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WOO i love making this part really long. its always funneh. my friends on here are morreh (bah) lol shes cool and always there if u need a friend. tori is awesome to. and i love clayton Smile. and this whole 'new gsb thing' isnt so bad. for some reason mibba makes me sad. but im glad gsb has a new site, so it wont be gone forever. i do have a username and stuff on mibba, but i dont go there much. i mean, for one thing, i cant update my story anymore, seriously, and if i could i would. but thats the only reason i get on there really. but i liked the journals, idk if theyre still on here or not, but i figure they are. ANYWAYS i have nothing against mibba, im just glad theres still a gsb. I LOVE TALKING TO RANDOM PEPEL. my mom says im going to die from being kidnapped by an internet cereal killer someday. but i dont care. if u have an msn send it to meh! umm, i go to school in Girard Kansas now. im not sure if ill go to highschool here or not yet. lol im gonna be like, a sophmore and still have this in my info i prolly. but anyways, i hope i get to stay here, cuz I HATE OHIO. hawthorne heights lies, ohio.isnt.for lovers. i promise. my mum and step dad live there and they hate each other. i have to brothers that i hate. well, ok, i hate one, the other i only hate half the time. hes kinda like me sometimes, we listen to almost the same music, but most of the time he's saying how 'everybody hates him' and how im so favored. wen if i was i wouldnt be living there anyway. and god, i had to move here and everything changed, nothings the way it used to be. so wenever theres one day wen its fun like it used to be? im being favored. yeh, thats my stupid step brother for you. and hes not even there half the time cuz his parents are divorced and he spends half the time with his mom. and the other one is gay (seriously, im not being mean, i have a pic of him dressed like a girl) and hes 10 and horribley annoying. he cries about everything. granpa was paralyzed not to long ago from the waist down. but me and him are tryin to find a way to fix it. we will, trust me Smile. hmm...uh...some annoying philosophy that i heard from my aunt kk is that if somebody has to tell you that they love you for you to no it, they probably dont. and that if somebody actually loves you, then you can trust them to not cheat on you or anything, no matter what happens. and that if they do, then apparently they dont love you. *shrugs* makes sense to me. i think the war is stupid, but im not very political, and i wont tell you why i think its stupid. because i dont think i understand enough to voice my opinion and have it make any sense. all i no is my dads friend (practically uncle) died in iraq, and he thought it was dumb to go over there in the first place, but he had no choice. i really dont like my dad. he recently decided to back to iraq as a civilian. because 'he wanted to make a payment on a house so me and my sister could stay with him'.....does that not sound like hes blaming us for it? and he no's that im against the war, and my sister hates it wen he goes over there because she thinks he'll die. and i didnt really like my dad anyway, but omg! i called him and told him that if he ever told anybody that the reason he was going over there was because of me and my sister, i would move and change my number and never speak to him again. i really dont like the war and we all no that the only reason hes going over there is for the money. my sister agreed, and NOW hes going over there for some 'extra' cash. anyways, if you've actaully read this far, u get a cookie *gives cookie* but if you just skipped down here....well....u get a cookie anyway. but it has pepperoni on it. XD. im listenin to the acoustic version of Lake of Fire. 'were the bad folks go wen they die. they dont go to heaven were the angels fly. they go to a lake of fire and fry. dont see 'em again until the fourth of july!' Very Happy and i miss tori because i havent talked to her in forever. lol. ok then. ill leave. how was the meat puppets?


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