So Far...Or Are We?, chapter 1


I drifted slowly out of sleep as someone rapped on my coffin. I moaned and opened it.

"What?" I whispered, sheilding my eyes. It was daytime in New Jersey, and I was just asleep.

"I can't sleep," the shadow answered. He neared closer to my coffin, and I saw that it was my vampire lover, Gerard Way. I smiled. He scooted into the coffin and wrapped his arms around my waist. Then, we both fell back into a deep sleep.

*End Of Dream*


I heard my alarm clock go off in my ear and my Mother's high pitched voice calling my name.

"ANGELA! WAKE UP!" I moaned loudly.

"Such a good dream...I don't wanna!" I tossed and turned. I finally sat up and turned on my Stereo. While my My Chemical Romance CD played, I got dressed for school. I pulled on a pair of jeans and went to my closet to pick out a shirt while putting an undershirt on top of my bra.

"Hmmmmm...let's see...Mcr, Mcr, MCR, or MCR?" I thought for a second. "I choose MCR."

I pulled out a black shirt with grey letters on it that read "LONG LIVE THE BLACK PARADE!" I pulled it on and went over to my mirror to apply my make-up. When I finished, I brushed my hair, teeth and grabbed my backpack. I walked out the door and found my best friend Emily waiting for me outside.

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