Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney, Australia, December 13th, 2005

It was the best show ever. I waited a hole year for it to come because I missed the first show when they came to Australia. So I had to get a job at KFCOK so I could get money for the ticket.

When the tickets went one sale we had to buy general admission tickets 'cause of my friends mum. When the show came we lined up for ages then we got in and ran to the gate but we didn't get right to the front and then we spent a hole hour crush angents other fuckers.

My friend got dehydrated so she left and then it was me and my other friend but then I couldn't stand it any more so we left and went to the sides where no one was. We found our other friend, we watched Jimmy Eat World and My Chemical Romance. They were fucking great.

Then I had to go to the toilet so I left, but when I came back I couldn't find my friends but then I found my frind from school who went with her sister to see Jimmy Eat World.

They told me that my frineds were around in the mosh pit and I went crazy pushed in front of people in the line and got in the mosh pit. I looked for my friends everywhere by then the bunny came on but I couldnt see it.

Then I found my friends and then Green Day came on. We went crazy and everyone was moshing to American Idiot and my shoe came off. Then I remember how that girl got killed in the mosh pit at the big day out and then I freaked out and left and lost my friends again. I spent half of Jesus Of Suburbia looking for them, then I gave up. At last, I found my friend's antie. For the rest of the show I had the time of my life.

Green Day played all the ussual songs and then they played 'We Are The Champions', 'Homecoming' and then they left the stage and everyone was calling out Green Day. They came back on and played 'Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)'. I cried. It was so good.

Hightlights for me were when Billie Joe came out with the Australian flag for the 'King For A Day' when he chuged VB and burped. Billie Joe ran out onto the sides where I was and spraed us with water and then he pulled down his pants.

They also played 'Stand By Me' which I cried.
It was the best show ever, but next time they come I'm getting mosh pit tickets and I'm going to be in the front.

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