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The music my drummer beats too baby HELL YEAH!


ahh yes the ever so wonderful bondage QUEEN! Bettie Page how i only wihs to be and look like her

OH YEAH THESE AWSOME IMPORTANT SPECIAL PEOPLE...i cant live without them my best friends whom without i dont think KNOW life wouldnt be the same

When i wanna look all pretty and nice


Or just nice and comfey in a tshirt with my hair up

Image From my JESSICA!

Mkay so me leme see what can i say Im 13 turning 14 this year august 3rd 1994...along with what should have been the love of my lifes 19th brithday ill never forget you Brendon Avery keep watching over me as my gaurdian angel...I can only say ive been in true love about 2 or 3 times but most others i can say i never was ive been through heart ache it sucks ass holes cock. Im really into music mainly punk rockabilly and pyschobilly the music my drummer beats to every moment of everysingle damn day! Mkay is it me or does that info sound hella lame mkay imma a junky too texting

Ive met some awsome people on gsb but i do gotta menchion one in particular my gsb mommy Sammy! tis ZEE! Sammy Shes gone through one of the worst episodes of my life with me and those tiny problems after. but no matter what shes been there for me always as i am with her shes more than just a big sister but some one who i can look up too i love ya sammy

Another gsbian i must recognize is Kaycie! To Zee kaycies profile you were my first real gsb friend i remember when it all started you made a blah on the old gsb about some thing tottally random i decided to comment it then we started talkin and becomin friends im totally glad we did cause whats life without a kaycie i mean come on thats impossible love ya kaycie!

Another awsome gsbian her name is Billie that is zee billie techniclly i met her on neopets but still shes become like a sis to me shes so awsome been there for me alot we've seen each other go through heart ache and weve become real close and we've been friends for one year and i love her lots

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this shits true!



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