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Ok i should probably tell you a bit about me:
ya well I hate my name so I'm not gonna tell u what it is instead you can call me Ozzy which is what most people do call me because it sort of relates to my last name (not Ozzy Osborne cuz he kinda freaks me out with all the biting heads of of bats thing)

You may actually know me from Mibba as x:0zzy: x probably not though. Although I am on both these sites reading stories and whatnot i hardly ever post on the message boards so i do sort of look like a newbie

What else can you know about me....
oh ok, I live in Canada, the best place in the WORLD!! No I'm not a lumberjack, no I don't live in an igloo... The only thing that sucks about Canada, no Hot Topic. I live off that store and spend most of my March and Winter break there because I go to Arizona in the holidays.

Hmm..... I go to a private, all girls school. It absolutely sucks. All the girls there are preps and posers. And you know I'm not just saying that and trying to sound all cool and whatnot... they all are sluts who 'pop' their collars and spend most of class on their cell phones. I am probably the only person in my entire school that has been to Green Day concert (they all went to see Justin Timberlake and Christina Agulera).

O well.. I'll be out in a few years and off to study dramatic arts at university. I'm going to be a film actor so I hope you'll all come see my movies.

So I'm going to stop now because you are probably sick and tired of hearing about me so until I think of something more interesting to tell you... goodbye


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