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Jonathan Fucking Grey
Is the name.
I go by JOHHNY. (Yes, two 'h'es)
Memorize it.
I'm a highschool drop out.
I'm a terrible speller.
I'm currently in a band. Screamo of course. I have lead vocals. We're trying to get a labeling company so we can have a record out. Not doing so good. But oh well.

I'm a major drinker. Everytime you see me I'll have a beer or vodka in my hand.

Fucking is my pasttime. I like to have sex. Anything wrong with that? Didn't think so.

I'm considered Bi-Polar. I get mad very easily. You piss me off, I take things to EXTREME levels. I threathened to kill a girl once. And Almost came through with it. I suggest you DON'T PISS ME OFF

I live by No Regrets. Totally. Don't ask why. I just do.

Thats all. Very Happy


Somtimes, When you feel like everything is going to waste, and things aren't the same, or You wan't that change. Things always along the line screw up somewhere, and everything tends to be impossible. Whatever is aligned,side by side, In the end, Seems so far apart, like its not even by ones side. For someone that you care about, even the littlest mistakes make the biggest problems,only you can Fix what is broken, and change for yourself. From The hello To the goodbye, the lust always fears to leave.


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