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Anyone add me on MSN. I like to talk. Smile

You wanna know about me? Hmmm... well I am the type of girl who sticks to herself at school yet online is very good at talking (trust me). I am short (5`2) with shoulder length blonde hair. I love to sing, and dance, quite badly infact... but we all have our own tallents I guess. Dancing just isn't mine. I live for music, it is the air of which I breathe.

I have been known to do weird things like talk to myself, sleep talk, draw in my sleep, and argue with myself. Most people call me psychotic but aren't we all in our own ways?

I have experienced stuff that many have or would have at least heard about. I have seen people that aren't there to others eyes. I have had a full on conversation with a ghost through a glow in the dark skull (yes, it is possible. try it sometime). My friend even experienced that conversation, she joined in. I'll tell you I have seen things that a lot of people never see. I have few school friends who will back me up there toooo... *shifty eyes* but yeah i'm a bit crazy but I am easy to get along with.

If you are or become my friends then you will know that nothing comes before my friends. I don't like to hear that my friends have been hurt by someone cause I have been hurt a great deal by a prick I never want to see again. I am not talking about a relationship. This was a form of sexual abuse from a 30 or so year old when I was 11.

So if any of you need to talk to someone about anything I am always someone to talk to. I am friendly and loyal. I am a good listener and i will be there for anyone who needs to talk about anything even if it is a relationship problem. I like to help others as best I can. Remember I'm here if anyone needs to talk.

Some of My Favourite bands are:-
Green Day
My Chemical Romance
Avenue Q
Tokio Hotel
Fall Out Boy
Escape The Fate
The All American Rejects
The Used
The Academy Is..
In This Moment
Panic! At The Disco
The Vincent Black Shadow

Amongst more

Can you guys and gals tell me what you think of this little bit of writing please...

What's with this pain
That i've been feeling
It's not the same
I'm not even healing

You took my heart away
And with you it will stay

It was so long ago
Why did you have to leave
It ripped my heart in two
And placed hidden marks beneath my sleeve

(sorry about the spelling guys and gals)

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Please leave me nice comments guys and gals. Luv you so much!


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