Sunrise, FL Office Depot Center, August 25th, 2005

Green Day was coming back down to Ft. Lauderdale after playing at the Convoction Center in Miami. After suffering through a horrible Jimmy Eat World, then on came the pink bunny who riled up the crowd doing the YMCA and chugging beer.

Then came Green Day, fully blasting American Idiot to the crowd with a stop where Billie Joe said "I want you all to scream so loud that every fucking redneck in America hear's you!", and just blowing everyone away. Then Jesus of Suburbia with introductions, Holiday next and we would come back to the new album later. Billie Joe was pumping up the crowd with cheers and funky moves and everything. The lighting during the concert was amazing as they played songs such as Longview, Brain Stew, Basketcase, then after Hitchin a Ride there was a pause when he said we are going to form a band up here. After chosing three drummers they finally had one come up (who tripped on the way up complaining "Dude I broke my leg" to which Billie Joe replied, "Suck it up, these people just went through a fucking hurricane!"). Then a bassist and for guitar some eleven year old kid whom was hugging Billie Joe in obvious disbelief and then at the end Billie Joe gave the kid his guitar to keep. Which was pretty sick if I say so myself. Then some more songs and cheers occured. Then came She, Wake Me Up When September Ends, King For A Day, a re-do of Shout (which was perfectly done) some more songs and some more cheers. Then after a flashing sign that said Green Day was finished they came back out did Maria, Blvd. of Broken Dreams, We Are the Champions when confetti went all over the place and finishing off with the classic Good Riddance.

An amazing concert all in all (except for Jimmy Eat World), but my favorite part is when a fight on the floor broke out and Billie Joe started yelling "We don't need any of that shit so I want you two to shake hands like real men" showing what an awesome person he is. After this concert Billie Joe proved himself correct by saying "Florida is not a fucking red state! It's not a blue state either! It's a green state from now on!" 97/100

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