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so yeah. I USED TO BE WATCHYOURBACK.ISPORKPPL. so if anyone remembers me, i'm not a n00b on here. i'm a 13-year-old total veggetarian and enviornmentalist and member of GD+NRCD. i design clothes, and i'm starting to make my own line to start selling hopefully soon. i'm obsessed with music, everything except country, rap, hiphop, and classical. i have a black and white fender strat that i love oh so dearly i know how to play, but i'm getting an instructor to challenge me a little, haha. um, i'm pretty random, Very Happy but you already knew that. i LOVE tré cool with my entire heart and soul. thats true, too. my style has been called emo or punk, but like everyone else, i dont like labels. okay? good. my favorite bands are green day, red hot chili peppers, P!ATD, drop dead, gorgeous, look out gabe, from first to last, taking back sunday, MCR!, the academy is..., chiodos, the killers, 30STM, AFI, the casualties, the clash, sex pistols, ramones, evanescence, U2, IGGY POP, the matches, paramore, the red jumpsuit apparatus, tenacious d, underoath, led zepplin, ac/dc, and OF COUSE, hendrix. but thats not all of my favorites, though. plenty more where that came from. so i'm on gsb to talk to other people about stuff that no one else at my school would understand. i had some friends on here, but the new gsb caused all my friends to be deleted. so NOW basically i must find you all again! so add me as your friend, i dont care who you are. i'm an addict for my gsb journal, so read it and comment it. got all of that?


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