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I'm pretty sure I'm the funniest person you'll

ever get to know. I lie a lot, and I am not lying about

this. My best friend in the world is Kia. I love her so

much I can't even process it. Actually I hate her.

See, I lied again. There's not much to say about me...

I am 21 going on 22, to tell you the truth. I just

finished college and I think I'm cooler than I actually am.

I've been to twenty-six concerts and I just think I'm the

shit. That's another thing about me, I have a sailor's

mouth and I can't help it. It just slips out. And I'm totally

in love with this one guy. <3loveyouuuu

Twenty Five Things You Don't Know About Me
1. I'm a kool kat
2. I think I'm cooler than I actually am
3. I have really bad self esteem
4. I'm attracted to psychopaths
5. I saw Ashley Tisdale at a bowling alley once
6. Kia is my best friend
7. I think I'm a loser
8. I've seen The Maine 11 times
9. My first kiss was traumatizing
10. My only boyfriend is now gay
11. I like to have a good time
12. I've never smoked or done any drugs
13. I think my facial profile is disgusting
14. Arizona is my favorite place in the world
15. I'm currently lusting after three guys in my place of employment
16. I like good music
17. I procrastinate too much
18. I should probably be doing something productive right now
19. I don't give a shit anymore
20. I don't like ice in my drinks
21. I drink too much Starbucks
22. I've been working for Target for over a year and a half
23. I hate entirely too many things
24. I don't like anything romantic
25. I daydream way too much


10 Things I Hate About You 17 Again Across The Universe Baby's Day Out Back To The Future Beauty And The Beast Beetlejuice Bring It On Cinderella A Cinderella Story A Clockwork Orange Dennis The Menace Forrest Gump Freaky Friday George Of The Jungle Halloween Hannah Montana The Movie Harry Potter The Hot Chick The Lizzie McGuire Movie Mean Girls Monsters Inc Napoleon Dynamite The Notebook The Outsiders Pee Wee's Big Adventure The Princess Diaries Puss In Boots Riding In Cars With Boys Shrek Silence Of The Lambs Sleeping Beauty Snow White Spider Man Star Wars The Three Stooges Titanic Toy Story Twilight White Chicks


Green Day The Maine All Time Low The Academy Is... Family Force 5 Panic! at the Disco Twenty One Pilots Queen This Century Austin Gibbs The Kooks The Ready Set Incubus Paramore Third Eye Blind Forever the Sickest Kids Radiohead Ke$ha The All-American Rejects Simple Plan Bon Jovi Good Charlotte Van Halen The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus The Beatles Arkells Hilary Duff Foster the People The Black Keys Coldplay Cage the Elephant Ace of Base hellogoodbye Fall Out Boy The White Stripes Evanescence Seether NSYNC Kings of Leon The Killers Talking Heads Weezer Nirvana Hugo D.R.U.G.S. Cartel Everest Foo Fighters Sing It Loud The Rolling Stones Artist Vs. Poet Tom Petty Hot Chelle Rae Grouplove Megadeth Muse Speak Stone Temple Pilots Tiny Tim Taking Back Sunday My Chemical Romance Cold War Kids A Rocket to the Moon Red Hot Chili Peppers Cobra Starship Boys Like Girls One Direction Marianas Trench Runner Runner 3Oh!3 Kimbra Katy Perry Britney Spears The Summer Set Adam Lambert Ludacris Eminem AC/DC KoRn


The X-Files Spongebob Squarepants Parks and Recreation Bob's Burgers The Munsters Breaking Amish Twin Peaks Californication It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Family Guy Boy Meets World Hoarders Who's Line Is It Anyway The Fairly Oddparents Blue's Clues Hannah Montana Welcome to Myrtle Manor The Secret Life Desperate Housewives Teen Mom The Vampire Diaries Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Awkward Ghost Hunters Ghost Adventures Bates Motel Celebrity Ghost Stories Pretty Little Liars 16 and Pregnant

____________________________________________________________live acts

•Franz Ferdinand - 8/8/09
Green Day - 8/8/09, 3/1/17
•Cady Groves - 5/28/10
•Cartel - 5/28/10
Forever the Sickest Kids - 5/28/10, 11/13/10
•Hanson - 5/28/10
•Good Charlotte - 5/28/10
All Time Low - 5/28/10
Boys Like Girls - 5/28/10
Austin Gibbs - 8/17/10, 5/14/11
This Century - 8/17/10, 12/22/12, 6/7/13, 10/15/14, 6/13/15
The Maine - 8/17/10, 11/2/10, 5/14/11, 12/11/11, 4/17/12, 11/24/12, 5/19/13, 6/7/13, 10/3/13, 10/15/14, 4/3/15, 9/26/15
•Carter Husley - 11/2/10
•I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business - 11/2/10
•nevershoutnever - 11/2/10
•Versecity - 11/13/10
•Otenki - 11/13/10
•Runner Runner - 11/13/10
iseestars - 11/13/10
Since Forever - 4/22/11
•Swimming With Dolphins - 4/22/11
•Stereo Skyline - 4/22/11
Family Force 5 - 4/22/11
•Hugo - 5/14/11
•Augustana - 5/14/11
•Daughtry - 11/15/11
•Black Queen Speaks - 3/30/12
•Bret Michaels - 3/30/12
Arkells - 4/17/12
•Lydia - 4/17/12, 10/3/13
•Kimbra - 6/4/12
The Kooks - 6/4/12
Foster the People - 6/4/12, 7/16/18
•The Postelles - 11/24/12
•Mayday Parade - 11/24/12
•Shane Bojarski - 12/22/12
•Sweet Talker - 12/22/12
•Radio Drive By - 12/22/12
•The Mid-Summer Classic - 5/19/13
•Night Riots - 5/19/13
•Tomorrow's Bad Seeds - 5/19/13
The Ready Set - 5/19/13
•Brighten - 6/7/13
A Rocket To The Moon - 6/7/13
Twenty One Pilots - 9/25/13, 4/18/15
Panic! At The Disco - 9/25/13, 2/20/15, 8/17/18
Fall Out Boy - 9/25/13
•Matt Pond - 9/29/13
Jimmy Eat World - 9/29/13, 7/31/19
From Indian Lakes - 10/3/13
•Anberlin - 10/3/13
•Sky Ferreira - 4/16/14
•Icona Pop - 4/16/14
Miley Cyrus - 4/16/14
•Weezer - 10/16/14, 8/12/18
•The Epilogues - 2/20/15
•The Technicolors - 4/3/15
•Knuckle Puck - 4/3/15
•Real Friends - 4/3/15
•The Breaking Pattern - 6/13/15
•Julia Lauren - 6/13/15
•Bijoux - 6/13/15
•Wlfpck - 6/13/15
•Central Divides - 7/10/15
•The Sink or Swim - 7/10/15
Redlands - 7/10/15
•Figure It Out - 7/10/15
•Never Let This Go - 7/10/15
Cage the Elephant - 6/26/16, 7/21/19
•Saosin - 7/14/16
•Pixies - 8/12/18
•Parkway Drive - 4/20/19
•Limp Bizkit - 4/20/19
•Spoon - 7/21/19
•Beck - 7/21/19
•Ra Ra Riot - 7/31/19
•Third Eye Blind - 7/31/19
•Underoath - 8/31/19
•Alice In Chains - 8/31/19
•Korn - 8/31/19

__________________________________________________________bucket list

•The Academy Is... reunion
•The All-American Rejects
•The Beach Boys
Fall Out Boy
The Kooks
Miley Cyrus
Panic! at the Disco
The Ready Set
A Rocket to the Moon
•Van Halen

I like going to concerts and just being by myself the rest

of the time. I interned at a recording studio in Los Angeles

and I enjoyed every bit of it. Ever since high school, I've

lost a lot of friends I once called my 'best friends'. Now

I'm okay with being alone.






p.s. rian/pancake=dinosaurgrease


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