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Well as you know my name is Amanda Lewis. I dont like being called Amanda or Lewie by the way so i would just prefer Mandie. I live in melbourne, Australia i am NOT going to tell you my real town or anything as i dont like the idea of being stalked! But i will tell you that i am a country bumpkin, i moved from the suburbs in grade 3 and i now live in a town of about 6,000 GAY huh. I am also a vegetarian and im always trying to help the enviroment anyway i can! =]

I can be a freak. I have like 123647382 Phobias
and I NEVER touch door handles/Knobs or the traffic light buttons that tell u wen to cross the road, i have to press them with my elbo lol. =S

Anywhoo i am a extremely dedicated Green Day fan.
They are AMAZING, INSPIRATIONAL infact and i love them to death! My parents like Green Day so i have grown up with it all my life, its programmed into me im like immune to it lol =]. I really really got into them when i was about 4 or 5.

Apart from Green Day i have an strange obsession with Tre Cool.
I dont love him just for his hottness (i mean dont get me wrong he is the hottest guy on earth) but i love him for his sense of humour, his craziness i mean he is the funniest guy ever! and of course his jaw dropping drummin. I am not one of those people that thinks when they meet Tre Cool they are going to marry him, FUCK NO i would just love to meet the guy and just talk to him! it would be great!

I dont like people that only think of Green Day as Billie-Joe Armstrong I HATE IT WITH A PASSION or only just liking Green Day for any of them. Green Day are a BAND not stupid lil poster boys that want stupid teenies say "billy JOEL (as some of u call him) is so HOT!".
there music should be the thing that attracts u!
I personally dont see how long u have liked Green Day as an issue. If u like them U LIKE THEM people that call these people "posers" or "teenies" are childish as long as u dont like them for the "it" thing thats cool i gotta say u have dam good taste =]
i also hate it when i see a magazine that says "GREEN DAY" on the front of it, then u turn to the page and it is just billie-joe armstrong THERE AREE MORE PEOPLE IN THE BAND THEN HIM! no offence Billie-Joe.
Billie-Joe Armstrong
and Mike Dirnt are also big inspriations to me =]
I can just listen to their music or watch a Tre Cool video when im troubled
and ill be all better!

Yeh so anyways i dont really care if you dont like me actually i get fun out of things like hatemail so dont be afriad to tell me how u feel=]
im not here to prove ANYTHING to u

so yerr if your nice enough talk to me cuz im pretty outgoin wen u get to no me and i dont hold grudges

and aswell i am an AUSTRLALIAN but just cuz i am dont think i have a stupid aussie accient i hate that shit. i dont talk like "YEAH MATE IM GUNA GO SEE MY FRIEND MR.TUCKER ABOUT A WALLABY" lol i think they said that off finding Nemo lol =P


I am also apart of Tre Land!


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