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Last American Girl
Rachel.... RIOT!
New Zealand

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'Sup hommies?
I'm Rachel and I like to think I'm fairly awesome.


Ok here's the deal, NO you are not 'Hyper of skittlezzz!' NO-ONE is 'Really Random' anymore and thinking someone of the same sex as you is hot, does NOT make you Bi. Having made up mental disorders is NOT cool. There is no such thing as a 'REAL MCR fan' and being emo does not mean you HAVE to be a "cutter" Putting every YouTube video that features Gerard Way on your profile is NOT cool. 54763189652 Avatars on your page makes you look stupid! Frank Iero does NOT want to marry you and Ryan Ross DOESN'T want your babies. Adi, Alicia, Jamia and Lyn-Z are all amazing being jealous of them makes you look retarded. DON'T tell people what they can and cannot write. It makes you a BITCH[/rant]

Bite My Lip And Close My Eyes Take Me Away To Paradise.

I've seen My Chemical Romance twice live. January 19th 2007, Auckland Mt.Smart Stadium- Big Day Out. And December 6th 2007, Auckland, Vector Arena. When I got home fom the December show I started writing a review of it, I finishsed it on the 4th of January 2008. Here it is. Click it. Read it. Love it. Comment on it. Want to see the photos from that night? Click the picture.


Compulsive Habits That Never Seem Do Die.

Before the concert we were interviewed by a lady from The Asylum I am the retard with lots of hair that talks about shoes. Jay is the other retard who says she's has been there since 11. But she actually meant 11 the night before. The purple Doodle Bear is mine. He is Timothy Skellignton, he PWNS you

Now Everybody Do The Propaganda And Sing Along To The Age Of Paranoia.

==========Concerts; It's How I Roll.


In Order - Westlife. Dido. Sinate. Trivium. Eskimo Joe. Goodnight Nurse. The Rabble. Evermore. Blindspott. My Chemical Romance. Elemeno P. The Killers. Tool. Streetwise Scarlet. Circa Survive. My Chemical Romance. Opshop. A Kiss Goodbye. Cobra Starship. The Academy Is... Panic! At The Disco. Elemeno P. Goodnight Nurse. Beneath The Silence. Goodnight Nurse. Evermore. Anika Moa. Minut. Elemeno P. Autozamm. Opshop. Doppler. Goodnight Nurse. Alison Lake. Flying Solo. Goodnight Nurse. Alison Lake. Flying Solo. Goodnight Nurse. Alison Lake. Flying Solo. Goodnight Nurse. Alison Lake. Flying Solo. Goodnight Nurse. Random Christchurch Band. Alison Lake. Flying Solo. Goodnight Nurse. Audio Empire. Goodnight Nurse. Autozamm. The Valves. Gyroscope. Die! Die! Die!. The Charltons. The Dandy Warhols. The Living End. Velocity Scene. Alison Lake. Flying Solo. Alison Lake. Simple Day. Simple Day. Bionic Pixie. Clap Clap Riot. Elemeno P. Bullet For My Valentine. The Ting Tings. Pendulum. TV On The Radio. The Datsuns. Serj Tankian. The Living End. The Arctic Monkys. The Transistors. Clap Clap Riot. The Rats. Falter. Midnight Youth. P-Money. Metro Station. The Honesty. Ashei. The R.A.T.S. Flying Solo. Falter. Sunswitch. Deja Voodoo. Midnight Youth. Clap Clap Riot. The Dukes. Midnight Youth. In The Process, Midnight In Motion, Go Box, Alison Lake, Flying Solo, The Valves, Midnight Youth, Much Too Much, Green Light Go, Flying Solo, Justinsane, Smashproof, 3OH!3, Basshunter.

All The Songs Have Been Erased, Guess I've Learned From My Mistakes.

Green Day. My Chemical Romance. Goodnight Nurse. Alison Lake.The Used. Hinder. Escape The Fate. Lostprophets. Panic! At The Disco. Flying Solo. 30 Seconds To Mars. Morrissey And The Smiths. Like You Crazy. Thursday. A.F.I. 3 Doors Down. Motion City Soundtrack. The Killers. Taking Back Sunday. The Rabble. Elemeno P. Streetwise Scarlet. Eskimo Joe. Blink 182. Kids Of 88. The All American Rejects. 3 Days Grace. Aerosmith. Atlas. Nickleback. Daft Punk. Evermore. Joey Sensation. Bowling For Soup. 48 May. Kittie. Paramore. The Living End. Evanesence. The Academy Is... Mindless Self Indulgence. Cobra Starship. Simple Day. Cap Gun Hero. Midnight Youth.

Ripping Up My Transfer And A Photograph Of You.

Nightmare Before Christmas. The Princess Bride. The Lord Of The Rings. Pirates Of The Carribean. Harry Potter. The Calcium Kid. 300. Alexander The Great. Troy. Kingdom Of Heaven. James And The Giant Peach. Ned Kelly. The Corpse Bride. Peter Pan. Bridge To Teribithia. Edward Scissorhands. Romeo and Juliet. Spiderman. Monty Python. Pan's Labyrinth. Breakfast Club. Journey To The Center Of The Earth. Juno. Sharkboy and Lava Girl. Spy Kids.Blades Of Glory. Wayne's World. Napoleon Dynamite. School Of Rock. Condemed. I Am Legend. Dude, Where's My Car? The Last Horror Movie. The Simpsons Movie. Bladerunner. Big Fish. The Notebook. Charlie And The Chocolate Facorty. Alice In Wonderland. Twilight. Robin Hood; Men In Tights. Dogma. The Patriot.

Purchase Your Ticket And Quickly Take The Last Train Out Of Town.

_________ Image
Harry Potter. The Lord Of The Rings. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. The Lord Of The Flies. To Kill A Mocking Bird. The Fire Within. Ice Fire. Fire Star. A Series Of Unfortunate Events. The Chronicles Of Narnia. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. Alice In Wonderland. A Christmas Carol. The Da Vinchi Code. Angels and Demons. Lord Of The Flies. The BFG. The Hobbit. James And The Giant Peach. Twilight. New Moon. Eclipse. Breaking Dawn.

Such a Sight For Sore Eyes, You're A Suicide Makeover.


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