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Ok...well I haven't really updated here it goes. I'm Shawna. Very Happy I live in Sarasota, Florida. My parents are constantly telling me how lucky I am to live in place where people come to vacation and blah blah blah. But, I don't enjoy this state whatsoever. Very Happy I am 13 years old...but soon to be 14 in August. I'm going into high school next year and its going to be a blast. I'm happy to get away from all the people at my old school. xD But any who, I am currently learning to play guitar (it's not going too well) but I love the guitar so I am determined. It have a beautiful Ibanez jumbo black acuostic gee-tar. I love her. I also have a mandolin...but's cute. Razz Well...I love Green Day and have only been to one concert...8.03.09 in Tampa,FL. It was amazing...even though I only had a two hour notice that I was even going to that concert. xD I have only been to one other concert and that was Taylor Swift back in March. My sister is a huge fan of her so...yeah. Very Happy But I love music and here are some other bands that are to die for: (not in any particular order)
-The Exies
-30 Seconds to Mars
-Drowning Pool
-Escape the Fate
-Foxboro Hot Tubs
-The Influents
-Pinhead Gunpowder
-Evan Taubenfeld
-Avril Lavigne
-Emily's Army
-John Mayer
-Taylor Swift
-Carrie Underwood
-Katy Perry
-Lady Gaga
- Lil' Wayne <3
-Nine Inch Nails
-We the Kings
-And a bunch of random rap crap and bands that I'm probably forgetting!

omg thats me!!! I look kinda funny in that pic though :/ me...I normally look alot happer and can usually not stop laughing. xD
anywhoo...thanks for reading...APPLES <3

btw. I changed my username. I used to be littlegirl...but I got tired of it. Now I'm just shawna Smile


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