It all started with a locker door., chapter 1

"Hello your listening to Kerrang radio on 105. 2 its 7am and here is my chemical romance the black parade for Emma."

I shut my alarm of and pulled the duvet over my head 'great' I thought to my self another day of school how wonderful. I finally found the energy to get my lazy bum out of my really warm bed and go find my school uniform. I looked around my room for it and yes it was under my bed why does everything you lose always end up under there? I dressed and did all the other crap too. In the distance I could here my brother waking up which meant I was late.

On my way out the door I grabbed my money and headed for the door just as my mom shouted out, "jazz tie, it's on the door." I grabbed my red and black striped tie and headed left towards the train station. I hated this uniform it was so annoying.

I reached the station and walked over to the starbuks stand
"Hey jazz usual?"...
"Yeah Greg thanks."
He handed me my regular caphachino with extra chocolate which was needed on a cold day like this.
"Keep the change. See you tomorrow. Bye."
"Bye jazz, take care. Don't put up with no shit."

I smiled and walked to where my train was due to pull in. I stepped on the train and took a seat and watched the outside pass bye. After about 20 minutes I arrived at my destination which unfortunately was school. I stepped inside the building which was warm but still I didn't want to be here. The corridors were kind of empty as I was late. I started walking to my lesson which was History. I reached into my bag to get out something so I wasn't looking where I was going.
Suddenly... BANG... Then total darkness.

I woke up felling the coldness of the floor it was all blurry a figure was standing over me but I couldn't make it out I blinked. My sight improved to its natural self the figure was a boy about my age.

"Are you okay you kind of walked into my locker door?"
"Huh, what?... Ouch my head." He held out his hand to pull me up and carried on holding my arm even though I was standing.

"You sure your okay you were knocked out?"
"Yeah.. I'm fine thanks."
I rubbed my head which hurt a lot and great I could feel a bump appearing.
"I'm Billie, you?"
"Erm, Jazz." He asked if I was going to be okay I said yes and walked down the corridor to my lesson.
"Miss Dorian your late."
I was still all blurred from the bang. "Sorry," I mumbled and I sat down in my seat and slumped down. I stared out the window and started to think of Billie.

Billie's p. O. V

Great start Billie your first day and your late and worse you knocked out the hottest girl you've seen in ages. I started to think of Jazz even the name was hot why did I have to go knock her out? I arrived to my lesson which was math. Nobody really seemed to care who I was or that I was the new kid. I thought wow this school looks like a dump. I studied the rest of the girls in the class. Ewww, none of them were hot. It felt weird I didn't know anything about Jazz but yet I already had a big crush on her.

Finally that lesson ended and I walked to the lesson I had next which was drama.
I tried to find the room but couldn't Then I heard a voice and turned around to see.

"You look lost."
It was jazz.
"Oh yeah, I'm new."
She looked up at me and smiled. "Okay what you got"
She started laughing
"What's so funny?"
"You don't want to go to that lesson the teacher is a perv."
"Okay then but.."
She grabbed my arm and walked me outside into the cold.
"Bunk of with me I have drama too I hate it."
I followed her to a back field. There was a few other guys there too I bet one of them was her boyfriend. She looked back up at me and said, "Let me tell you who is who. That's Danny, Ryan, Sam, and Harry, and this guys, is Billie."

Jazz p. O. V

I sat down next to Billie and lit up Cigarette. I noticed Billie staring at me he had really hot eyes.
"So Billie," I said
"How do you like this school so far?"
"Oh it's okay but you know its school no matter what one you go to its going to be crap."
"True True what do you think about the girls?"
I was kind of flirting with him he was fit and seemed a nice guy.
"The girls? Well there is one who is hot."
He leaned in closer.
"And the guys?
"They seem like assholes."
"You definitely got that correct."
"So there's no boy friend then?"

In my head I hoped he was flirting it seemed it but sometimes its them being friendly. For that lesson we talked about who not to hang with and that we were the ones who you should hang with.

Billie's P. O. V

Wow I cant believe she don't have a boyfriend. I'm going for it. Lunch finally arrived but I wasn't hungry I just wanted to spend more time talking to jazz.
We sat down behind the bike shed on a wall some other guys were there too.
But then they left it was just me and Jazz.

There was a silence for a while then she spoke.
"You doing anything after school?"
I shock my head.
"Want to come over?"
Wow say yes I thought you could get to hug her or even better
I couldn't wait till after school I hoped it would be just me and her.
"Anybody else coming?"
"No just you by the way the guys I hang around with there is something you should know about them they are gay."
It didn't bother me I had gay mates before so I didn't care.

I stared at Jazz she was so hot in that uniform with her tie hanging down and her top of her shirt undone and yes showing some stuff and them legs. Wow, she had really sexy legs and was in some short skirt. I stood in front of her she dropped her lighter and bent down showing me more. I carried on looking at her I so wanted her and I swear I had never seen a girl as beautiful as her in my whole life.

I snapped out of my day dream "yeah."
"You want to bunk the rest of the day and just go to my place now?"

We climbed over the gate and walked to the train station It wasn't long before a train came. We walked on there was only one seat and the other carriages looked busy.

"You sit there."
"No Billie you and I will sit on you."
She sat on my lap wow this was nice. I held on to her she leaned in closer she smelled so good. She started laughing. I loved her laugh.
"What's funny?"
"Nothing its just been ages since I sat on a guys lap before."
I smiled back at her as she put her arm around me.

Now it was getting hot and actually she really needed to get of as well I was getting a bit to exited. Luckily she stood up and I guessed we were getting off. We got to her house and she got out her keys and opened the door.

"Sorry it a mess but we can go upstairs and nobodies home."

I followed her up the stairs into her room it was like mine messy with posters cigarette boxes everywhere and her guitar the same as mine but different colour.
She sat down on her bed so I joined her.

We watched TV for a bit then she stood up and took of her blazer and looked at me then she moved beside me and turned towards me an leaned over me her shirt was undone more. I turned towards her and swept away hair from her face and brought her in closer.

Then she sat up. "Oh yeah I'm having the guys round tomorrow night wanna come? And it's a stay over thing no parents I got the whole house to myself."
I smiled at her "I will be here."
"Cool it starts at 8 and bring booze and some weed if ya got any."
"Yeah I will."
"Oh and me and the guys like to play dares so warning."

We talked about stuff for ages then I had to go. I said bye to jazz and she hugged me. On my way home I couldn't stop thinking about jazz about the train incident which almost happened man I wished to be in her pants or what ever she wore. I got home about 9 at night my brother barged past me rudely

"Where you been dork."
"Dork HA is that the best you can do and for you information ive been at a friends house."
He laughed at me
"Let me guess one of your little geeky freaks like you."
"No it was a girl actually now if u don't mind I'm going upstairs."
He pulled me back "Mom wants you."
I walked away to see my mom in the kitchen.
"Hey mom."
"Hey Billie how was your first day?"
"Great I met some really nice girl she kind of hung with me."
"Oh is that were you was I thought you had got lost."
"No I'm fine just was with her talking."

Later that night I lay in my bedroom alone I had only known Jazz for one day but it seemed more I closed my eyes and started to think about her hot body. At this age masturbation never loses its fun.

The next day

Jazz p. O. V

I was sitting in my English lesson at the back with Billie Danny Ryan Sam and Harry. We was watching a film which was boring. I was looking forward to tonight with Billie being there.

"Psst Jazzabell want to play slapsies?" Danny asked.
We played so I wasn't playing attention to the film so I didn't notice the lights turn back on and MR Reggie asking me something.
"Jazz could you please tell me why you think Lady Macbeth acts they way she does?"
I thought hard I really should pay attention.
Billie whispered, "Because she has tourettes."
I thought it was correct so I shouted out, "Because she has tourettes."
The whole class laughed and so did Billie.
"Wrong Jazz, it is not because she has tourettes."
I hit Billie in the ribs. "I will get you for that."

After what seemed ages school finished and I made my way home to get ready for the guys coming round. I decided I would stay in my uniform I was to dam lazy to change. It reached 8 and the guys came over. We all sat watching scary clowns wow that film scares me I leaned on Ryan and the film finished. We started drinking and smoking and having a good time but I was tipsy and so was Billie the others were really drunk.

We all sat on the floor I was guessing what was coming next yep I was right the game spin the bottle and dares after a while I hoped when I spun it it would land on Billie. But it was his turn he spun it and it landed on Harry so a full on boy snog and yes it was hot. He seemed to enjoy it. Then randomly Danny dared me to stay in my attic for 30 minutes with someone of my choice.

So I chose Billie we both went into the really scary creepy death trap which people call a attic it was really dark and you could hear the guys fooling around upstairs.
There was a candle on the side I lit it as we was in total darkness it didn't do that much good but I could make Billie out a bit.

He held my hand and faced me and moved in closer I stepped back slowly so I was slightly on the table. He moved in more then I saw him moving in towards my face he rubbed his nose against mine then I felt his lips touch mine he started kissing me I kissed him back then I felt his tongue slide into my mouth. It felt really amazing he pushed me up onto the table then returned to kissing me.

He slid his hand up my leg. Then slid his hand threw my opening of my shirt he ran his hand around my chest. My shirt slid away from my shoulders but still on my arms he looked at me quickly and sighed. "Fuck your so hot," he mumbled.
He moved my legs around him it felt so good and my tummy felt all tinkerly.
Just then the attic door opened.

"OOOOOOOO some people are frisky."
It was Danny he came down and stared at us.
I pulled my shirt back on and did it up.
I went towards the stairs.
"Thought you would pop down did ya?" said Billie
"Well it looks like something's popped up down here."

He looked down at Billie's pants he covered it and turned away. Danny started laughing so did I. I went back towards Billie and smiled at him. I went back upstairs leaving Billie as he said he was doing something. When I walked into the living room were everybody was all the boys started with the sex jokes.

"I didn't shag him actually."
Danny laughed "Yeah but you were getting it on."
Just then Billie came in the room.
Danny made a joke "just popped up have ya bill?"

All the guys laughed Billie stuck his finger up at him but he was doing it as a joke.
After a few more hours of doing dares and shit it was just me and Ryan awake.

"Do you really fancy Billie?" he asked
"Yeah I do he is just so I don't know there isn't any word to describe him."
"You can tell he likes you."
"He looks so sweet sleeping."
There was a pause.
"Jazz does he know?"
I knew what he meant but I pretended not to
"Know what?"
"That you have a son."

I sighed why did he have to bring that up I loved my son he was like the best thing in my life, but would Billie still feel the same if I told him I had a son?

The next morning
Billie's p. O. V

I lay there early that morning thinking of one thing and her name was jazz yumm such a sexy name and such a sexy everything. Jazz didn't seem to be in the room neither did Ryan I looked around to see if they were about but they were nowhere.

Danny woke up "Hey horny boy."
"Shut up do you know were Jazz and Ryan are?"
"Probably gone to see Laden"
"Who is Laden?" oh my god I thought please don't say she lied to me and does have a boyfriend.
"Laden oh oh he is her so. Sock"
"Her sock? She has gone to see Layden the sock?"
He sighed.
What he was telling me was so not true I can tell when people lie.
"Yes well no well yeah oh do you like her?"
"Don't change the subject"
"Well er do you "
"Well yeah she's pretty nice and what's that got to do with it?"
"Well you like her so why does it matter? Just talk to her."
Just as I was about to speak Jazz came in with Ryan.
"Hey Billie," she smiled sweetly.

I walked over to her and put my arms around her and pulled her in towards me.
She stroked my face with the back of her hand like a cat and leaned in towards my face. I kissed her while I had the chance it was good. For some reason I couldn't stop thinking were was Jazz and I don't think she goes to visit socks she may be nutty but she is not that bad and by the way Danny was talking he was definitely covering something.
But what?

Jazz p. O. V

Last night was great but now I have that feeling and I hate it. After the guys had gone I lay on my bed and started to think about what Ryan had said I really liked last night and I wanted it to last I so wanted to be with Billie but would he be with me if he found out about Layden?

Layden was my life and I loved him and If I was going to get with Billie he would just have to accept that I have a son and if he didn't then surely he isn't worth it.
But then why do I feel like this like all I need is Billie I turned over and stared Blankley at my muse poster.

2 years and 9 months ago

I walked in the crowded party wow college guys I thought. I started straight away drinking and talking to some boy called Ashley who in my opinion was really fit. We walked outside into the cold night and then made out.

After a while Ashley brought me back loads of drinks saying they were his special drinks that he made himself but I was unaware he had spiked them. After about 7 more drinks I started to feel dizzy and stood up to walk to my friend Cassie but I lost my balance and Ashley caught me and held my hand and pulled me into Cassies bedroom.

He layed me on the bed and told me he was putting me to sleep but I wasn't tiered then he leaned over me and kissed me I let him as I wasn't aware what he was going to do next.

He started moving his hand up my shirt it didn't bother me then he asked to have sex with me I couldn't see him and I had double vision. I sat up and tried to move but couldn't then I couldn't remember the rest.

A few days later I started feeling funny and was late but I couldn't see why I had never had sex in my life what was wrong? Something made me decided to take a test and them two blue lines came up I was pregnant. When I was about three months my head kept telling me that night something happened.

And well I was correct I talked to Ashley and he said I let him but I couldn't remember saying yes and then he admitted he put something in my drink.
I couldn't believe it no way did I say yes I know I would remember that.
I asked Ashley again he said well you were crashed out so I just fucked you.
I was in total shock I didn't give him permission to do that. After he found out it was his baby he was arrested for offences such as sexual assault.

I gave birth a few months later to a boy with brown eyes and black hair which he got from me and I was so glad he didn't look like his dad. I clicked with him straight away and decided to name him Layden. The next few months were hard I was young and still in school with a baby. My sister said to let him stay at hers on school days so I did. Months past and I really enjoy my life with Layden and nothing can change that EVER.

End of flashback

I decided if me and Billie were going to have a relationship I should definitely tell him or even if we are friends he should know. Surely Billie would understand and he seems a nice guy.

The weekend seemed to go fast as it always does. I woke up again and got ready for school I was just about to open the door when I screamed so loud that I dropped my toast.

Billie was standing at the door
"Hey did I scare you?"
"No I just like to scream loudly in the mornings."
He laughed oh boy he has a really cute laugh.
I walked out the door and set of to the station with Billie.
"Aww its sweet of you to meet me for school."
"Well I like you so you deserve it and I want to ask you something."
He took my hand in his I was wearing gloves but my hands were still cold so it was good to be holding one of Billie's hands.
"What did you want to ask me?"
"Oh erm, well are we together or was that thing that happened just a thing because I really like you Jazz and well want to be my girl?"
I laughed and walked him to the station.
"Is that a yes or no?"
"Oh it's a yes."
I walked over to the Star bucks counter.
"Hey hey Greg."
"Hello jazzabell cappuccino?"
"Yes thank you."
Billie came up behind me and wrapped his hands round the front of me.
Greg spoke up "Jazz who is your guy?"
"Oh this is Billie and bill that's Greg the coffee guy."
He handed me my drink and a cookie.
"That's for Layden Jazz don't go eating it."
Oh crap I thought I hoped Billie wasn't listening.
I walked to the platform and Billie pulled me into him and looked into my eyes.
"Billie I need to tell you something."
He turned his head away but didn't take his hands of me.
"Is it about Layden?"
What how did he know the name let me guess Danny.
"Yeah how do you know?"
"Danny said something. What is he, your boyfriend?"

Billie moved away I followed him and pressed into him he stayed still then I felt his hand touch my back and him leaning in and hugging me.

"Billie we cant really talk about it here."
"Okay were shall we go?"
He nodded and I held his hand and walked him to the park which was buy the station.

We arrived at the park and we both sat on a bench he was still holding my hand.
"Okay I'm just going to say it Layden he is son"
Billie looked at the floor then looked at me.
There was a long silence I was getting worried Billie was pissed.
Then he spoke.
"Tell me about him."

I looked at him and he smiled at me and reached for my face and leaned in to me and kissed me at that moment I felt relief he seemed to be taking it well. We talked about layden and how it happened for about two hours. Then silence and Billie pulled me up and walked me out of the park.

"Were are we going?"
"Some place warmer than this."
I smiled at him and he put one of his arms around me I put my arm around the back of him and walked towards well lets say a road.
"Hey how about you show me the mall I have not seen that yet."
"Okay its like 5 minutes from here."
We walked to the mall I was so much happy now I had told Billie.

Billie's p. O. V

Wow she has a kid didn't expect that. Do I care? I don't actually know that answer.
Well I hate annoying kids but some are okay. Jazz already means a lot to me and I don't want that to change so she has a kid big deal hey remember when you were younger you bet your brother you would have kids before him well here is your chance become his dad marry Jazz and make babies.

Wait no slow down Billie stop thinking that. My head kept going crazy I was glad when we arrived at the mall I hated shopping but I had money and I did need more stuff.

"So jazz you going to buy anything?"
"Yeah of course."
I loved the way she looked at me with her big brown eyes at that point I decided if I like her why let it bother me?

We walked around looking at stuff like you do when you shop. We were walking along hand in hand man she buys a lot of stuff for herself and well back to it we was walking and we walked past the hot sexy underwear place its actually meant for men coz the girls wear it for us guys, as we walked past I froze jazz tried to pull me then she looked at me and grinned.

"Forget it."
"Oh please just look."
"No tell you what if you do something that makes me really happy I'll buy something and well you know stuff."
"Oh yeah babeeeeeee."

We walked even more and decided to stop as Jazz aka sexy bitch was hungry.
She sat opposite me and started laughing at me then pushed my nose with her finger.

"What's that for?"
"Don't know I'm random."
I got another moment coming in to my head so I grabbed her and kissed her.
She is really good at snogging I ran my hand through her wavy black hair and nosed her.

We decided to get a train to my house as it had begun to snow. On the train I pulled her onto my lap and kissed her again she rubbed her face into mine and closed her eyes. She looked so cute with her eyes shut I didn't want her to wake up but it was my stop.

When we got of she looked so sleepy she leaned on me all the way to my house.
We down to the basement which was actually a studio. She pulled me in to her and kissed me on the head.

"Will we be disturbed."
"No honey why?"

"Want to get back to what we was doing on Friday night?"

I didn't answer I pushed her up against the wall and kissed her I slid my hand up her leg and under her skirt her legs felt so smooth and she had the most hottest legs I had ever seen.

She pulled away from the kissing and started undoing her shirt I took mine off and went back to kissing her it felt so good doing this with her and I had kissed other girls before but nothing could compare to Jazz her kisses were well I don't know good there was something about them well some people might call it passionate.
Other girls I had kissed before which was not many always opened their mouth to wide and was practically eating you.

I laid Jazz down on the chair and got on top of her without moving my lips from hers. We were most probley going to do it but were rudely interrupted by my brother.

"Ewwwwwwww Little Billie Joe is getting laid"
I got up from jazz she pulled her shirt back on and sat up and tried not to laugh.
"Will you bog off."
Why did people always have to come ruin times when they are getting to the good part?
I walked over to my brother and pushed him out the door.
"And stay out ass."
He blocked the door with his foot.
"Wow Bill I must say"
He peered round the door and seemed to be checking her out.
"Wow is she a hooker or something cause she is hot."
I sighed and pushed him away.
"No she is not a hooker and you can look but you cant touch."
"What's her name Billie boy?"
"Its Jazz now will you just go."
He pushed pass me and walked over to jazz and sat beside her.
"Hey good looking"
I walked over to Jazz and pulled her up and walked her to the door.
"Ignore him babes and whatever you do don't touch him."
She leaned into me and stroked my head wow I liked that her hand were cold but I didn't care I just wanted her.
"You thirsty Jazz?"
"Yeah a bit."
"Okay stay here I will get you something."

I kissed the top of her head and went into the kitchen. When I came back I could her voices I walked to were they were coming from and they were Jazz and my brother. She turned around and smiled at me.

"Hey Billie your brother is so nice you didn't tell me you had a brother."

I didn't say anything I sat next to Jazz and put my arm around her. My brother gave me the evil eye ha-ha I could tell he was jealous I had found a hot girl and he was single shame.

"David tell me have you got a girl yet?" I asked sarcastically.
"No you've got the hottest one"
Jazz smiled "aww your sweet"
It was annoying he was so trying to hit on her just cause he couldn't get a girl friend.
"Arghhhh careful Billie she might find out your secret"
"Shut up"
Jazz leaned forward and laughed weirdly.
"Oooooooo what secret?"
I quickly said, "nothing, he lies."
David shock his head "nope tell her the truth"
"Yeah tell me come on I told you mine and that was a big one"
"Yeah well that's different"
It wasn't that much of a secret but I didn't want her knowing not just yet as it was embarrassing.
"I will tell her for you Billie Joe don't worry."
"Shut your mouth."
"Jazz my dear the secret Billie is not telling you is he is a chicken of the dark."
Jazz stared at him unimpressed.
"That's it well that's nothing."
She leaned her head on my shoulder and played with my hand.
David walked away annoyed that Jazz didn't care about the dark thing.
"Hey Billie" she asked cutely
"Don't worry about the dark thing I sleep with a blanket thing"
She held her hand up towards my face and placed it round the back of my head and pushed me into her.
We made out for ages then she sat up.
"So Billie any other secrets?"
"Not really but the dark one is sad I'm 18 and scared of the dark."
"Don't worry I know a shit load of people who are."
For some reason I didn't believe.
"Yeah like who?"
"Oh Layden."
"Oh well that makes me feel better or have you forgot he is two Jazz not 18."
"Okay okay sorry so your afraid of the dark who cares?"

I sat there and didn't say anything but then jazz came other and put my arm around her and looked at me with her hot brown eyes. If only she knew that was not actually my secret yeah it was one of them but the one my brother was on about originally was the other one, which was I was in jail before doing time for armed robbery and drugs. I closed my eyes and leaned my head on her head, it smelled of baby shampoo which was nice, her hair felt so soft against my face.
I held her tighter and she lay her head on my chest, I thought again why don't I just tell her if she is serious about us maybe she wouldn't care.

We seamed to be sitting there for ages when jazz's cell phone rung.
She sat up and sighed "shit its my mom"
"Hey mom" she tried to act all sweet and obviously cover the fact she wasn't at school. She rambled on to her mom for ages about where she was and she made up a lie saying that I was her best friend who was dying.

After she hung up I walked over to her and wrapped her arms around her, "I'm a dying friend am I?"
"Sorry but she doesn't like me with boys you know cause of Layden."
I kissed her to show that I didn't care. I leaned in to kiss her again when my brother slapped me across the back of the head which caused me to head butt Jazz.
"Shit I'm so sorry jazz erghhh its cause of that prick."
She rubbed her head and started laughing "wow that's the second time you have hit my head"

Then she pulled me in and kissed me it turned into a snog it was weird every time I kissed her it seemed to get better and better. Her hands ran through my hair and down my back and then placed on my butt.

She then pulled away.
"Wow" I said amazed
She stroked my face and pulled me into a hug then she said them words that I hate
"Aww Billie I got to go."
"Noooooo please stay sexy bitch."

"I cant I got to pick up Layden I will see you in school tomorrow."
I walked her to the end of my road and we had one last make out session then she pulled away and waved bye at me and then she was gone well until tomorrow.

Jazz p. O. V

I walked to the nursery where Layden was, all the way there I was thinking of Billie and layden I hoped me and Billie were something not just fooling around and I know it sounded weird cause I had really only just met Billie but layden really needed a dad or a guy around, I grew up with no dad for a while and I hated it.

When I got to the nursery Layden was asleep in a pushchair he looked so peaceful. I placed his hat on his head and tried not to wake him up but he did and started whining.

I got him out his pushchair and put his coat and gloves on as it was like ant artic temperatures outside. I placed him back in the pushchair and kissed his nose which made him smile.

"Hey Layden."

I smiled at him and he giggled and clapped his hands. The nursery manager walked over to me she obviously had something bad to tell me.

"Hey erm may I have a word please." She tried to act all proffesional which really in real life I bet she was a right twat.
"Yeah sure watsup?"
She sighed. "Well its layden he has been showing a lot of bad behaviour recently towards staff and other kids."
I looked at layden and he looked up at me with his brown eyes and started smiling.
"What sort of bad behaviour then"
"Well swearing and violence and refusing to do stuff"
"Well his a kid what kid doesn't"
She sighed and looked unimpressed "the thing is we really cant take him"
"So what your chucking him out?"
"I am very sorry mrs Dorian but yes we cant have him here"
"Its miss" I shouted
"I know you have problems at home but its no need for him to be like that"
That made me angry what was she on about there wasn't any problems me and layden was doing well.
"Shut up there is no problems its this place that makes him like that"
I walked away and pushed the pram out onto the street he definitely wasn't going back there.
Layden started crying and moaning so I picked him up and hugged him.
"Hey baby don't cry you want to go get something to eat?"
He nodded and buried his face into me. I decided to take him home as he was tired.

When we got home I lay him on the couch and took of his hat and gloves and coat. I made him a bottle as he still wouldn't drink out of a cup, he layed down and watched sponge bob while I sat by him and thought of Billie.

Then Layden started moaning he was hungry and demanded baby food.
"No Layden you're a big boy you eat big boy food."
"No I want that one."

I sighed and fed him baby food which he actually ate. I then bathed him and got him to sleep and laid him in his crib. I then walked into my room and started playing Pac man on my computer I was like the best at that game.

My score was getting really high then I was disturbed by layden crying for me.
I walked into his room and picked him up he was burning up I walked into the kitchen and gave him some water but he still continued to cry.

I took of his shirt to cool him down and gave him baby medicine, he sat on my lap and continued crying then started coughing and then he puked over the mat.
I put him in his playpen and cleaned the floor.

He started to cry more, I felt really sorry for him he wasn't well.
I looked at the time it was 3am wow I was playing Pac man for a long time.
I picked layden back up and called my mom as she was a nurse and she would be at the hospital still.

But she told me just to try and get him to sleep so I did but it wasn't working.
It was now about 7am and layden finally cried himself to sleep.
I laid him in his crib and stroked his head he was still really hot.
I sat down then the stupid door went.
It was Billie "hey you look like you had a fun night" he said sarcastically
"You want to come in"
I didn't give him the chance to answer I just pulled him inside and leaned into hug him.
"Aww Billie I'm so tired help me."
"So I guess you are not going to school?"
"No I cant its layden he is sick."
There was a long silence then I heard layden calling me.
"Hey Billie go sit down I will be right back"

I walked over to layden he was still hot but wasn't crying but he was holding his head
"Head hurt mommy it hurt"
I picked him up and changed him into some clothes as his were wet from all the crying, I brushed his hair and got changed my self into some skinnies and my ramones shirt I brushed my hair and applied some eyeliner.
After I was finished I took layden by the hand and walked downstairs and went to sit with Billie.
I sat down beside Billie and layden sat on the floor and played with a toy brick.
Billie put his arm around me and leaned in closer.
Billie pulled away and sighed.
"Sponge bob"
I switched on the TV and let him watch sponge bob.
Billie turned towards me "he looks like you"
"You think?"
"Yeah he has your nose and smile"
He put his arm back around me and started kissing me.
I stopped him "not in front of him I don't want him to think stuff"
Billie sighed and sat back "what's he going to think I thought you said he was two."
"He is but he has never had a dad or man around the house before except my little brother."
"What about your dad?"
"I don't have a dad"
"Why" he asked without even looking at me.
"Cause one day he just left for no reason he was in trouble I think with some guys but we woke up one morning and he was gone I was only 8"
"My dad died when I was 10" he said quietly
"I'm sorry"
"Don't be its okay"
He moved closer to me and put his arm around me.
"So sexy jazz"
"So sexy Billie"
He started playing my hair "I really like you jazz"
"I like you too"
"I want you with me if you know what I mean"
"Well you will just have to do with masturbation cause last time I slept with someone he happened" I pointed towards layden who pointed back at me.
"So I don't turn you on?"
"Yes you do but not now okay"
"Okay but can I have a hug?"
I sighed "no"
"What why"
"Cause layden wants food"
I fed layden and he fell asleep I put him in his crib and walked back downstairs to Billie.
He grabbed me round the waist "oooo alone at last"
I turned around to him and pulled his tie so he cam into me, I started kissing him he slid his hand up my shirt and kissed me more.
He took of his tie and undone his shirt.
I stopped him "wait!"
"Now what?"
"Go upstairs I'm not doing anything down here."
He winked at me and followed me upstairs.
He pushed me down onto my bed and got on top of me and made out with me he took of his shirt and then mine.
Then he pulled down his pants and was just in his shorts.
I stopped him again "no wait"
"You got any cause I don't"
"No I don't Billie girls shouldn't be responsible for them"
"Well don't worry I will just pull out"
"No way I'm not risking that again 8 hours of labour it took I don't need that again"
He sighed "what about your brother?"
"His 14"
"Then he will have some trust me"
"No Billie he won't"
"He will lets go look"
We went into my brothers room and it stunk real bad of pizza.
"See no condoms Billie lets just get out of here"
He banged the wall above my brothers bed and the poster fell down which was covering a hole in the wall Billie pulled out porno's and condoms.
"See I told you he is a boy"
"That little shit come Billie."
He picked u the porno's and walked to the door.
"Put them back"
"No I want them do you know who this girl is on the front she is like got the hugest tits ever"
"Why do you want that?"
"So I can look at tits duh"
I lifted up my bra "there happy"
He threw the mag's and grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into my room he pushed me back onto the bed and turned of the light.
"Why did you turn of the light?"
"Cause I don't want you looking at me getting the condom on"
"Okay then"
"Alright I'm done he climbed on top of me and took my trousers off.
Then he kissed me on the nose and well fucked me. When it was over he carried on leaning over me we were both breathing fast he moved a hair from my face and kissed me again.

I sat up and he laid his head on my chest I could feel him painting like a dog but without the tongue sticking out, I played with his hair then his breathing got slower till it was at a normal pace. He didn't seem to be saying anything then I noticed he was asleep so I let him lay on me while he slept. I turned on my TV but made sure the volume wasn't to high as he looked so cute when he was asleep. About two hours later he woke up and yawned.

"Hello sleepy head" I said like he was a baby.
"How long was I out?" he rubbed his eye
"About two hours"
"Boy your good"
"You got me to sleep I can never sleep see playing with my hair gets me to sleep where did you learn that?"
"Try being a parent you learn lots"
He sat up and kissed me.
Then I heard my sister coming in I pushed Billie away and he fell of my bed as my sister walked in and she saw him he had the covers around some of him as he wasn't wearing nothing.
Shit I thought make up a lie quick.
"Oh we didn't have sex he just stayed over"
"Yeah right jazzabell you to just fucked."
Billie smiled at himself proudly.
"See he admits you to just bonked"
Then he turned towards her "actually I didn't say anything."
"Shut up"
"Okay" he said nervously
"Janie get out will you."
"Fine but if you end up with another thing I am seriously going to kill you and cut your nuts off"
"I'm not going to get pregnant okay and please don't tell mom."
"She sat on my bed and sounded nicer "she will know she already knows there is a guy in your life."
Billie sat on the floor trying to cover himself up.
"So boy with the nuts you better be nice to my sister or you won't have nuts."
Billie smiled at her and mimed freak luckily she didn't see or she would have probley killed him.
"Well jazza and you boy I am going out see you later jazz"
After she went Billie started to laugh "Boy? What is she a snob?"
I laughed back. "Yeah you're right there."

A few hours later we sat on my bed in each others arms it felt so relaxing nothing could disturb us, but I was wrong layden started to call for me so I had to get him.
I walked layden to were I was sitting with Billie and as soon as he came over Billie stood up

"Sorry Jazz I got to go."
And with that he was gone.
I knew something was wrong and I knew it had something to do with layden.

Billie's p. O. V

I had to get out of that house I felt bad as I had just had sex with her but it's the kid. I walked home and sat in front of the TV I really liked Jazz but I didn't really want a kid in my life.

Then I started to think how shit I would be with a kid as I had been arrested for armed robbery and drugs, imagine if I went back to that it would fuck my life up even more and it could with Jazz and Layden. I sat and stared at the screen my interests focussed on one thing in my mind Jazz how could I tell her no I don't want to be with you cause you got a kid that's just so Bitchey and I had just had sex with her that would make me a loser and a total user.

Maybe I should just give Layden a chance it could actually turn out to be okay so why don't I? It was that question that stayed in my mind till my mom came home and she looked mad. I went to walk away but it was to late.
"Yes," I said trying to act all good.
"I HAVE JUST GOT CALLS FROM YOUR SCHOOL SAYING YOU HAVNT BEEN IN AND WHO IS THIS JAZZA GIRL?" she was really pissed as she was shouting and how did she know about jazz?
"Oh okay I haven't been going school I'm sorry okay"
"I know that you've been with some girl called Jazz"
"You mean jazz and yeah I have been with her you should se her she is fine."
"Well would you please turn up to school you have only just started and what was you doing today anyway?"
Oh my god I wasn't going to tell her the truth eww I wouldn't like to hear about my mom and her boyfriend having sex so I'm sure she don't want to know I was.
"Oh I was well you don't want to know"
"If you give me anymore grandkids I swear I will kill you Billie"
She guessed what I was doing oh well.
"I won't, I use stuff you know"
She walked away sighing and mumbling stuff I just ignored and went to my room which when I had opened the door it had been trashed.
That really pissed me off and I definitely didn't do it.

After I had cleaned some of my room I lay on my bed and started drawing on a blank sheet of paper it then turned into scribbles then I screwed it into a ball and chucked it into the air.

I was so god dam bored what could I do?
I couldn't think of anything so I decided to get high on some weed. I lay back on my bed stoned and thought of Jazz a lot more then I thought of her flashing me which made me horny so then I delt with that. I heard my mom moaning at me outside my door about it smelled of weed, I just ignored her again and played play station.

It was 12:20 am when I had finished so I decided to go to sleep. The next morning I managed to get up without much effort, I got dressed and did my hair as that took the longest. I walked in the kitchen and was greeted by a burnt toast crust thrown at my nose, it was my nephew I threw it back at him and walked out the door and headed for the station.

It didn't take long on the train so I didn't end up being late for school.
The lessons I had before lunch were a bore and I wasn't with anybody I knew so it was even more boring.
Lunch arrived and I met Ryan at my locker.
"Hey Billie boy"
"Hey sup?"
We walked to the track field were the rest of the guys were and jazz who was sitting on the floor she didn't look up at me when I came over to her but she stood up and walked away.
Nobody went after her I sat down and huffed.
"What's wrong with her?"
"You" they all said at the same time
"What me? Why?"
"I don't know maybe you pissed her off" said Danny.
I sat on the side of the track watching the jocks run around till it was time to go to another lesson which was Art which means boredom.

I walked into the class and saw Jazz sitting at a desk with a nerd looking boy.
I walked over to her and sat down next to her, she blanked me and carried on talking to the nerd.
It was really annoying so I shouted her name "JAZZA"
She turned around and shouted back "WHAT?"
Some preppy girls started saying slut which you could see was getting on her nerves.
They continued doing it repetditly.
"Jazz what's wrong babe what have I done?"
The preps screeched and screamed out "let me guess little poor jazza got rapped again."
The whole class went silent and whispers of saying "that's deep"
Jazz stood up and grabbed the girl who said it and pushed her up against the wall and punched her in the face.
"Why don't you say that to my face huh?"

The girl screamed and fell to the floor jazz grabbed her and started beating her.
I went to go to pull jazz away when a guy stood in front of me he was tall and well a popular boy who most of the girls probley fancied

He spoke in a annoyed tone "Get your slutty rape victim girlfriend of mine."
"Don't call her a slut or a rape victim have you looked at your recently?"
I pushed him and he backed onto a wall, he came back and we ended up fighting on the floor next to jazz and the other girl.

People tried to split us up from fighting but couldn't then the school basket ball coach and soccer coach pulled me away from the guy. I could see Jazz still on top of the girl she was unconscious and Jazz still continued to hit her until she was pulled off.

Jazz freely walked out and sat outside the principles in a hump.
I sat down a few seats away from her I looked at her as she was called to got to the principles office, she seemed to be in there hours.
Some secretary came over to me "Mr Douglass will have to see you tomorrow go home now."
As I stood up Jazz came out his office and looked like she was going to cry, she walked out and ran down the corridor I chased after her.
I caught hold of her and faced her you could see she was going to start to cry.
"Are you okay?"
She shock her head and walked into me I put my arms around her and stroked her hair.
"Don't cry baby"
"I'm not"
She moved away to show she want crying then she slumped down the wall I sat next to her and took her hand.
"Wow girl you beat the shit out of that girl were did you learn that?"
She shrugged. "Just did it."
"Well babe you're good."

I kissed her head then she looked at me and I leaned in to kiss her again this time we kissed on the lips. She stood up and held out her hand to help me up I held her hand and walked by her side holding her hand we walked home which took ages as she didn't want to get a train.

We got to her road and she kissed me again "I'm sorry I was such a bitch"
"Yeah what's was wrong anyway?"
"Don't worry it's not you"
I hugged her and didn't let go we seemed to be hugging for about 40 minutes then she pulled away and kissed me again.
"Hey Billie" she pulled away from this kiss and spoke.
"You want to go out later?"
"Yeah sure where you want to go?"
"The pier."
"Why there?"
"Cause its good and I like fair rides."
I kissed her again "okay whatever you want babe."
She had her hands on my ass while she was kissing me then after a few minutes she pulled away.
"I better go I will come see you at your place at 8."
I kissed her one last time and she walked up her street to her house.
I walked home to get ready to go out for tonight.

When I got home I showered and did my hair. I really needed to colour it again this time maybe blonde. Well that would have to wait till another day right now I had a hot date with Jazz so I needed to get ready.

I got changed and checked myself out in the mirror I looked good.
I started playing my guitar in front of the mirror to catch myself in the mirror.
I was playing something that I wrote until I could hear David calling me
"Billie your girls hear in a porscha wow is she rich?"

I went downstairs and opened the door and sure enough it was Jazz in a Porsche wow she had some nice car and she didn't seem the rich type but oh well I was getting a ride in a Porsche and not forgetting I would be in the hot Porsche with a hot girl.

I walked out my house and towards her car.
"Get in then"

I did as I was told, the inside of the car was great leather seats pink lights and a baby checked black and pink van shoe hanging from the mirror. Wow I was having a practical orgasm in her car and I hadn't even looked at jazz yet.

I then turned my eyes towards Jazz who looked do hot she was not dressed up but still it looked good on her.
She wore her Oakland Raiders jersey which was huge on her and under some long sleeve black shirt and black skinnies and pink and black vans.
I kissed her and we set of to the pier.
I ran my hand up her leg she giggled and slapped my arm.
"Billie don't I have to concentrate I'm driving"
I did it again this time reaching up her leg further.
"I cant help it you look so hot."
She stared at me and then looked back at the road.
"Babes I'm in my scruffy stuff its not hot."
I did a shock expression "shut up yes you are"
She pushed my hand away and put her seat belt on and I did the same.
"SHIT cops"
"Oh that's why you put the belt on"
The cops followed us for a while then pulled into a turning and we carried on going down the straight road.
Finally we arrived the place seemed busy and Christmas lights covered street lamps and shop windows and you could see the fair ride lights flashing and the screams and laughing of people.
There were people on skateboards and in the background was the sea it looked quite way out there.

We started off walking around and going on fair rides which was good as Jazz kept kissing me and I leaned in forward for a snog when screeching behind me stopped it was a bunch of weird freaky guys who screeched alike girls.
She moved away from me and hugged them all.
"Oh my god you guys I haven't seen you in time."
She talked to them for ages luckily Danny was there so I had someone to talk to.
Hours later or which it seemed she walked over to me.
"Want some fun?"
I held her waist and pulled her in to me.
"Ooo what type of fun?"
She came in closer and started kissing me, I kissed her back.
She took me by my hand and we started to walk along the road with a load of other guys but no girls except Jazz.
I still wanted to know what she meant by fun.

We arrived at some car park that seemed to have been empty for years. Jazz still held my hand and we walked around outside the car lot on our own but we didn't seem to talk.

Jazz seemed to be looking for something the next few minutes I froze my nuts of until we finally decided to go where everybody else was inside the car park.

The inside was not much different from the out the only difference was there was a lot of people on the inside than on the out. I looked around there were mobs of people drinking smoking and making out. The walls were covered in graffiti and there was litter covering the floor and a lot of broken glass. I looked a jazz she hugged into me.

"I thought you said do you want some fun."
"I did why?"
I sighed. "you call this fun?"
"No not yet but it will be I'm just getting something then we can go okay?"
I nodded and lit up a cigarette.

I was so damn bored and I didn't no anybody here only Jazz who now seemed not to be here. I waited for a few minutes and just as I was about to get up and find her I felt two hands covering my eyes.
I turned around it was jazz.
"Hey sexy Billie you ready to go?"
"Yes finally your ready"

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