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Scotty Doesn't Know.
Nashville, Tennessee

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About Shea:

sixteen. female-to-male transgender. lives in nashville, tennessee. pansexual. sometimes abuses caps lock. sometimes uses no caps. writes a lot but never finishes stories. never posts stories. is not photogenic so pictures are few. fell and chipped bones in right knee back in october- had surgery, couldn't walk for over a month, and still is somewhat weak. has no shame anymore. Very Happy loves smilies.


double chocolate chip frappuccinos from starbucks. sleep. invader zim. johnny the homicidal maniac. squee. jhonen vasquez. orange soda. scene queens, surprisingly. harry potter. my dog, shadow. the word ‘unexcellent’. cussing. queer as folk (usa). video games. disney channel. nickelodeon. degrassi: the next generation. slash. bandom. the number 'four'. bandom. friends, obviously.

Music (in no order):

empires. spice girls. all time low. panic(!) at the disco. fall out boy. gym class heroes. green day. hannah montana. jonas brothers. the academy is…. cobra starship. the sounds. metro station. ashlee simpson. big d and the kids table. bowling for soup. miley cyrus. boys like girls. the click five. the color fred. cute is what we aim for. sherwood. tokio hotel. the used. plus 44. mest. me first and the gimme gimmes. midtown. junior senior. the hush sound. paramore. hellogoodbye. foxboro hot tubs. the network. creature feature. the descendents. drake bell. motion city soundtrack. operation ivy. rancid. my chemical romance. the parselmouths. we the kings. charlotte sometimes. the dead milkmen. katy perry. the ramones. rocket. tyga. violent femmes. vanessa hudgens. disney music.

i know i'm young but if i had to choose her or the sun, i'd be one nocturnal son of a gun.

My LiveJournal. Friend me, fool.


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