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^--My 2 great loves...but I need a whole other bunch of these for Johnny Depp and a number of his characters.


100 Random Ass Facts About Me
If you actually read all of this, you're extremely bored!

***My name is Chelsey.
***I'm 17 years old.
***I'm a Junior in highschool.
***I live in Middletown, Ohio.
***I don't like Ohio all that much.
***I love to write fanfics.
***My Mibba account is, Land_Of_Make_Believe.
***My Dad lives in Orlando, Florida. I visit him every summer + christmas.
***I have 4 younger siblings. Ages, 11, 8, 6, 5. Two live here with me. Other 2 in Florida.
***I have a dog named Pogo. He's a Yorkshire Terrier.
***I swim on the YMCA swim team and I play tennis but no one would ever guess that.
***Johnny Depp is my favorite actor. I love how deeply involved he gets with his characters.
***So far, my favorite movies of his are the Pirates movies, Secret Window + Sweeney Todd.
***Burton + Depp + Elfman = Amazing.
***I'd like to go to college in Florida.
***I think I'd like to get into graphic design. I love doing those types of things.
***But the graphics I have made are very simple and plain because I lack good programs like Photoshop.
***I do not have a social life outside of school.
***I've only ever had one boyfriend. And that lasted a total of 8 months.
***I don't usually like romance movies or books at all. There is an occasional exeptance to that.
***Moulin Rouge is one example. I love that movie.
***Musicals are good. I've seen Lion King, Wicked, Beauty And The Beast and I really want to see Sweeney Todd on stage.
***Eddie Izzard is my most favorite comedian. I got to see him in Cincinatti back in May.
***I have yet to see a Green Day concert. Last time they came here, they had to cancel cause Billie got sick.
***7th and 8th grade were probably some of the worst years of my life emotionally.
***I have been diagnosed with ADD but I haven't taken any meds for it in years.
***I have absolutely no school spirit. Fuck that.
***I have a guilty pleasure for certain 80's music.
***I value my CD's + CD Player more than my iPod.
***I have gone through 4 iPods. I can't keep those things for shit.
***I like swearing a lot. They are sentence enhancers! Censoring sucks.
***However, that being said, I know the limits, and avoid getting in trouble for stupid shit like that.
***I often find that I have a personality that contradicts itself often.
***For example, as much as I love to write, I don't really like to read.
***Another example, half the people who know me would say I'm a social person. The other half would say that I'm actually very shy.
***I personally think I am very reserved.
***Converse are amazing, but I fear the business is veering towards a different social crowd.
***I have brown hair.
***I have blue eyes.
***I am 1/4 Cuban, though I don't look like it. (Nor do I know anything about hispanic culture)
***But, I have taken Spanish for...5 years now.
***I love Invader Zim.
***I miss old Nickelodeon. It had so many good shows.
***I have a GDC account too: scumbag_on_a_mission
***Long live Dirnt/Freese!
***I am a PROUD PMB-er!
***I love collecting icons.
***I wear glasses/contacts.
***Sometimes, I have a guilty pleasure for those MySpace survey bulletins. (If they're good.)
***I've had this GSB account for a long time, but I never posted cause I was new to the "forum" thing.
***The same can be said for my GDC account.
***I always feel like the underdog.
***I love the colors Black and Red. They are my favorite color combo. I can't choose just one of them as a favorite.
***My Yahoo Instant Messenger account is basket_case504.
***My favorite number is 504. If you know why, then good for you, you're smart.
***My mom and dad were never married. Go me, I'm a bastard!
***I support gay marriage 100%.
***I am not religious AT ALL! To call me atheist would be appropriate.
***I hate that people think of atheist as satanic. 2 completely different things. Definition of atheist: a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings.
***Just because I'm not religious, does not mean that I will insult and be disrespectful to those who are. (Unless it's just flat out outrageous.)
***There are people in this world that I like to call Extra Virgin Olive Oil...it's a description I came up with. If you're that curious, ask me about it. (And I am not one of them)
***I love crime dramas. The reality ones on Court Tru TV also.
***Specifically, CSI is my favorite. Las Vegas. I don't like the other ones.
***My favorite comedy is Two and a Half Men.
***I LOVE the Graham Norton Show. I don't know what I'd do without BBC America.
***I have a bass guitar and can barely play it!
***Burnout City is a creation of mine along with someone over on Mibba. Curious? Ask me about it.
***The last thing on the face of the earth that I am is a girly-girl.
***In fact, I've gotten a decent ammount of insults about it.
***Sometimes, I prefer my step-parents over my real parents.
***Cookie Dough Ice Cream is my favorite kind.
***Cold Stone Creamary is the best place for ice cream.
***I am quite sarcastic and I like that in a person.
***I love reading slash. Tis a guilty pleasure.
***If a man looks good shirtless, has awesome hair, an amazing and rebellious personality, and a twisted humorous side...he might get raped by me...
***I like very odd food combinations. Pretzels + ice cream, for instance, is amazing.
***School dances are stupid, but I'll most likely go to prom anyway.
***I don't do well under pressure.
***I'm generally a negative person.
***I've been to the Grand Canyon.
***Outside of the U.S, I've gone to Mexico.
***As accident prone as I am, I have never broken a bone.
***My last name means the boss of a mafia.
***My middle name is Tyler, named after Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. My mother loves him.
*** I hate cheese and milk and no, I am not lactoseintolerant.
*** I cannot listen to music on my CD player unless the bass booster is on.
***When I throw away papers, I have to rip them up as small as I can first. Rippy bits. I blame Spongebob for that.
*** I eat my cereal dry. (when I eat cereal, which is not that often these days)
***My handwriting is sometimes worse than most guys' handwriting.
*** I have a very dirty mind and can take most of what anyone says and make it sound wrong.
*** I like the boys' section better than the juniors section at stores.
***My birthday is January 30th, 1992.
***Which makes me an Aquarius
***And a goat in the Chinese zodiac.
***I passed my driver's test on the first time, unlike my parents.
***At the moment, the car I have is a 1997 Chevy Cavalier.
***Sleep is good. I love naps.
***I love food too much to ever have an eating disorder or go on a diet.
***My best friend in Nikki!
***It took me forever to fill this thing with stuff about me.
***I'm not the best at counting or math, so this probably isn't 100 things exactly.

ME! If anyone cares!



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