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I don't like adding randoms so get to know me 1st


About me: I'm me and that's all you need to know! Well that an I have purple and pink hair but I'm going back to all over purple again soon! Woohoo! LOL! Also just to clarify I am not a teenie! I repeat I AM NOT A TEENIE! There clarification now over. Oh and just so you know I wrote all this (all this means my whole profile btw) in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep so if it doesn't make much sense thats why.

Hobbies: Anything Green Day related (god reading the whole profile I sound obsessed but I'm not honest).

Things I like: Green Day, Billie Joe, Tre, Mike, Green Day , Billie Joe + ahhh you get the point! Also I like my peace and quiet well unless you count peace and quiet blasting a random Green Day album out so loud the whole street can hear and trust me it's a BIG street (it's actually a road but you know what I mean).

Things I hate: People who hate Green Day, teenies, racists, any other people who discriminate, damn stupid labels like 'punk' and 'goth' and everything else like that well except 'teenie' cause that's like the only acceptable label!

Favorite bands/artists: Green Day!!! Woooooo!!! Best band in the god damn mother fucking world!!! Also: My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Blink 182, Lost Prophets, Foo Fighters, Angels And Airwaves, The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Muse, HIM, All American Rejects, Offspring, Queens Of The Stone Age, White Stripes, Sum 41. That's all I can think of right now but I pretty much like most stuff on Kerrang!

Favorite TV shows: All the CSI shows and anything Green Day related.

Favorite movies: Bullet in an Bible, International Supervideos (ok not proper movies as such but ssshhhh it's staying like it is).

Favorite quote: It's fun until someone gets hurt...then it's fucking hilarious!!! (ok I added the fucking but it sounds better so sssh).

Favorite word: Fucktard 'cause I can use it in many different contexts although I can't think of many right now!

What I am proud of: I'm proud of loving Green Day and my purple hair which is now also PINK too! hehe!

The best thing I've done lately: Fallen in love (if you're confused at all feel free to ask but it's pretty self explainatory).

The worst thing I've done lately: Fallen in love (see above).

Favorite Green Day song: Macy's Day Parade.

Favorite Green Day album: Warning.

Thoughts and feelings about Green Day: They rock, what more do you need to say! Oh yea I love them! They inspire me lots and their music has helped me through alot of shit-ass times so thanks guys!

Thoughts and feelings about GeekStinkBreath.net: You guys rock too! But wtf I don't have a damn favourite Green Day song/album I like them all they fucking rock! But usually depending on my mood that day my favourite song/album varies. Also I love the stories on here I'm ADDICTED! I have bookmarked like over 300 stories!! Hehe!! Also if you see me anywhere on the site feel free to add me as a frend 'cause I LOVE people!! Hehe!! Nah all you guys on here kick ass an although I don't know any of you personally I still lurve ya 'cause you're Green Day fans and Green Day fans are the bestest!!

Member since: March 19th, 2006


^ I copied all that from my old GSB profile so apart from all that I'm not gonna ramble on for ages or spend forever typing about myself 'cause yeah it might be easier for you to read it all here but let's face it, I'm lazy & I don't wanna do that so if you really wanna know allllll about me then you can either go on my MySpace page (here), or my profile on ImNotOkay.net (here), and then that way you can find out all about me and I can save myself a bit of time that I would of spent typing a load of shit none of you probably give a rats ass about anyway! lol

Oh, and I reccomend checking out both profiles if you're really *that* interested about me 'cause there's some stuff on both sites that aren't on the other (maybe not INO cause I put it all here but still...)! Also the link to my Mibba profile is here but that's just the same as my INO one because I'm lazy! haha! =P

Ooooh, and another thing if any of you are wondering about the whole 'Noodles' thing it's basically what my 3yr old sister calls me (gods knows why) so yea...oooh & she's a huge fan of Green Day & MCR aswell since she was like 1ish thanks to moi! lol


Oh & if anybody want's to use me in a story on Mibba or somewhere, here's my description that I copied & pasted from a story that I'm in! =D

Name: Emily (I've recently been nicknamed Smokey aswell! )
Height: 5'6
Eye colour: Light blue in centre & dark blue around the outside (yeah weird I know lol)
Hair colour: Dark brown with pink streaks & purple streaks (long and wavy-ish with a side fringe over my right eye but I straighten it A LOT!)
Piercings: Ears (one in each ear in basic place) and also tongue!
Wears: Black combats or skirts with leggings/band tees,stripy tops & bright tops with either a band hoodie or arm warmers/vans and sometimes converse and of course lotsa eyeliner!
Likes: Skittles, coffee, anything with sugar, reading (occasionally), playing drums & attempting guitar and bass
Hates: Chavs (infact I have an irrational phobia of them! lol), pop/rap/r'n'b music (basically anything that isn't rock), doing nothing, teenies, wannabes & confined spaces
Personality: I'm also slightly crazy & on a sugar high a lot of the time aswell as really random! Oh & I have a dirty mind! hehe! =P

If you do use me in a story though send me a message with a link to it so I can read it & also to let me know that I'm loved enough to be put into another story! =D

Oh & the Smokey nickname was given to me by Blue, but I was having a blonde day & couldn't figure out why, so Ema (myyp) said it was because I 'seem to be hyper all the time & Hyper=High=Smokey' so that is why I was nicknamed Smokey I guess! hehe! =P


My Comments on my pics:
First of all incase you're having a blonde day and can't figure it out...I'm the one with the stripy red 'Dennis the Menace' jumper on in the 1st pic and...well in the last 2, I'm the one that look exactly like the 1 I said was me in the 1st pic! =D

#1:- Hehe! This is my most recent pic of me and for once I don't look like a poser! Yay me! But on the downside I was drunk so I still look really bad! lol

#2:- Haha! I kinda hate how I look here 'cause I look like such a poser and my worst enemy is in the pic (ex-best friend if your interested). I look ugly here but by keeping the wannabe in it, it makes me look better! lol

#3:- Haha! Again I kinda hate how I look here 'cause I look like such a poser but i'm not honest. I look ugly here aswell so yea...

When I get better pics I'll change them but untill then your stuck with my shitty ugly ones from *ages* ago (ok, so one was from about a month ago but ssshh)! lol

=D x.x.x


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