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And our hearts skipped skipped
a beat like a scratched CD <3

Heythanks for taking the time to read my account, you're either super nice or just have a lotta time on your hands, well anyway I should probably introduce myself

My name is Chelsea and i'm 15 this year. I play the piano and i really love it.....I LOVE music, especially rock music, anything with a guitar and a set of killer drum solos and I'm hooked i can't be bothered to list it all of my fave bands now cos it doens't really matter and I would be here forever.

One thing that really annoys me is lables. They are mean and hurtful and most times don't make any sense at all. For example "emo" I don't understand how you can be a type of music, seriously....I have blonde hair, a lotta people have laughed at me when I say that i love my chemical romance and bands like them cos they autimatically think "try-hard emo" seriously i'm not trying hard to be emo at all I'm just not. I AM ME...

November 28th, Brisbane was the day i saw MCR for the first time it was amazing

Well i'll save you the life story and instead tell you a few quick facts about my self:

>>I LOVE skinny leg jeans, I have about 4 pairs in assorted shades

>>I LOVE you for reading this, thank you!! Razz

>>I like using big words, not to sound like a smartarse just to confuse people i don't like so that they will fuck off

>>I don't really hate anything, Hate is a strong words so I'm gonna stick with "dislike"

>>I dislike peole that ditch friends for "cool" people, I've gotta say that really ticks me off.

>>I dislike it when people swear for no reason (even though sometimes i'm guilty of that) like they will drop their pencil on the ground and their all like "Fuck! My motherfuckin pencil just dropped on the fuckin ground. Whatta piece of shit." Seriously that is lame and you only sound stupid not tough.

>> I dislike it when people are like "Hey I knew mcr way before you did blah blah blah", like that kinda stuff? I think it's stupid cos whether you are a bullets fan, a revenge fan, or a black parade fan we should all just get along.

>>I love my mum and dad, i love the fact that they've put up with me for 15 years of my life. If I was them i probably would've given up on me by now so I would really like to thank them and apoligise for all the stuff that i've ever put them through. xoxox I'm starting to get all teary now *wipes eyes*

>>When I tell other people i listen to mcr they have 2 reactions:
"OMG you listen to that emo shit!?!? All they talk about is death and they're scary"


"OMG mcr and so totally lame and little emo fuckers listen to some REAL music!!!" *cue death metal music*

They're all like mcr are either "too hardcore" or "not hardcore enough". I find it funny.

>>It even amazes me how klutsy I can be. Seriously I trip over stuff that doesn't even exist.

>>I like to sing, it doesn't mean I am good but hey I don't really care I even joke around that I will audition on Aussie Idol.

>>I don't have any piercings cos i am kinda scared of piercing guns...one day i will find the courage to get my nose pierced =]

>> I have myspace and bebo (i know kinda dumb but whatever) so if u wanna add me u can but i will only add u if i know u or get to know u so send me a msg sometime if u do Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

>>Steph and me---->concert mates!! November was fucking awesome!!

I'm really hopeless when it comes to making blogs of any sort (but you probably can already tell..lol) so if any of you wanna help me make mine better you're nice!! All comments appreciated but nice ones ok guys?


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