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Very Happy Genius, well, I'm now twenty the massive party didn't really happen but my mate and brother both took me out for slap up foods. OSM! I guess ive been a part of GeekStinkBreath.Net for a year now. Seems only like yesterday I made a really cool mate who had magic fingers to make websites, Thanks D! Very Happy
So anyway, I'm currently writing from my University Dorm room, ready for bed just moved in after being home for christmas. I attend Hull Vineyard Church, I serve the church doing sound tech for the bands there, I lead the Hull Vineyard Dance Team, I'm also Queen of Coffee at the church as well. Mike would love me to be his PA. Im studying Enlgish and Journalism, but I'm the most organised person ever so I'm looking into PA work as well as maybe continuing with sound tech and lighting design for concerts.

I train in kickboxing four times a week, I'm an yellow belt, love it more than anything except Jesus Smile
I have a fight coming up which should be good, I'm better than most of the guys in the class.

On a final note I absoloutly love Green Day, but I enjoy the sounds of Matchbox Twenty, U2, FOB, AfterThought, The Yearning, and many more that take my fancy.

My favourite food right now as a student is noodles, well why not when it's only 9p and a phone call away at any time until three in the morning?
For a more healthier option you can't beat Somerfields 9p noodles its a legend when you've spent all you're student loan. Razz

Most eventful thing to happen in my life so far?
Holy Spirit man, Holy Spirit! You should try it guys!


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