Saint Paul, MN Xcel Energy Center, September 15th, 2005

This concert was the best I've ever been to!! All the articles on the concert the next morning said that they thought it was so good, that they wrote you'd probably never see such an energetic concert!! So if you've never been to one, get your ass to one!! You'd love it, Billie Joe just has this thing about him that you can't keep your eyes off of the whole entire concert, and with just a single lift of an arm, the whole arena starts shouting "Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey!!"

This concert was particularly special, because he told us that he loooved performing in St.Paul, since his wife is a from Minnesota!!

They opened with American Idiot which of course was frickin awesome, and after that song, he had all the fans say "Heeeeey, Ooooh!" and after a while, the whole place was sounding like one giant orgasm!! Hahaha, and then Billie Joe started rubbing his cock, and then stuck his hands in his pants and was rubbing, and then suddenly yelled "SOMEBODY FUCK ME!!!" And of course, every girl in the place was screaming at the top of their lungs, including me and my best friend! It was hilarious!!

They played a ton from American Idiot, and a lot from Dookie, and a lot from Nimrod and International Superhits. And that's just the music part, people!!
The band was so interactive with the crowd, that your adrenaline was pumping the whole time!!! And it was soo cool to see Billie Joe play his guitar behind his head, while lifting his leg up; he's super flexible!! And then sometime in the middle of the concert he called this kid up on stage to squirt the fans with a water gun, how cool!! Oh my god I was jealous!! It was pretty funny!

And then later, Billie Joe called 3 people up on stage to play the band's instruments (Bass, Guitar, Drums) and yes, you had to know how to play them!! He called up a guy to play the drums, and I was happy to see Tre finally get a break from playing for a few minutes!! And he called some fuckin spazzo freak up to play the bass, who I swear was either totally wasted, or completely high, because he was just jumping around and freakin out! And then he called some ten-year old boy up there and was like "Hey kid, you've ever been laid? Well you're about to get laid tonight! Get your ass up here!" And then the kid got to keep the guitar!! Oh my gosh I was jealous, since I can play guitar too, and I was like "Ahhh!! Gawd that coulda been me!!" Oh, well, I'm happy for the kid. But that freak playing the bass, smashed the bass after the song, and they had to drag him off stage! But being so cool, the band just kinda laughed it off.

Later, Billie Joe did the sweetest thing!! He played a song he wrote for his wife a few years ago, that he's never performed or recorded for the public, called "Minnesota Girl"! Was that sweet or what? But it was also kind of a hard time for Billie Joe to play "Wake Me Up When September Ends". He told the newspaper he probably would get teary-eyed during the song..but they ended it with and incredible encore: They put the words to "We Are the Champions" up on the screen and we all just jammed out to the song! Then, the ended with "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)".And yes, I think every single person had the time of their life that night.

I will never forget it.

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