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Stephanie De Lisio, a name that has earned her numerous embarassing nicknames, such as Delissio and Rising Crust, was born in the very exotic Belleville Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is Don't Wear It Out on GSB, GeRAWRd! on INO and Make.Me.Smile. on Mibba. She is currently online offline.

Steph wasn't very different from most people. Just like every little slut girl, she wanted to be a singing ballerina veteranarian, and travel around the world with her imaginary best friend Phillip.

Her parents works day in a day out, never having any time with their daughter. Steph was practically force-fed raised by her grandparents, making her the great person she is today.

Being italian was never something to be proud of, especially for poor little Steph as she grew up. She was raised with the italian language, so she had to learn how to speak the 'right' language english. She had very bad embarassing memories from elementary school. She was always a gamer, but was always made fun of because she was a freak girl playing gameboy.

She is currently attending hell high school, which is okay, but not always great. She has a best friend, that constantly pushes her buttons and a crush is in love with a boy who would never be caught sleeping dead with her.

Steph has a weird taste in music, that doesn't consist of crap Hannah Montanna. She loves the most obvious cliche music. This consists of Green Day, My Chemical Romance...I bet you could guess the rest. Because of this she almost became infected with a disorder called the Wannabe Syndrome. It's when your exactly like 80-90 percent of mibba you try to be something and convice people that you are something your not. She is also into Eminem, which everybody picks on her for because apparently Kanye West is better? She says he's shit and a huge attention seeker, and she would rather listen to 50 cent...ooh burn!

She is jaded a pessimist and a hypocrite changes her mind a lot, because she really doesn't know who she is. She can no longer trust anyone because her whole life people have lied to her to sound cool. She knows she wants to have an occupation in science, but doesn't know if she's really smart enough to be an engineer. Her poor mother's dreams of her being a burlesque queen opera singer were flushed down the drain.

Steph is a klutz atheletically challenged. It's a disorder where you can't play a sport without falling, injuring someone or herself. This also includes tripping over nothing during no athletic activity whatsoever. It something she has been picked on about her whole life, but really doesn't care that much, because she isn't so bad at tai kwon do volleyball.

Steph loves mibba, but it really hurts her feelings when people say to her, or her friends on mibba that they shouldn't be on this site, because they/she are/is not drowned in make-up and dolled up with chains baggy hoodies different. Just because they're not 'emo', doesn't mean they can't listen to pop punk. That's right, it's called pop punk Emotional Hardcore, or 'emo' was killed in 2000 by money starving record companies. Now, it's a term too vague to even comprehend. So people, if you dress in tons of black and think that you're cool because you listen to emo music...NEWS FLASH, emo's a trend, not a genre.

Steph likes to write. It allows her to escape from her world and become wrapped up in an unrealistic a more interesting and fufilling life. If you don't like it, don't read it.. But please give it a chance. That's all Steph asks for. Also, critisism is good, but don't attack her. Sometimes she fall asleep at the computer, or forgot where the story was going, so her stories aren't masterpieces, but she enjoys writing. Don't ruin it for her.

Steph enjoys movies. She loves books as well, and will admit she read twilight because it said vampire on the back. This was during here wannabe phase. She now loves twilight just because it's so good! She loves books that are set in the 18-19 century or in the 30, 50's and 60's. She doesn't like it when people make fun of her taste because she tries to be nice. which is really hard for her, notice all the crossed out parts

So, this is the autobiography of the young and the hopeless Stephanie De Lisio. As you notice, it is still incomplete, because Steph is still alive with a pretty much dead soul , but hopefully there will be some good things to write about soon.


I'm Curently Lovin' :

MCR, Green Day, Panic At The Disco, Nightmare Of You, Death Cab, AFI, HIM, Paramore, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, illScarlett, Hellogoodbye Alkaline Trio.

Shia LaBeouf, Josh Holloway, Adam Brody, Hayden Christensen, Dominic Monaghan, Jim Sturgess, Joe Anderson, Ville Valo,

The Other Boleyn Girl, Indiana Jones, Across The Universe, Pride And Prejudice, Music and Lyrics, Juno.

Lost...well, what else is on?


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