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My name is Michaela and im 16 years old.
I was born at Treliske hospital at 8pm and life has been ok for me so far. i have one sister called Stephanie whos older then me and my Mum and Dad are still together (touch wood)
When i was about two years old i ate a poisonous flower and nearly died( i was one of those stupid babies) and i also have ended up in hospital because of other reasons but i havent broken anything so far (touch wood.. again)
When i was a baby i use to do this thing when every friday i would collect snails and put the into rows and crush them... poor things. I have one friend where i live and thats Laura who i have known for 10 years and i also have another friend who live in America called Stephanie (A.K.A Stephers) who i have known for about a year and in some ways is a lot like me, she even thinks we look alike but i just dont see it.
I don't really talk to many people at school or anywhere really because i get a feeling that none likes me or i just wont fit in or they will find me boring and i know that sounds silly but i can't really help it.
I get "picked" picked on at school sometimes, it was worse though when i was younger and i would get picked on because im ugly and small (i like being small !). At first it would really annoy me but then i just learned to live with it, i guess.
I'm not really "girly" at all because i dont wear dresses or skirts or makeup i just wear the underwear (not thongs lol)
I am sort of a video game freak, sometimes i would just play games all day until my eyes bleed XD.
I have two current known diseases which are Asthma and this eye one (i forget whats it called) but you could say that im slowly going blind.
And thats what they say it that.


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