Nashville, TN Gaylord Entertainment Center, October 15th, 2005

Well, when I arrived with my best friend Lauren at the Gaylord Entertainment Center on the evening of October 16, 2005, I was about to pee my pants. My first concert EVER, Green Day, the most awesome band out there.

We arrived at about 3ish, and the concert started at about 7, but at 3 even the lines were huge. So we walked around a bit, and then finally we started thinkin' we should get in line. Well yeah we cut in the very beginning of the line. We were wondering what was taking so long, well turns out Green Day was late arriving so the concert was delayed, oh well.

When we finally entered the center, I bought a shirt, and headed in the arena. We waiting for the show to start and the opening and Number One Fan or something like that played for about 30minutes. I was about to crap myself by now I couldn't stand it I was so excited to see them. Well finally, the band went off stage, and then the DRUNKEN BUNNY appeared.

I mean that thing is HILARIOUS!! I loved it, well after that, that "super hero" kind of music started playing and here comes Billie, Mike, Tré & the rest of the band onto the stage. By now im jumping out of my seat [I had general mission =/] and screaming but I was soo close to the stage but kinda far but pretty close. Well, After the applauding goes down, they BLAST into American Idiot and me & my friend Lauren are jammin. When he called out 'It's going out to idiot america' the curtains in the back fall down and theres a huge blast and the music starts up and everyones yellin and screamin.

Then he went into Jesus Of Suburbia, and after that he got everyone to do the wave. It was awesome. And after that it went into Holiday but right before it he said, "Not what these bastards in the office tell you to do.You have the fucking power,you dictate your world.

And I just wanna say a big FUCK YOU to George Dubya Bush, ALRIGHT". And the amazing part is that I have that quote recorded on my phone, woo hoo. They started the drumline for Are We The Waiting and Billie Joe goes into how they've been a band for the last 17 years. Then Billie was like 'We went on tour for the first time when we were 18,when Mike graduated from high school.Some of us were supposed to graduate from high school...' the crowd laughed and then Billie was like, 'BUT LOOK AT ME MOM!' he's hilarious.

And throughout the concert he made the crowd say 'HEY OH' so much now I just walk around my house sayin it. Billie break danced a lot, haha. When Longview came on,everyone went nuts because Mike came onto the center stage and started playing that oh-so-famous bassline. I love the song Hitchin' A Ride and it was funny because I was all singin' it and my friend didn't know it so she was just watchin' me, but she was still having a blast. In the middle of that, Billie says, 'ahh' the crowd repeats and he says 'oh' and 'oo' and 'woo!' and 'uhh' and then he starts stickin' his hand down his pants and the whole time my mouth is just dropped open and I'm laughing so hard and then he screams, 'SOMEBODY FUCK ME!' and the crowd starts roaring with laughter and yelling.

And then after Jaded Billie was all like, I smell drugs, I'm gonna getcha, Jesus is gonna getcha. Well, Jesus looks like a crackhead to me. And everyone's laughing. After that, Tré jumps over his drums and starts singing 'All By Myself' and it was so funny, It was the first time Ive heard that but I listen to it all of the time now, haha. After that they did King For A Day, which was my ABSOLUTE favorite performance, I loved it so much. The whole time he's singin he's runnin around the stage with a crown on and he's break dancing and mooning everyone, [which I enjoyed, haha] and he's just bein so jumpy and hyper, it's so funny.

Then he goes up to the front center stage and falls down. Then a guy comes and lays a cape over Billie Joe and he's singing. Then he goes into Shout, which is also entertaining. Then Knowledge, then Basketcase, then She [my favorite song, =D], Then Minority, then 2000 Light Years Away, I wasn't familiar with this one then, but now it's an awesome song. When he introduced his band he was like, 'Tré Cool, former childhood friends with Michael Jackson' I laughed so hard. Then he addressed himself as George Dubya Bush, then the crowd booed and he's like, 'But my friends call me Asshole'. And everyone broke out into laughter.

Then, We Are The Champions came on. I love their version. In the middle of it Billie Joe screams, 'Cause I'M RICK JAMES BITCH!' It was unexpected and hilarious. When he said it was his last song, I was like, It's not already over, is it?! And then when they walked off stage, a sign came down from the top of the stage that said Green Day and it blinked between Green and Day and got faster as the crowd cheered what blinked and I was like AN ENCORE!

And what do you know, the 3 little guys come running back on stage and break into Maria, which I love. And then Billie Joe starts squirtin one side with water and he pulls a kid up from the audiance to help him out.

After that he started sayin, 'Nobody likes you everyone left you they're all out without you having fun'. And I was freaking because I was like OMG LETTERBOMB because that's on my like top 3 most favorite songs by them but then you hear, 'dun dun DUN dun dun DUN' and everyone starts FLIPPIN' it's the beggining of Wake Me Up When September Ends.

It was awesome. I loved the colors and the lights and the sparks and so on. It was beautiful. Then they went into Boulevard Of Broken Dreams. And they had a pic of just the top corner of someones face, (eye and eyebrow) and I think it was Billie Joe, I don't though. Then Good Riddance came on, and everyone knew the concert was coming to an end.

After that they bowed and went off stage, and I saw Tré in the back doing some ballet I was laughing so hard. But throughout the concert they did things with the audiance like 'Making A Band On Stage' and stuff. That was the best night of my life and I will absolutely NEVER forget it.

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