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i got into Green Day a few months after the American Idiot craze went on. The first album of theirs that I bought was American Idiot... no I didn't buy it. My mom got it for me as a "wow that was an awesome report card" present. Then I listened to it, and fell in love with the way Billie said "to" or "two" or "too". Then I downloaded everything, ((except kerplunk and nimrod because i couldn't find them)) cuz I was a lazy... broke.... asshead..... at the time....

But I now own Kerplunk, Insomniac, Nimrod, American Idiot and Bullet in a the actual CD's, and......I took out Warning and Shenanigans from the library..... sadly i still have the "stolen" copys of 39/\Smooth, Dookie and that all of them???


the insane ADD maniac is able to count all the green day albums!! yaaaaaaaaay!

And I also have a complete recording of our lovely little boys at Woodstock '94....


Now I have to say..something about the music fans that listen to the same music as me

MCR- fans are generally nice, write amazing fanfics
AFI- fans are complete sweeties!! but writing normally sucks
The Used- fans are horny pervs.. very biased
GD- amazing at writing, but amazing at making people feel like shit.

I can't count the times I've had to help people get happy when they've been called teenies by their so called superiors. These "superiors" who might own all the ablums, and know all the songs, and know all the trivia, are complete bitches, and seem to think they own all the rights to Green Day because they got into them earlier, or have grown out of the "omg! he is so hot" stage. I find this completely rude... you don't need to tell someone that they're stupid because they find someone attractive, or type fragments of words. just because you know more dosn't mean you're smarter.


I'm one to stand up for the sad people...stop making my job harder than it already is.... and stop being bitches.

any way!!!!!!

I'm 15, and in grade 10, and probably gay, and I'm one of the most strange people you'll ever meet. Don't get into a debate with me, because you will not win. and don't insult people who don't diserve to be insulted... or I'll go ninja on your ass.

I have an old man fetish.. and I love salshy fanfics....

Some would call me a teenie, or a midget blowing punk wannabe, or a nazi lesbian.....
That "some" can go lick their own cocks.


wow, I sound sort of bitchy myselt now though......

SHIT! I could totally quote my 7th grade english teacher right now...
"It's nice to be nice"
And I could totally quote Jade Puget right now too!
"i'd build a life boat out of sand"


I don't do drugs, drugs are bad, be straightedge, like Davey Doll, and Jadeheart......and me


I'm gonna go sing loudly and out of tune to MCR now...


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