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tre'cool rules 3
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hi my name is vanessa but u can call me lil taz i love punk rock music and i love green day and if u think that they suck well then i have 2 words for u SUCK IT. if u like green day and werstling well then send me msg and in the chat room i am knowed as the demon husky *wink* i have an owner who is named michelle she is my fav master her bf travis is the best there is

I am a member of The WWE fan club! If you would like to join...go to Hardy Gurl'z page.A.k.a.Jeff and Matt Hardy.

I am a fan of the WWE!






my friends name and why i love them soo much and because they r always there when i need them

tab:i have no idea wat i would do witout her we always talk on aim and shit she promised me two pics one of tre cool my baby and a taz the cartoon pic she is married to billie joe sorry girls

lex:hmmm wat can i say about lex very funny and always have something to say i happen to be his kick ass talking hat =D

britt:well she is just kick ass fun to talk to

travis:the cooliest guy u will ever meet i sometimes talk to him on aim and the chat room he is the best there is =D

michelle:she owns me lol no really i am her pet so..ya i love her to death though i dont see her alot of times which is sad ='(

sandra:ahhh now there is someone i can always count on she is like a crazy toon not much to say about her though sorry

aly:i like to call her alx cause she gave me the nickname tax and plus when i need someone to cheer me up she is always there for me i get depressed alot so.. ya

dom:man wat i wouldnt do to see him again he was just there when i wanted to talk to someone *sighs* well i am not going to say anything further about him but he is a bad ass guy i have ever meet

cory:lol cory a brother to britt and a friend to me made me happy when i was down well alot of my friends do that lol thats why i have them on my list

hmmm well i am going to stop there if anyone wants to be on the list just pm me and i will add u cause im too lazy to put everyone i no lol sorry if i didnt put u on the list like i said lazyness got the best of me right now lol

my fav bands they fucking rule my world <3
green day <--- cant live my life witout them
mcr <---also cant live witout them i live in the same state as they r how fucking cool is that
linkin park
simple plan
good charlotte
newfound glory
avenged sevenfold
weird al
i listen to avril but i dont like her just only the songs
jimmy eat world
30 seconds to mars
avenue Q
byran adams
justin timberlake
fall out boy
rob thomas
three days grace
a fuck alot more but wayy too much to write

i am married to tre cool =D here r some of my baby tre and some mike too cause he rules



Image this one gives me the shivers if u no wat i mean *wink*




Image haha never touch wat u cant have ppl XD

Image *looks at and drools* Xd


Image lmfao billie is scared of a spider hey i hate those things too billie

Image soo hot XD

Image dam too much man lol

here r some of my fav pics of mcr

Imagelmfao mikey looks like a girl XD



some of my fav werstlers of all time


Imagei miss u eddie r.i.p my homie

Image i miss u alot chris though i still dont no why u did wat u did to u and ur family it doesnt make any sence to me at all

Image he is a beast enough said

Image him and kane will never be stop never in ur life will u see them get defeted



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