He Deserved It., chapter 1

The florescent lights and the pleasant smell of expensive potpourri made the room seem comforting and full of atmosphere. Hushed voices rung around the room like buzzing bees and all conversations were nothing alike.

Soft classical music played in the background blending in with the scattered voices. The voices were so low and fresh sounding that it seemed as if everyone were singing along to the soft melody. Although the presence seemed warm; this meeting was nothing but strange and unwanted.

"I suppose you want to know what really happened, yeah?" a man that couldn't be anything over thirty persuaded, running his long pale finger around the rim of his darkened wine glass. An awkward silence fell amongst the small group that was so conveniently caved into the corner of the room. The man's hazel eyes gazed about the fellow men that had surrounded him while biting his thin bottom lip.

"That's what we're here for, isn't it Gerard?" a short man replied rhetorically. Gerard rolled his eyes and sighed disapprovingly at the younger man. He brought his warm drink to his trembling lips; letting the smooth liquid run into his mouth and burn orgasmically down his throat.

"Frank, now is not the time for your dry sarcasm." Ray shot towards the small black haired man, "We're not exactly here for your input." Frank snorted and flipped off the accuser.

"Well if Gerard would actually get on with it for once instead of dragging the details on forever, we could actually get somewhere-"

"Shut up Frank and pay attention for once in your life," Bob spat. The blonde haired blue eyed 'beast' had always had some sort of a temper that was short fused and at the moment, Frank was just really annoying him.

"Ahem." Gerard's voice rung through the ears of the stubborn group sending shivers down their spines. Gerard was satisfied with the reaction he had gotten and turned his attention back to the subject that had so sorrowfully gotten all of them into this awkward position.

"Gerard." Ray sighed. "Please, will you tell us what happened to Mikey today? Or will we have to wait another fucking month?"

"Hey Ray," Frank snarled. "I thought now wasn't the time for sarcasm-"

"Shut up Frank!" Bob brought up his left palm and smacked his band-mate upside the head. "For five minutes! Let the fucking man explain what happened to our fucking bassist! I swear to fucking God Frank, you annoy the fucking shit out of me, fucking prick-"

"Now, now Bob." Gerard simply hushed the outraged drummer. "Say fucking one more time I'll fucking end you." this shut the man up, giving Gerard the chance to recollect his thoughts.

"Mikey was... how do I put it?" Gerard looked up towards the pale painted ceiling and brought his finger to his lips. "Under a lot of pressure, he needed to get out."

"W-what do you mean?" Frank was the type to get over-emotional when it came to serious news. "H-he didn't commit suicide, did he?" Gerard chuckled at the unbelievable question that had come from the rhythm guitarist of his band and shook his head.

"Oh God no." Gerard laughed somewhat joylessly. "He wasn't that stupid. Although he was never the brightest crayon in the box, was he?" Gerard simply shook his head once again and brought the cherry red liquid up to his lips.

"What are you implying?" Ray asked uncertainly, furrowing his eyebrow. "He was pretty damn smart, I mean he was the heart of the band."

"Yes, that he was." Gerard nodded, finally getting himself together. "But the poor man couldn't keep to his own business. This was going to happen sooner or later."

"Gee!" Frank cried confusedly. "He was your brother! Can't you show a little compassion?" Gerard shrugged lifelessly and let a smirk appear on his red lips. Frustrating his friends was what he did best.

"Why should I?" he spat. "What he did to me was horrible. Awful. He deserved what he got." Another uncomfortable silence fell against the group. The other three men stood there confused; yet bewildered.

"Gerard..." Bob trailed off. "What exactly did he deserve?" Gerard snorted. All too typical of the drummer. Such a sweetheart but so naive.

"Bob, Bob, Bob." He sighed pityingly, "I thought you were smarter than that." A long pause, before Gerard laughed out loud. "Don't you get it already?"

"Gerard, what are you getting at?" Ray was getting sick of the mind-games the older man had been playing on him and the rest of the threesome for about of the month. Like any other curious person; he felt he had the right to ask about such a serious matter. I mean, Mikey was not only one of his best friends, but also the heart of his band. And he was gone.

"I killed him." Gerard dropped his glass to the floor and the red liquid traveled like splattered blood against the white carpet. "I killed him. He's gone because of me. He should have pondered in his own business!" Ray's eyes widened a fraction; his expanding dark eyes made him look as if he were in a state of shock. Well, that was probably because he was in a state of shock.

"Gerard, are you feeling okay?" he asked, resting his palm on the older man's head, "I think you should lie down. This whole Mikey is dead thing must be getting your head-"

"What are you, Toro?" Gerard spat, clearly outraged. "Stupid? You think I'm lying? Yes, I killed Mikey. I tortured him-" he bent down to receive a large shard of glass. "And you know what? Just for that ridiculous remark, Toro, you're next-"

"Gerard, put that thing down," Bob said. "We should talk about this-"

"There's nothing left to say." Almost in an instant, Gerard's barrier of confidence broke, "I killed him. He's gone. I'm going to jail. Again. But they won't understand, he deserved it!"

"No one-"

"Shut up Frank," Bob muttered. "I'll be back in a moment." with that, as Gerard went on with his ramblings, Bob had managed to get away from the group of people. He took this opportunity to reach towards the phone.

"-And like I said Toro, you're next," Gerard hissed as he pointed the large murderous weapon at the man. Ray's eyes snapped shut as he heard Frank defend him and try to make Gerard back off.

"Gerard man, you're drunk," Frank spat, "I thought you were getting off of this shit-"

"Ya know?" Gerard cut off Frank with venom clearly stacking up into his already fierce vice. "That's exactly what Mikey said, before I mauled him to pieces." Frank backed down, afraid.

While Gerard continuously teased the two men, Bob had managed to call the police. Thankfully, the station had only been a block away. After all, this was New Jersey. They needed stations everywhere.

"Gerard!" Frank yelled, "Stop it! Put that thing down!" Frank new he was digging himself into a deeper hole, but he would do anything to stay alive, right?

Bob's eyes gazed back to the group and he crept silently over towards Gerard. He was now behind him, with Frank and Ray staring confusedly at him. Gerard raised an eyebrow.

"What are you looking at?" Gerard had stupidly turned around. Bob's fist had met Gerard's nose, sending him crashing to the floor. The blow had knocked him out for a good half hour.

"I called the police," Bob breathed after a few minutes of shocked silence. "Gerard will not be attending Mikey's funeral."

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