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this is me.


Im trying to re-build my life little by little. I want to have a perfect life, but its far out of my hands to achieve. I have an amazing family, who have been with my through thick and thin. I have one awesome best friend, he goes by the name of Daryn.

My only hero woudl be my mom. Even though I lost her not too long ago, she's still with me. I love you mom.

did someone say 'music?
My favorite music genres are Metal, Thrash, Screamo, Hardcore and Grindcore.
I go to alot of concerts and shows.
I have been to 17 in the past year and a half.
I've met alot of bands, including UnderĂ˜ATH, The Used, Alexisonfire, Norma Jean, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Cute Is What We Aim For, Black Veil Bride, TOOL, Panic! At the Disco and From First to Last.

One of my all time favorite movies ever is Shaun of the Dead. I love horror films, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Dead Silence, anything that involves the supernatural tearing people apart of zombies.
Once ina while I will go to see a movie that isnt all blood and gore, but thats RARELY [like when my girlfriend BEGS me to go with her]

yum yum, foood.
I love food. You deny food from me and i cut your balls off. i love meat too. I just dont eat fastfood, soda or chips. I dont eat alot of sweets either, its normall y fruits and veggies and some meat.

My pages are all torn and frayed
My life got screwed up big time when my mom died. I got really depressed, my girlfriend left me and eventually i attempted to commit suicide. But I failed at that. And im glad I did cause now I have another chance to try and make the best of my life. I know now that if someone dosent turn out the way i would have wanted it to, then it just wasn't meant to happen.

Help begins with you.
I wanna help people when i grow up. Either be a doctor or musician, Anythign to touch other peoples lives. I know theres alot of teenagers going through some tough situations, and if i can help them overcome that well, that'd be really awesome.

I want a lover I dont have to love
Love is a complicated thing. Expecially for me. Now, i dont cheat on girls. Im not one to do that thing. When I get a girlfriend, I treat her with respect and dignity. Women are people too, they deserve just as much love and affection as men do. At the moment, I am single. I don't really want a girlfriend, but then i do. Most likely just someone I can relate to and talk to and still be comfortable.
But i do like this girl.

ahaha your mom!
I hate 'Your mom' jokes. Theire just not funny. At all. SO dont joke around with that kinda stuff. Assholes.

best band ever?

and also..

K thats about all you need to know about Johnathan fucking G [:


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