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_____________________Hey hello yada yada
___________________joy to the world my name is christelle Smiley
__________yes i do live on the other side of the world for most of yous
__________________i guess that just makes me unique....right? Smiley
__________i'm friendly, i really am and according to my star sign
Scorpio Smiley
__________________i am loyal, adventurous and shrewd Smiley

________________Have a Myspace? Dont say no Click On Meeeee

______________________Love to read some awesome stories?
Yeah well what teenage girl (and boy if you're reading this to) wouldn't enjoy stories stalking
the lives of Green Day?
_____________Dont deny it. I know you cant help but love
_______________________-> the sex
_______________________-> the tragedies
_______________________-> the characters
_______________________-> the imagination

_______________yeah come on you know i'm right Very Happy

___Read these if you haven't already done so and thank these authors for their god given brain!!! Very Happy

-> It started off with just a trip to oakland California <<< first fan fiction story i ever read back in 2005 and it still remains to be my best and favourite i just cant get over it...sorry mandy Razz
it's sequels:
-> In The End
-> Worry Rock
and it's still not finished yet tehe

-> She's His Daughter <<< nice story line tehe
yep it's got sequels
-> ...And Every Song Reminds Me Of You
-> All I Ever Did Was Love You and guess's not finished yet either Very Happy

-> A Student/Teacher Relationship <<< alright so it's a warped story line, but the way this author has incorporated the famous green day song St. Jimmy especially right at the end is clever Smile
omg omg omg it has a sequel and it's not finished yet :O
-> A Parent/Teacher Conference

-> Billie's Lover talks about an affair Very Happy enjoyable to read
and it continue's here -> continued and there's a chance of a sequel coming up soon Very Happy

-> Candy Kisses <<< definitely addictive and not finished yet Smile

-> Armstrong Family One-Shots <<< cute, funny, short, realistic and well theres no end Very Happy

-> Family Reunion it's got sequels...
-> Union and
-> Communion <<< don't know what happened to this awesome author she hasn't added any more chapters Sad

Backstage and the beloved sequel which i cant get right now because the author hasnt posted it back yet but i can tell you it is called into the future and its addictive =]

i'll add more tommorow
i'm going to bed




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