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About Meh:
I don't think anyone cares to read these.
So I'll just make this really long.
My life in 10 words.
1. Music.
2. Dramatic.
3. School.
4. Band.
5. Golf.
6. Friends.
7. Paintball.
8. Video Games.
9. ATVs.
10. Rawr.
My name is Lauren, but my family calls me Michelle.
My nickname is Syrup because well hell I dunno why.
My other nickname is Buttercup.
The offical only girl Warthog Wars driver of the Buttercup Warthog lol.
But, mostly because Tj gave me that nickname along with Garett and Phillip.
Yay Warthog Wars!!
To know waht I'm like just watch the videos I have they're pretty much what I do in my free time.
Well, somewhat of what I do in my free time.
I'm in the Yoakum High School band.
I get to be a bleacher creature.
Yeah we rock with our awesome JAMes Bond shirts this year.
They're pretty cheesey like..."Licence to Thrill...Taking you Bond and Beyond"
But, whatever...
I like dinosaurs!
Especially T-rexes!
Because they have big heads and little arms!! lol.
My favorite colors are blue and yellow.
I think Karma's a bitch.
I don't like complicated cameras.
My favorite movie is Fight Club.
I hate having to make hard choices.
I am random when I'm not around my family.
I think the smosh guys are hillarious.
I say life is played on a guitar or sometimes drums if you like.
And, everyday is played at a different beat.
I like saying rawr a lot cause hell who doesn't?
I'm a realy nice person and sometimes not so nice.
I like to mess with people a lot; especially their minds.
Strawberry daquiris are good, and bahama mammas are the shit!
I think my parents are too over protective and it's annoying as hell.
I hate having to put up with bitchy people.
I hate where I live.
I can't wait to get the hell out of this place.
I get introuble too much.
Yet, I'm a good kid.
I think SoBes, Monsters, Full Throttles, Amps, and Red Bulls taste good.
I'm a little crazy when it comes to driving Smile.
I'm even crazier when it comes to driving ATVs, 4 wheelers, and dirt bikes.
I'm not like most girls.
I'll just put it this way.
I'm the venus flytrap in a bed of roses.
I don't sit around painting my nails and texting on the phone.
I think video games are hella fun!
I play video games such as Halo 2, Gears Of War, Guitar Hero 2, any one of the Need For Speeds, and other games I can't think of.
When I play games I say uber sometimes. lol.
I watch Robot Chicken, Family Guy, Futurama, and some anime shows.
Not that stupid Laguna Beach crap they call a show.
I like to do most anything!
Jumping on cars is fun.
I critisize myself in everything I do.
I won't say I like myself but I won't say I love myself.
I don't really belong in this town or atleast I think so.
I'm invisible in most situations.
I refuse to say I am pretty because I am not.
I like mostly rock and hardcore screamo bands.
But, I'm actually a sucker for the acoustic songs more than hardcore emo stuff.
If you're one of my best friends than you know the better side to me than the one most people judged.
I'm a bit of an athletic person, but like I said with low confidence when I go into most things.
My friends Amber, Melissa, and me are the tightest we could ever be.
It's like if one of us goes down we all go.
There's no better people I'd rather be friends with.
They help me through a lot they try to bring my confidence up and all that.
Another one of my friend who helps me with that is Kaysi I don't see her much.
So we're not as tight as Amber and Melissa and me.
She cares a lot about me too though she helps me too so I'm greatful to her for that.
Well, I get hyper off Big Red and cough drops just incase you wanted to know or whatever.
I like to joke around a lot.
My idols are Dane Cook, Stephen Lynch, and my true friends.
I like cars and music.
My life is based on music and somewhat of whatever else I do.
Oh! Oh!
And, I play electric guitar, bass guitar, and flute.
Well I guess that's pretty much me in a nut shell.
You have to meet me to know me better.
Or, just message me really.


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