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Hellooooo!! I'm Kay, I'm loud, say-whats-in-my-head kinda girl, the sort of person who doesnt-think-of-the-consequenses.....in other words STUPID lol umm I guess we are all Twiglets.....twiglets are the best....as are we....hmm.....thou art thy saucy crumpet, thou is. See my friends list? THEY ARE THE SMEGGING GREATEST!!! Special love to (in no particular order) Annie, Nat, Nat, Sparky, Eliza, Emma, Jas, Manda, Han, Ben, Wanja, Vonny....any others who I've forgotten just pm me if you're DESPERATELY willing to be in my profiley bit Smile love you all xxx hehehehe!!! im GSB preggers!!! the father is Stick Men Do It Best. shes got a job at the fish and chips shop and we'll feed our baby on chips and fish heads XD hehehehe!!

Hobbies: Well. My hobbies. *thinks* I don't really have any. I mean, my hobbies are everyone's daily lives, I don't think I could take it for myself. *sigh* I do crazy random stuff sometimes, that's when I'm drunk or just bored. I do everyday stuff like smoking, drinking, going to school (bleurgh). I like seeing my new bf as well Smile he makes me so happy. But yeah, you will kinda know what I'm like if you mkae the effort to know me. Otherwise don't bother me Smile

Things I like: Well, I like all aspects of life. Sometimes you're down, but then you get right back up there. I like thinking of random questions, for instance: "What would God say if He sneezed?" Ahhhhh.....think about that one X)

Things I hate: I DON'T LIKE BANANAS. Hate them. Also on New Years Eve/Day, I thought I'd make a change-about resolution thing and eat a banana....I was heavily drunk the night before, I THREW UP THAT BANANA. BANANAS ARE EVIL.

Favorite bands/artists: AC/DC| Aiden| Babyshambles| Blink182| Box Car Racer| Bullet For My Valentine| Dirty Pretty Things| Evanescence| Fall Out Boy| Foo Fighters| Funeral For A Friend| Green Day| Iron Maiden| Kaiser Chiefs| Kasabian| The Killers| The Libertines| Limp Bizkit| Muse| My Chemical Romance| Nine Inch Nails| Nirvana| Panic! at the Disco| Papa Roach| Paramore| The Ramones| The Ranconteurs| Smashing Pumpkins| The Strokes| Sum41| System of a Down| Taking Back Sunday| The Used| and more....

Favorite TV shows: I hardly watch TV now.... :'( I miss it. But can't ever miss Simpsons, Family Guy, Buffy, My Family, can't think of anymore, my stomach hurts.

Favorite movies: Horrors. I like horrors Smile all the blood and splattering and screaming and dying.....it's a regular Cassonova movie for me.

Favorite quote: "If practice makes perfect and nobodys perfect, why do we practice??" Don't who on earth said that but I like it....it makes me think.

Favorite word: Random.

What I am proud of: I have done zilch to be proud of......acutally that's quite sad, I've done nothing to be proud of *goes into thoughtful slience*

The best thing I've done lately: Said "yes" to Ben *hugs self*

The worst thing I've done lately: Walked into a wooden door (yes I know before I wrote glass but this time it's wooden and before you ask...YES IT REALLY HURT!!)

Favorite Green Day song: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Favorite Green Day album: Nimrod

Thoughts and feelings about Green Day: Well, same old is getting old but they still rawk Very Happy words cannot describe my feelings umm yeah loveness going Green Day's way though umm but will say this, although I say Boulevard Of Broken Dreams is my favourite song (which it is....so nuh) I do love other songs aswelas, such as Blood, Sex and Booze, Misery, Whatsername......will write more later my heads kinda hurting lol


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