I decided to see who could finish it first and we started chugging. I won and set the now empty bottle down on the ground ten seconds later Danny did the same.

I was about to say something but started laughing. Soon Daniel and I were rolling on the ground almost in tears from laughing so much. I tried to get up off the floor and as soon as I stood the room started spinning and I fell to the floor.

This made us laugh some more and we eventually made our way out to the balcony, tripping a few times to getting there. We layed on the groung and stared up at the sky, intrigued with the cloud shapes and the autumn leaves that flew above us.

"Doesn't it look so pretty?" said Daniel.

"Yeah it does," I said.

"You know that your my best friend right?" said Daniel.

"Yeah, your my best friend to and the best one I could ask for," I said.

"Do you think my parents will notice if I go home like this?" I said.

"Is the sky blue?" he said.

"Yeah it is why are you asking," I said, not fully realizing what he meant as the drugs were really getting to me.

He burst out laughing and said, "Yeah they will notice, just stay the night my parents are going to be gone till Tuesday, and besides tomorrows Monday we have school and it will be easier to ditch with you here," he said

"Ok," I said. Now I was starting to get drowsy and used the railing to pull myself up off the ground. It was getting dark and very cold. I pulled Danny inside and we both managed to close the doors before collapsing on the floor and passing out.

The next morning I woke up to find that I was on the floor with Danny sleeping next to me. My head was pounding so I got up to find asprin. I found a bottle of it on Danny's dresser and then headed downstairs to get water I poured a glass for me and a glass for him. I headed back upstairs and swallowed two pills.

Since Danny was asleep I decided to give him a wake up call. I put the new My Chemical Romance cd into his stereo and skipped ahead to Dead! that would wake him up. I turned the volume up and sat on his bed.

His head shot up quickly and he groaned.

"Turn it down!" he said

I laughed and turned the music down but left it playing. I handed him the water and asprin and he swallowed the pills.

"So, lets go to my house I need to change clothes and shower," I said.

"Let me grab some stuff, I'll shower at your place I dont want to stay here," he said

So he grabbed his clothes stuffed them in a bookbag and before we went downstairs i turned off his stereo and grabbed his iPod from his bed. With one headphone in our ears we left the house singing Welcome To The Black Parade.

We finally got to my house and each headed to take a shower, seperately. Once we were dressed and had applied makeup, yes Danny wears eyeliner. We walked out of my house. I now had my iPod and money so we decided to go to the music store.

I wasnt paying attention when we were walking, I was trying to find MCR on my iPod and I ended up running into someone. We were both knocked to the ground and when he helped me up I realised exactly who it was.

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