Kansas City, MO - Kemper Arena, May 13th, 2005

First of all... IT WAS AN AWSOME CONCERT! The concert actually took place at Municipal Auditorium, very close to Kemper. First of all, we watched My Chemical Romance rock the stage with songs such as... Helena, I'm Not Okay (I Promise) and Ghost of You, and of course Give 'em Hell Kid.

Whilst in the middle of My Chemical Romance playing Gerard Way (frontman of the band), spoke to the ladies of the crowd (such as me) he said "Now Ladies, sometime in your lives, when you are going to a concert, some guy may come up to you and ask if you would like Backstage passes, and if you want them, you have to show them your chest. Well here's what I want you to do Ladies... SPIT IN THE FU**ING FACES!" All the ladies in the house cheered and they continued playing.

After there set was done, we had to wait about 45 minutes for Green Day. They had to set up and all. After grabbing a T-shirt, we came back and the drunken bunny came on! (Could have been Gerard Way, the shoes were exactly like Gerard's) *Shrugs*

Anyways, the 3 rag tag team members from the Bay Area ran on stage, they immediately got into 'American Idiot'. Plenty of flares and other things just in that song alone. After going through American Idiot, they went into Jesus of Suburbia. It was so amazing. They had 3 banners hangin' in the back that came down one by one when the first three parts of Jesus Of Suburbia changed. After that, they lowered a sign showing bombs dropping and flashing Green Day.. For the song.. HOLIDAY! They played holiday and went into Are We The Waiting... Then.. DUN DUN DUN.. ST. JIMMY!!!

After getting your fill of the 'American Idiot' album, they went to some older favorites (which many people did not know what those songs were) but anyways, they went into Longview, Hitchin' a Ride, Nice Guys Finish Last, Maria, Brain Stew/Jaded, King for a Day/Shout, then the encores of the evening. Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Minority, Wake Me Up When September Ends and then, last but certainly NOT the least... Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).

They had PLENTY of flashpots, fire shoots and confetti, of course. Billie Joe had pulled 4 people up on stage to play with them. A boy on lead guitar (who was REALLY good), a boy on bass (good as well), a boy on drums (who couldn't keep time to save his butt) so that's when Tre Cool came back and said "Get off of my drum throne! You are not worthy!" (Or something to that nature), lol.

But they did trade in the bad drumer for a MUCH better drummer, and for the 4th person, they actually did bring someone on stage to play the saxaphone. Billie Joe said "This has NEVER happened before in the 16 years we have done this!" By the end of the night, BJ had also pulled someone else up on stage to help douse the crowd with a water gun.

After exposing his behind to the crowd and making the person who played the sax do a stage dive into the crowd.. And EVEN kissed the stand-in lead guitarist, it was in fact time to call it a night. They closed up and everyone was allowed to leave. It was the BEST nights of my life, and I won't EVER forget it! If you ever get a chance to go to a Green Day concert, you will not be disappointed, I certainly promise you that. :D

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