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It was a Perfect Mistake.

It started when the girl turned thirteen.

Her birthday was the week before. She felt older, more mature. Along with the normal presents that came with birthdays, she collected a small bundle of money. Delicately she held the money and thought about what she wanted to do with it.
One day she wandered around her town, looking at the large stores around her. She walked into the local music store and started browsing. While she walked around the dimly light aisles she saw a familiar CD. The cover was screaming her name until she couldn’t help but pick it up and have a look.
She had seen it on the TV a couple times and it appealed to her, although it was not what she usually listened to. She debated just leaving it and spending the money on something better, but finally she decided that she must have it. She went up to the counter and innocently put the CD down. She handed over the money and picked up her new CD.
When she got home she marveled at the contents. It was quite interesting, weird but somehow comforting in a way she couldn’t explain. She slowly pulled the glistening CD out of its cover and held it in her hands. Gently she put it into the CD player.
She pressed the silver 'play' button and settled down into her chair to do some school work.
Her mind was bombarded with new messages, something she was not used to. It had meaning; it gave her something to think about. Feelings ran through her which she didn’t know existed, but she found it a new experience and she welcomed it. It was darker then what she usually liked to listen to, but something happened. She couldn’t explain it; she didn’t question it and didn’t resist it.
She connected with it.

From that single day the obsession grew. And she’s never felt better.

-------------------------------- Made Beautifully by Allyson.

She's Simple.

She loves to meet up with friends. Laughing with them can just brighten up her day no matter what’s happened. She feels so damn lucky to have the friends that she does. She has the best friends a girl could ever wish for and the sweetest boyfriend who she loves so much.
Music is something that is very important to this girl. She loves to listen to her music when she works, it inspires her. She must have it to survive the long days.
Her imagination is enormous and she day dreams regularly. It runs wild throughout the day as she disappears into her mind. It has no restrictions and she loves to express this freedom through the form of writing.
Her dream is to be in a band. This is her ultimate goal. If this is not able to be achieved then she hopes to be in a career that works closely with animals. This girl loves wildlife, the way they have their own worlds while having innocence and bliss as they live. They have primal instincts while we worry about the stress of leading out complicated lives. It gives her hope that maybe we can learn.
She cannot understand or explain it.

Made Beautifully by Sam.

It's her Life.

There are many things that even the most intelligent people cannot explain.
One of them for this girl is the music that she loves. It makes her think and feel things that she never thought were possible. She hopes to be able to do the same thing for other people in a band of her own. She does not have a range of bands that she listens to like many other people, but likes to keep it to a select few. But these bands inspire her to do things that she never imagined she had the strength to do. She listens to whatever takes her fancy but has preferences.
She cannot help what she feels for music; she cannot and doesn’t want to prevent it from happening.
Music is her life.

Made Beautifully by Sam.

Laughter is Her Medicine.

Many may call her Emo, but only real friends know what she is really like. She cannot help but laugh with friends. She is one of the happiest girls on the world and is proud to be weird. She doesn’t mind being called Emo as she doesn’t give a rats ass about what people want to label her.
Laughter is her cure for everything, it fuels and drives her. Never will there be a dull day with this girl and her friends. And the friends that she does have, she cherishes fully. She will defend and help them, no matter what the situation.

And getting on her bad side isn’t exactly a great idea.

Made Beautifully by Sarah.

It's Her Refuge.

My Chemical Romance - These five guys have done more for me then I could ever have imagined. They helped me through times that I thought would never end. They helped me feel understood and not alone, and I can never thank them enough for it. I am constantly amazed by the perfect metaphors, lyrics and instrumental genius. On these boards I may make controversial threads on these guys, but my faith is not so easily shaken. I will be the, devils advocate, if you will. I like to think that people will believe in them no matter what.
I know I will.

Paramore -They represent everything I want to be. Their music is perfect and inspires me to stride for a bright future. Their songs are always flawless and show brilliance. Hayley is an idol for me. Her voice reaches great notes that I find absolutely inspirational. There is no other way to describe it.

Serj Tankian - He has something to say and isn’t afraid to show that. He can get a point across without seeming aggressive or arrogant. His songs make you think about everything that we dismiss in out lives. He has the creative mind that is just brilliant. He gives us an insight to what we do not know and I relish every minute of it.

Fall Out Boy -Their quirky lyrics seem like nonsense but have a deep insight into the band. Their instrumental genius and intriguing lyrics are some of the reasons I love this band. The way Patricks voice just weaves with the music is amazing.

Linkin Park - Their meaningful purpose and perfect outbursts of emotion is great. They are unique and different to a lot of bands which is very rare to find these days. They say all that I want to say but can’t and they do it wonderfully.

The Used -It’s a rare occurrence when you find a band with songs that can fit your every mood. Whether it is aggressive of slow, they have created it. Bert’s voice is not perfect, but somehow its exactly what the songs need. It works. And I love it.

The All-American Rejects -Something about their happy nature and up-lifting spirit can always brighten my day. They amaze me with their bright outlook on life that cannot be dimmed. Their songs are quirky and insightful, which is just what we need. It’s amazing.

Green Day - They are a typical rock band, but yet completely different. Their songs inspire and empower me so much and it’s a big fuck-you to anyone who thinks that people cannot make it. They have power over many people which they continue to demonstrate. Their meaningful songs never cease to amaze me.

Made Beautifully by The Rumor.

She Cannot Ask For More.

Lucy -This girl is amazing. She will always be willing to listen and help, no matter what the situation.

Leo - This guy is the sweetest and most fantastic guy ever. He's been with me through the good and the bad, and I love him so much.

Monica -She's been with me from the very beginning, no words can describe how much I love her.

Hoppeh -One of my closest friends, and one of my first too. She's always there and we never have a dull moment together. She's always happy and can immediately brighten up anybody's day. I love her so much.

Chowder -He's one the of the funniest guys ever, whenever you're down, go to this guy. He's simply unbelievable.

Ana - Some of my best times have been with this amazing girl. She never ceases to amaze me and I love her very much. Feel free to talk to her about Frank, Pencey Prep or schmexy clowns.

Jess - Has one of the most amazing memories. She can tell you stories about stuff that happened a year ago, and makes up awesome songs.

Claudia -What can I say about God? She's always there to cheer you up. Plus she loves to be humped.

Jess -She is the biggest Ryan Ross fan ever. Dont even try to outdo her. Its impossible. Its why we love her.

Jagger -I believe in him. I love him so much and will do anything to make him better, just please come back.

Christian -Sure there have been bad times, but there has been more good. He's an awesome guy, you should go and talk to him.

Vanessa -I'm her thing in a cage. And the only one. Not Lauren. Only me.

Steph -She's the best daughter a girl could ever ask for. Her sugar highs and caps lock abuse is legendary.

Made Beautifully by Jenelle.

I don't mind if you use my avas, just remember to credit please. :]

My Chemical Romance.



Fall Out Boy.




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