A Dead Dreamer

A Dead Dreamer
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Hey every one im sammie
I love Green Day
btw i dont just have this account i have one on ino.net i am also on vampirefreaks if you want to know ask most of the time im on there or my E-MAIL no MSN or MYSPACE dont ask

IMPORTANT plz read!!!!!
i hate homophobes ok people they are people jst like u nd me ok GET OVER IT!!! a lot of my friends are gay bi or lez so dont talk to me if ur gonna bash on them

92% of teens move on to rap music. If you're part of the 8% that rock out every day, put this in your profile

92% of the teen population would be dead if
Abercrombie and Fitch decided breathing wasn't cool!!

~Put this is your profile if you are one of the
8% who would be laughing hysterically instead

----///-\\\----Put This
---|||---|||---On Your
---|||---|||---Site If
---|||---|||---You Know
-----\\///-----Who has or has
------///\-----died of
-----///\\\----cancer xxx

MY Sayings...
you cant go through out life with out being a little freaky //billie joe//
Being different or just being me
just because i like black doesnt make me a bad person
you may mean nothing in this world but in anothers you mean everything...
Dont call me emo cuz if you do ill cry big juicy tears of blood and pain and ill die and it will be all your fault
this razorblade wuz ment for me

My fave bands
Green Day obviously
Good Charlotte
Iron Maiden
Coheed and Cambria
The Used
Avenged Sevenfold (A7X)
Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Darkes Hour
Simple Plan
Much Much Much more

i am literally in love with Gerard Way although he broke my heart
and he smiled as he did it


Guys in eyeliner...Hott

My best friend in the world is My_Lithium_Roses on im not okay.net
shes my best friend (yes we live in the same town duuuhhh) shes put up with my shit on a day to day basis and i love her for that i love that shes always been there for me iv dedicated so many peoms and songs to here i even wrote one or 10 for her lol

Keep Rocking!!!

╔═╦══╦═╗Put this on your
║╩╣║║║║║Profile if you support

BTW i play guitar Billie Joe is my Idol i mimic his fingers

this man is LOVE everything feels great the first couple days then like a nuclear bomb he comes down on your heart and kills you oh so slowly.
Please dont fall for it because in real life he doesnt care. and i dont want you no matter who you are to get hurt like i did.
want to know more just ask



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