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okay...well....i have a life tht NOBODY! would all started when i was about 7 years old....i was really out going..but that all changed when my dad (the closest person to me)and my mom had a REALLY bad fight(yelling)..anyway when my dad left the only time i ever got to see him was when i went over to my grandma's house witch was when i would hang around my dad he would take me to bars and show me how to drive. he was the coolest dad ever...until one day my grandma had a really big fight with him about taking me to bars...and he stormed this time i was about anyway.....i ran after him and he stoped me and he told me this "have a nice life..give your sisters a hug for me...i love u."i ran in the house and started to cry....from that day forth i was never the same......well thats until i like met this guy named nolan and he taught me ALOT!! about life and how you shpuldnt let the past bring you down and that you should everyday to your fullest:] and thats exactly how i have been for the past year well anyway im ABSOLUTLY IN LOVE w/ kitties and bunnies they are absolutly ADORABLE!!!!Razz but i also love the game halo 3 its lawl hearts amazing^-^ have have alot of friends and they are alex,shelton, tori, cullen, ben, the twins, pattar[patrick], trey, bryan, zach, tony, emily, kayla, and LOTS OTHERS!!!! i like alot of bands as well my fav bands are breaking benjamin and avenged sevenfold cuz they are just kickass like that lol


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