SlashJunkie-x [Starlight]

SlashJunkie-x [Starlight]
With Steve Harris. :]

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Hey, I’m Saza the fucked up girl with the dyed black & green hair, band shirt & beat-up Converse. Stalks Green Day on a regular basis. Has seen them in concert. Was born on Christmas Eve 0__o &. is as short as fuck. The BIGGEST retard ever. Acts like a two year old &. loves Pirates Of Teh Carribean 2 [[JAR OF DIRRT.]] Obsesses over Trent Reznor, Slash, Muffins, COFFEE!!, &. MIKE DIRNT, The shexayest thing to walk this Earth.. what a bass player! Wants to play bass like Mike Dirnt. He's her idol cos he's been through alot & she can relate to him. Has a weird obsession with hippies & Jimi Hendrix. Is a Vegetarian. Loves gooing around Manchestuhh into Cafe Nirvana. Loves her friendlies, they keep her sane & she loves them very muchly. <3. Has an awesome pretend familee. In a band, Liquid Pistol, plays guitar &&. does backing vocals. Loves to sing. Been playing guitar since she was 13. She has a Sunburst Les Paul. But isn't rich, it's her dads. He taught her guitar, he's passed it down to her. It's so awesome to play. Believes Steve Harris to be the shex. He's awesome, disagree & yoor ass will be sued. Always been a fan of rock, punk & metal music. People call her a freak. She believes them. [BISEXUAL] . & fuckin' PROUD of it. Doesn't give a shxt what yoo think cos she's gonna hearrt this grrl til the end. Ily Izzy babeh. <3. She thinks Adie is hot. Love to Salleh, Shteve, Duffy, Aimzee, Emsleh, Eddeh, Aaron && Char. Is obsessed with old 80s music [[: Slash, Duff && Axl Rose are gods!! Rod Stewart kicks yoor ass [[: A proud member of teh BOOSH BITCHES &&. Slash is love <3.
I don't like this "scene" movement. METAL UP YOOR ASS! =).
My favourite bands are GUNS N' FUCKIN ROSES, Green Day, Alice In Chains, Muse, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, & Metallica.


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