Montreal, QC Parc Jean-Drapeau, September 3rd, 2005

Show Stats:
Fans cheering madly: 22,000!!!

I noticed noone had reviewed the Montreal show, so i believed it was time for me to review.

In the beginning, the show was scheduled to begin at 6pm was delayed because the --allegedly-- the instruments (and the band?!) got stuck at the customs! So they did test around 5pm, so all waiting in line to be the 'first ones' in since it was in a park a.k.a. no reserved seats, we listened to the guys mess around.

Anti-Flag and Jimmy Eat World heated up the cool summer air that surrounded us but when Green Day showed up onstage and busted out the first notes to 'American Idiot' the crowd went absoluttely MAD. They played the same tunes as they did through the other American Idiot concerts, Basket Case was extremely appreciated by the fans and threw on quite a few body surfers. A lucky girl named Melissa got to keep a nice Green Day logoed guitar and 2 other kids got an opportunity of a lifetime to play Knowledge (once to which i must admit jealousy).

Billie Joe screamed Montreal!!! About eight millions times to get the crowd going, and got booed upon calling himself 'George Bush' to whom he dedicated "Holiday". He also dedicated "Wake me up when September ends" to the victims of Katrina, a very sweet gesture. We all know how much of a show beast B.J. is, running around the stage, doing cheering contest between the left and right sides of the stage, 'enjoying' himself, turning off all lights and conducting a wave with a small light projector he had, in other words making the crowd answer to his every words. He even shouted a very clear "SHUT UP!!" to the fireworks show (which had techno music) which was going on at Laronde nearby! He also wore a tiara that a fan gave him for the duration of a song, but then took it off to slip on his "King for a Day" Crown.

The band went all out when it comes to pyro, I think they enjoyed the fact they were outside to really go big. Giant flames covered the stage, fireworks were shouted throughout the show and the show ended with a gigantic fireworks display taking audience attention away from the stage where the band was exiting. And of course we got covered in red, white and green confetti. I must admit that i was amazed at the fact that the red confetti had GREEN DAY typed in black on them, and the whites one had the heart grenade in red on them (The green were plain).

We saw the drunk pink bunny that dances to YMCA, the wierd king puppet that dances along to "King for a Day", and plenty of action from the group. Tre decided to bother Billie Joe and it was hilarious, Billie was talking on the microphone and out of nowhere Tre starts to imitate him in a high retarded voice and smiled innocently when he turned around. As Billie Joe begins talking again, Tre starts drumming with the mic totally burying Billies voice. And Mike? He just laughed!

I have to say the show was more than I ever expected, I dont think I will ever miss another Green Day show. They are so much more than awesome live, they have an inifinite energy. They played time of your life to close the show, and that was more than awsome to me because I can relate so much to it.

So Green Day in Montreal deserves a FIVE STAR review!

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